Bad Blogging Habits to avoid

10 Bad Blogging Habits To Do Away With – Santanu Debnath

Are you aware that some bad blogging habits can kill your blog faster than a dead host?

If by now your blog has not started yielding a desirable result, it’s possible you have some bad blogging habits.

As employee behavior affects productivity in an organizational setting, there are also bad habits that can kill your blog.

We interviewed the founder of BloggingJoy, Santanu Debnath some few days ago.

And when this issue was raised, our guest charged every blogger to change his approach to blogging if you really want to increase your Google rankings in the coming days.

The way people are pursuing blogging needs to be changed as competition is very high now. Whatever worked a few years back is not going to work in 2020 and in the coming years.Santanu Debnath

The only way to prove yourself not to be a fly-by-night blogger is to do things right.

So, no amount of commitment will make you become a professional blogger if you don’t have proper rules of etiquette.

You did well planning your blog before you started.

But the question is how many of the required steps to start a blog did you follow?

If you want to know whether everything is fine or not, check your journey so far and listen to yourself from the inside.

Did you say Oops?

If telling lies could cost you your 9-5 job, don’t expect less from your blog.

You might not know that deceiving your audience to generate leads to your affiliate links is fraudulent.

So, if you do all this, where do you see your blog in the near future?

That shows how much havoc bad blogging habits do to a blog.

Blogging is personal, though.

So, you could do anything you like with your blog, that’s nobody’s business. But because the industry is in a constant change, you need to follow the right direction.

For that reason, I decided to address this issue in order for you to be conscious of your blogging habits and stay away from making mistakes that will chase you off the web.

I’m not in a position to ask you to stop doing what you do even if it hurts your audience. Whatever blogging habit you form is okay.

But the truth is if what I’m about to tell you would add more value to your blog, why don’t you check it out?

Bad blogging habits to avoid

The following is the list of bad habits that can kill your blog. If you want to become a successful blogger, you have to do all you can to avoid them.

#1. Keyword cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization is when you target the same keyword on two or more blog pages.

By implication, both pages will compete against themselves.

Technically, all the link juice meant for one page will split across all the pages targeting the same keyword on your blog.

This bad blogging habit can be responsible for low page authority, quality and conversion rate.

The worst part of it is that Google might not even rank any of the affected pages with the cannibalized keyword.

All you have to do is to take note of all your previously used keywords by having RankMath SEO plugin installed on your blog.

The plugin indicates if a target keyword has once been used.

Just make sure you take note of this aspect each time you’re writing a new post.

#2. Keyword stuffing

When you’re creating a post and overuse your primary keyword, you’re committing keyword stuffing.

Repeating a focus keyword in a post and meta description incessantly is one of the bad habits that can kill your blog.

You need to avoid them.

This practice is considered to be spammy and Google frowns at it.

During your keyword research, gather as many keyword synonyms or latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords to avoid overusing your primary keyword in a post.

#3. Not doing keyword research

Not doing keyword research might lead to publishing irrelevant posts on your blog. This could be one of the reasons why you’re not getting substantial traffic.

Meanwhile, keyword research is finding your audience search intent and providing them with the most relevant content on your blog.

Because the process involves spying on your competitors, it can equally serve as a competitive advantage.

During your research, you will discover your competitors’ ranking keywords, strengths and weaknesses, in which you could find new greater opportunities for yourself.

There are several tools for doing keyword research. So, you don’t have to be worried about the stress.

For example, you’ve got Google keyword planner, MOZ, SEMRush, UberSuggest free plan and many more.

These SEO tools will give you in-depth information regarding your audience search intent.

#4. Checking stats constantly

It’s a good thing to assess your website, check the index, analytics and see how you’re performing. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it everyday or thereabouts.

Checking your stats every now and then is a bad blogging habit you need to do away with because it can affect your productivity.

You need to know your rankings and how your audience engages with your posts using Google or any other related tool.

But when you do it too often, it makes you lose focus most especially, if you’re not seeing any significant change in your analytics yet.

This doesn’t mean you’re losing it.

Technically, it takes a few weeks to see the effect of any change you make on your blog. Google, for example, has intervals at which blogs are indexed.

So, if you want to see any significant change in your stats, you have to do it based on schedule. And while you’re waiting, you can focus more on adding quality content.

#5. Tricking your audience into a buying customer

It’s good to have a blog and make money from it either by selling a product or service to your audience.

But the question is how do you convert your audience into a buying customer?

