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Pilum Digital Marketing Agency (PiDMA) is a digital marketing training and service company located in Nigeria, showcasing online businesses and helping brands to gain online presence.

If you would like us to work with you, kindly select any of the two options below:

  1. Request for a Free Quote; or
  2. Register your name to enrol for our digital marketing training program

Either way, you will learn the skills you need to make your business appear in front of the people that need what you do using our free resources.

You may be looking for a career in digital marketing, but don’t know how to go about it. Our training programs will set the path for you. With a skill in digital marketing, you can get a good job online.

For this reason, we offer a series of courses, resources, reviews and case studies on various aspects of digital marketing and areas where opportunities flow for those who have the skill.

You can enrol for our training program now and equip yourself with a profitable entrepreneurial skill with which you can offer services to brands or other individuals and start making money online.

Whether you currently have a job or not, you can find some side hustle businesses that will fetch you extra money exploring this platform.

We encourage and mentor people to start a business out of any skill that can benefit others.

This is highly important for you because no smart person will depend on a meager salary and hope to make a real thing happen in life. For that reason, we created PiDMA to groom new entrepreneurs.

Did you know that you can start a business with no money?

Follow our BLOG at PiDMA to learn more about such businesses and how they can be done.

Because you’re a full-time worker doesn’t mean you’re not part of us. We have special considerations for all – students, stay at home moms, professionals or business executives who want to build capacity in digital marketing.

The aim of this initiative is to show you all the possible opportunities in online business.

And if you want to grow your business online, YOU WILL FIND THE EASIEST WAY TO DO IT ON PiDMA.

There are people who REWARD GOLD WITH STONES. You can only get your freedom from them when you’re financially independent.

This is what you will get from us.  

I mean, whether your current job is your dream job or not, Pilum Digital Marketing Agency will walk you through the simplest way to realize BIGGER SUCCESS.

And all you need is to leverage the internet and invest your best talent and skill in your idea.

The fact is no employers can appreciate the worth of his staff.

Even if you’re well paid at your current job, you can be removed at anytime. That shouldn’t be a surprise because you can’t be wanted forever at another person’s business.

Besides, it’s only a slave that is shacked to a job and dies in service.


So, what will happen if you have your own business and still work for others? Whatever happens at the end of the day, you still have your own business.

For this reason, you need to THINK BIGGER and be SMARTER.

Without worrying about anything, you can reach out to us for help. We will create time specially to hear from you and do our best to mentor you.

In a nutshell, we brought you here all the way to introduce ourselves to you and I want to believe you have really had a wonderful time with us.

Once again, you’re welcome to Pilum Digital Marketing Agency (PiDMA), Nigeria. Before you go, I would like to show you the summary of all I have been saying…

You don’t need big money to start an online business.

Assuming you buy a bag of pure water at ₦100 and sell at ₦150, you’ll make ₦50 profit. That’s a huge sum which most big stores can’t make because of too many overheads.

So, if you’re looking for a profitable business, the trick is to choose among the businesses you avoid.

You can easily start a career in digital marketing and succeed because many people are yet to look in this direction. Digital marketing can equally help you to reduce overheads and start a business with almost a ZERO CAPITAL.

Digital marketing is not just a business; it is rather another BIG WORLD for all industries and smart individuals.

On the one side, digital marketing is an industry where you can turn your mere social habit into a business and become an influencer for big brands. Many people are yet to see being on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as a lifetime opportunity when there are still a score of others ways to make money online.

You can feel that you’re not wasting your time reading this post.

On the other hand, digital marketing is a sales and marketing strategy. This makes those who have the skill to feel honey with smart brands. With your digital marketing skill, you have the tendency of being in your room and work for any brand from any part of the world.

Pilum Digital Marketing Agency was created to guide you on:

  1. What sorts of business you can do?
  2. How to start a business online?
  3. What resources required doing a business online?
  4. How to promote a business and generate massive leads with digital marketing?

Finding good answers to these questions is all about PiDMA.

Thank you!

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