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We are a registered digital marketing agency in Nigeria with fine quality digital marketing training and services. You can hire us or enrol for our courses to learn digital marketing skills and grow your business.

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What is Pilum Digital Marketing Agency (PiDMA)?

Pilum Digital is an all-in-one digital marketing agency in Nigeria for the best online marketing services you need to grow your business. We help brands boost their online presence and set career paths for individuals who want to become professional digital marketers.

If you have a digital marketing skill, you can use it to find customers and grow any business in Nigeria. You can as well use the strategy to turn your ideas or talent into a high paying job online. All you need is to work together with our agency.

We will teach you methods that work for us in building our own digital marketing agency and getting clients from different parts of the world while we are here in Nigeria. You will also find a new set of opportunities to work online and build streams of passive income to live the kind of life you desire.


Groundbreaking Guides to Start Digital Marketing

There are detailed guides, how-tos, case studies, success stories, interviews, product reviews, special announcements, best deals, and a lot more, put together on our blog to walk you through digital marketing and succeed.

Our Digital Marketing Services to Help You Get Started

Web and App Solutions

Get world-class web development services to integrate digital marketing strategies into your business and let your brand be online.


Leverage our copywriting source that understands your voice, targets and converts your audience to realize your sales and marketing goals.

SEO Optimization

Optimizing your website for search engines and humans will boost your visibility and expose your brand to customers across all search engines. 

Social Media Marketing

Analyzing your social media platforms to find potential faults that can hinder you from scaling up your returns on marketing investments (ROI).

Video Marketing

We make cost-effective video marketing campaigns that can help you reach, engage and convert your target audience on social media.

PPC Ads Optimization

Get the best insights on your audience and leverage on your competitors to manage your ad budgets and generate high conversion rates.  


We can help you design a brand identity for your business and make it one of the most recognizable and sought-after brands all over the web.

Training Programs

We train individually or at a corporate level how to implement digital marketing in their business strategies and reach their customers online.

Why Hire Us as Your Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria

If your competitors could tap into our expertise, so should you for reasons which include:

Our Digital Marketing Training Programs for all

Certificate Program

Become an internationally certified digital marketing expert taking this program. This program includes bite-sized, innovative and interactive course formats to teach you the fundamentals of digital marketing and get skills to become a sought-after digital marketer or start your agency. This will prepare you for the job and make you qualify to work for big brands and earn seriously big.

Corporate Training

Get your marketing team trained with the right digital marketing skills on the job and build their capacity to work competently in the digital landscape. We specially designed our corporate training program to suit the need of your organization and compete in your industry while you don’t have to hire and pay a consultant all the time the need for improvement on your marketing platforms arises. 

Consulting Program

This program enables us to work with you on your needs. We will take our time to analyze your marketing platforms or create some for you from scratch. Our job is to help you identify issues and give you the best recommendations. With our feedback monitoring system, we will ensure there are improvements. Our standby goal-oriented team is a click away to help you.

What Makes Us Different?

We pay attention to you and your project as the internet marketing services we offer would have no value without a good feedback from you. And because the feedback from other clients have been so pleasing, we have earned a remarkable position as the #1 Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria.

We’re keen to make sense to you during and after your project, so you don’t have to be worried whether we’re not going to deliver the services you pay for.

So far so good, we have earned good comments from our audiences all over the world. And in fact, we wouldn’t have been where we are today without our customers’ word of mouth. We face our business and our clients spread the good words about us.

Trusted By Over 10,000 Clients Like You

We have been helping brands, business owners and marketers get known by more customers since 2011. If you have found us while searching the web for the best digital marketing agency in Nigeria, this is the best time for us to work with you on your project and grow your business.

We have a very strong relationship with other clients who now use words of mouth to connect us with new potential customers. So, if you need an agency to work with, the feedback we get so far shows that you can trust us.

Ready to Start Digital Marketing

Take the four steps below or give the job to us…


Carve a niche or role opportunity for yourself in any profitable business of your choice. It could be in sales of gigs or products.


Identify the types of people that need your business and consider their demographics, personas and needs to get their attention.


Create an affinity between your brand and the prospects. Let everything about your business speak about your objectives and values.


Get a website or blog for your business. This steps will allow you to integrate digital marketing into your strategies.

Can't Do Marketing Yourself?

We understand the fact that you’re busy with other important tasks and prefer hiring a digital marketing agency to integrate digital marketing into your business strategies.

One-on-One Mentoring and Community-Based Support

We offer the best cross-platform support to all our clients. You can reach our standby customer service team or join our private training groups on WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, IGTV or visit our office. 

We are live 24/7 to answer any question bothering you. This will enable you to meet our team or other awesome members of the community one-on-one and be in the know about the best industry standards to grow your business online.

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