Many bloggers tell a series of lies trying to make you buy from their affiliate links at all cost.

Just a few of them care about your interest.

That’s too bad.

This bad blogging habit is common among affiliate marketers and those who approach you for backlinks and guest post services on authority websites.

I can’t imagine someone promising you 1000 backlinks with just $20. After collecting your money, all they send to your website are spammy links.

The “good ones” won’t even send you any link and when you ask for it, they tell you it would take time to index.

I had been a victim.

I waited till thy kingdom come, no f*cking links were added.

So, how would I continue doing business with such a rogue?

That shows you can’t go a long way in blogging with your marketing pranks. It’s just a matter of time to be discovered.

Once your audience realizes you’re punky, they dump you.

#6. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is using a part or whole of other people’s article on your blog and pretend to be the owner of the work. This practice is one of the common bad habits that can kill your blog.

It’s not sensible to commit intellectual property theft and feel celebrated when your audience read your blog and say,

“Keep up the good job!”

If it’s true that there is no new idea as it seems in blogging, why don’t you learn how to be creative before becoming a blogger?

Being creative would make you create better content and know how to acknowledge your sources.

#7. Time wastage on social media

As every website owner is doing everything possible to tie visitors down longer than they intend in order to beat a high bounce rate, bloggers should be aware of the dark side of social media in this manner.

Based on statistics found on Medium,

About 45% of the people consuming social media all over the world spent an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes per day on social media.Marie Ennis-O'Connor

One thing we bloggers need most is time.

The reason is that the little time we have can easily slip away if we fail to plan and coordinate our activities on social media.

Against this problem, you should be wary of how much time you spend on social media.

For example, the way Facebook and Twitter was designed was to make users lose their way on the platform. While you’re trying to get out, your attention will be drawn to things not relevant to your initial goal.

Unconsciously, you will be stuck on the platform for the whole day anticipating “Likes”, “Shares” and “Comments” on your old posts.

So, we need to use our time constructively.

#8. Obsessed with backlinks

This practice is one of the common bad blogging habits that can kill your blog. If you’re obsessed with getting backlinks, you have to stop now.

One of the changes that occurred in the blogging landscape in 2020 is to prioritize on quality content.

Since after the release of Google BERT framework in November 2019, blogs with quality content have the tendency of higher rankings on Google.

That doesn’t mean backlinks don’t count anymore. You just don’t have to make them your priority.

If your desire for backlinks is so much that all you do is to beg or pay for them, you might end up losing your reputation on Google.

Backlinks are sweet and at the same time dangerous if you don’t get them naturally.

Instead of investing in spammy links, why don’t you invest in quality content and let quality links find you?

Those who appreciate your content will voluntarily offer to place your links on their blogs without you asking.

That is the most perfect and healthiest way of gaining inbound links to your blog.

Obsession is a very dangerous habit. It can tempt you to go off the limit. And if you step on Google’s landmine, you know what that means.

#9. Blindly following every rule

The internet is blessed with many people sharing different ideas or personal practical experiences which can help you grow your blog.

But yet, you can’t follow everything you see if you don’t want to be overwhelmed with so many rules.

If you allow yourself to be blindfolded by unnecessary gestures, you might just be circumventing your problem.

I don’t mean other people’s ideas are wrong. Even the popular ones might not work for you if they’re not applicable to your case.

Sometimes if you take a rule to step up, if care isn’t taken, the next rule you take might send you back to where you are coming from.

What I mean is before you implement a rule, whether it’s written or unwritten, don’t jump at it. Before adopting it, ensure it won’t cause your blog any potential damage.

#10. Not connecting with other bloggers

The last of bad blogging habits you should avoid on this list is creating a barrier between yourself and other bloggers.

It’s unprofessional to avoid having a close contact with people you both do the same business. Even if you claim to know it all, you can’t be your own audience or customer.

So, you need other people around you.

Aside that, blogging can’t be done successfully without networking with your colleagues or co-bloggers.

There are different blogging groups on social media, most especially on Facebook, that can help you grow.

Join relevant groups and connect with lovely people whom you both share the same worldviews.

This will help you easily find support when you’re stuck.

It will also keep you informed with the latest updates or trends in your industry.

An interview with Santanu Debnath?

After sharing the ten (10) bad blogging habits you need to avoid as a blogger, let’s look at the second part of this discussion.

We have had a series of interviews with many professional bloggers and entrepreneurs on this platform before.

Today, you’ll be listening to one of the biggest professionals in the industry.

In fact, this edition is exceptionally different and I’m very sure, you’re going to learn something new from our guest.

