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We understand the fact that you’re busy with other important tasks and prefer hiring a goal-oriented digital marketing agency. We offer complete digital marketing solutions for brands that want to grow their business online.

Advertise with us

If you would like your products or services to reach our audience and make more potential customers, we are open for partnership. We would be very happy to work with you in this or any other regard for mutual benefits.

As our agency targets digital marketers and small businesses, most especially in Nigeria, you have the chance to advertise with us, strengthen your reach and boost your leads within this region.

At the moment, Pilum Digital Marketing Agency (PiDMA)  receives 329,000+ monthly impressions in Google and that translates into over 10,000 page views in a month.

So far so good, we have:

  • Unique monthly users
  • Page views per month
  • Social Media followers
  • Newsletter subscribers

Based on this analytics, our website’s monthly traffic is growing rapidly and that makes it worthy of consideration.

Our Target Audience

The PiDMA’s target audience is a combination of people interested in business, finance and digital marketing. The majority of them are business owners with small and medium enterprises (SME) trying to learn digital marketing and grow their businesses online.

They include:

  1. Netrepreneurs
  2. Web designers
  3. Graphic designers
  4. Video marketers
  5. Content marketers
  6. Bloggers
  7. Email marketers
  8. Affiliate marketers
  9. Social media marketers or managers
  10. SEOs


Ad Types

We offer diverse advertisement options to advertise your business and make you reach the right audience at affordable prices. So, if you’re mean business, below are the popular ads or sponsorship services available on PiDMA:


This includes sponsored reviews, sponsored posts and list-in collections:

Display Ads:

We also offer banner ads in different sizes. Our banner ads serve as a great medium to advertise your business on PiDMA in graphical formats.

We place banner ads on strategic areas such as the header area or sidebar of our website to capture the attention of the audience. With your customized clickable banner ad, we can send leads to your business website.

The following banner ad sizes are available on this website. 

Advertise with us on PiDMA

You can look through the samples in the image above, pick the size you want and contact us to REQUEST FOR OUR QUOTATION.

Video Ads:

With our studio capacity, we offer quality live broadcast or stream sessions for other brands to feature on our IGTV, YouTube or Facebook channel for promoting their businesses. You can equally come to us with your recorded video or audio content.

We can equally help you shoot your YouTube video if you need professional equipment or standard studio settings for your video marketing. This will allow you to share some great thoughts about your business with more people across our platforms and generate extra leads to your business.

Brand Collaboration:

We accept brand collaboration such as custom deals, offers, or discounts for our audience on PiDMA. In this line, we will help you to promote your brand in our blog posts, newsletter and social media channels and switch a relationship between your brand and our awesome audience.

Meanwhile, this custom deal may remain permanent on our website for a long-term collaboration with your brand.

These are some of the advertising services we offer on PiDMA. So, if you would like to advertise your business with us, feel free to CONTACT US and let’s send you OUR FREE PROPOSAL.

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