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Baba Alariya Comedian – How I Rose To Stardom On Instagram

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Adelere Adeyemo Oluwafemi is the artiste that acts Baba Alariya on Social Media.

This guy is a renowned Nigeria comedian who has been making waves on Instagram lately.

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PilumDigital was thrilled by this young man’s business acumen and decided to showcase his business and work to inspire you. This young man carved a niche for himself in entertainment industry having realized that he is fun to be with.

He didn’t just want to be making people laugh, but had to find a way to make himself happy too by making money from his skill via a digital platform.

Then he created a character called Baba Alariya which he acted as a comedian on social media, most especially on Instagram.

Due to the popularity of his comedy skits on Instagram, his followers grew tremendously fast.

As at the time of updating this post, he had over 150,000 followers with just 2,846 posts on his wall.

What is Spectacular about Baba Alariya?

Who is this comedian and how did he rise to stardom?

Baba Alariya who is otherwise known Oluwafemi, was born in early 90’s into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Adeyemo. He studied Library and Information Science at the Federal Polytechnic, Ofa and intended to go further in studying theater art.

According to EbonyAfrica, the vibrant comedian claimed to have started his comedy from the church while he was in a drama group.

He said:

This shaped me to become who I am now. Also, I am someone who loves to have fun and my friends know full well that there’s no boring moment with me. All this spurred me on to pursue a career in entertainment.Adelere Adeyemo Oluwafemi

In his interview with a reporter from CityPeoplesSociety, Toyin Ogundiya, he said his love for comedy started in year 2006 when he was still in secondary school.

In his neighborhood, people knew him as a very funny boy. As a result of this, they engaged him in telling them funny stories which Yoruba people call “Alo”.

He won’t do this in his normal voice but mimicking an old man and that makes him very funny.

He continued with his funny character until 2010, when it occurred to his elder brother, Remi Adeyemo who was a Television and Radio presenter.

His brother found the beauty in his talent and took him to a studio for his first production.

Subsequently, he started featuring in radio programmes as a backup comedian for professionals like Mc Damola, Mc Diouf and Spencer. He had his first public show when he performed alongside Dazzling Damola.

He said:

Dazzling Damola was the very first comedian that invited me to perform in some shows that fetched me income and it was a big platform for me.Adelere Adeyemo Oluwafemi

In between 2012 and 13, he was advised by Lara Olubo to open an Instagram account, where he became almost everybody’s best comedian until now as Baba Alariya. And in 2016, he became a full-time comedian on Instagram.

Trying to compare Baba Alariya (an old man who claims he knows everything) to Oluwafemi (a young boy that acts the old man), his fans were confused sometimes.

Most people thought Baba Alariya was really an old man without knowing the actor is a young boy.

According to CityPeoplesSociety, this character is not what any other comedian can easily emulate because it’s very unique compared to what other popular Nigerian comedians do.

Speaking on his challenges in the business so far, he said the major challenge most comedian faced was “koboko” which he had never experienced ever since he had started his career.

“Koboko”, according to him, is when a comedian cracks a joke that no audience finds funny.

He said, the only challenge he faced was how to create an English version of Baba Alariya.

Meanwhile, he was determined to do more of English versions this year to expand his audience beyond Yoruba speaking regions.

He expressed his displeasure in the attitude of his senior colleagues to his work when he just started.

He said none of them would help him re-post his skits after sending his outreach to them.

But with a lot of prayers, dedication, consistency and support of few people who believed in him, he is where he is today.

From the business, he said he pays his bills.

He stated that:

I don’t know any white collar job I will do that will fetch me the little money I’m getting from Instagram.Adelere Adeyemo Oluwafemi

On consistency, he advised that if you want your business to succeed on social media, the rule is to let your audience see you everyday.

Posting once in a while won’t help, Chi Gurl the comedian once told me that, I should post everyday. Your followers are there to see something new everyday. At most, make sure you post within 3 days.Adelere Adeyemo Oluwafemi


Baba Alariya, the comedian, however, is one of the most prominent comedians in South-west Nigeria.

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