Sanatanu is a very popular Indian blogger and highly respected by many beyond India because of his self-discipline and diligence.

He owns one of the fastest growing and most resourceful Blogging Groups on Facebook, called The Blogger’s Team (Let’s Grow Together).

The Manuscript of the interview

The following contains the manuscript of the interview we had with Sanatanu Debnath on Pilum Digital Institute (PDI).

Q1. Can you tell our audience about yourself and what your blog is all about?

Thanks a lot for inviting me to this platform.

This is an honor for me.

I would love to share my experience and knowledge about blogging. 

Hello friends!

This is Santanu Debnath, a software engineer by profession and a blogger by passion.

I started my blogging journey 10 years back as a hobby which gradually became my passion and need. I share my knowledge and experiences about blogging and WordPress on

Besides that, I’m also writing on personal finance on my other blog

Q2. Describe how you started blogging?

Back in 2007, I started looking for make money online options and explored many schemes. Ultimately, I failed as they were mostly scams.

But I was still looking for some genuine ways to earn money online.

At that time, I found someone who shared his earning from the Google AdSense program. And that was the day when I first got into blogging, creating websites and making money through advertising.

I read a lot of articles to understand how to start a blog and monetize with AdSense at that time.

Q3. What are your strengths as a blogger?

I would say my strength is my love and passion for blogging.

I love to write a lot, talk to like-minded people and this is what always helps me to stay focused and motivated as a blogger.

Q4. Where do you see blogging in 2020 and beyond?

Blogging is very popular these days. People are aware that they can make money through blogging.

So, I would say, the future of blogging is bright only.

But the way people are pursuing blogging needs to be changed as competition is very high now. Whatever worked a few years back is not going to work in 2020 and in the coming years.

Q5. What is the best blogging strategy to make a blogger successful?

I believe writing good quality content, networking with fellow bloggers and helping others are the best ways to start your blogging journey.

There are plenty of marketing strategies around, but you have to be very honest with your efforts and passion to become a successful blogger.

Q6. What is the best blog idea to make money in 2020?

There are plenty of niches and topics to start a blog. I don’t think there is only one specific topic that is highly profitable.

If you know how to create a blog around a topic and bring genuine traffic, then you can earn money from any type of blog.

Q7. What was your best strategy to increase traffic in 2019 and how do you see the strategy in 2020?

Honestly, I have followed all the typical ways to create content and then promote them to get traffic in 2019 and in the coming years also will continue with them.

I write detailed guides on useful topics and then share with my Facebook group members.

Besides that, I also do blog commenting, write answers on Quora, do guest blogging, etc. to get traffic to my blog. 

Q8. How do you manage family affairs to run your blog efficiently?

I am blessed with a very supportive family.

My wife Manidipa also pursues a similar interest in blogging and digital marketing. Besides that, I am too much addicted to my passion for blogging.

So, I always find time to sit in front of my laptop.

Q9. What is the best strategy to get quality backlinks?

There are multiple ways to create quality backlinks and I believe one must try to create every possible type of backlinks.

Other than that, creating good quality content and promote them properly will always increase the chance of getting mentions.

Many of my articles are mentioned in relevant blogs as they are very detailed and informational.

Other than that I get good quality backlinks through interviews and roundup posts.

Q10. How do you want to improve your blog this year?

I am focusing on creating content that will help beginners to start a blog and grow as a blogger. Besides that, I am also trying to upload more videos on my YouTube channel.

Q11. What was your greatest failure in affiliate marketing?

The biggest failure I would say is trying multiple products at the same time. As a beginner, we mostly make this mistake and end up making no money.

It is always good to start with a single product, use that product and accordingly share the genuine experience with the audience.

Q12. Who are your mentors?

When I was leaning blogging, I have followed Harsh Agarwal, Amar Ali and then, later on, followed Anil Agarwal, Kulwant Nagi, Ankit Singla and many more top bloggers of India.

Q13. Is blogging worth a career now and later? 

Yes, why not? Digital marketing is one of the hottest skills in 2020.

If you can create high-quality blogs or write good content, then you can create a very good career in blogging.

People are leaving their full-time jobs to pursue blogging.

Q14. What is your advice for job seekers?

I would say keep looking for the job in your skill sets only.

Besides that, make sure to utilize your free time pursuing your passion or hobby, if you have any.

If not, then better start exploring various options available to earn money online.

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That was an awesome interview with Santanu Debnath on how to become a successful blogger. We appreciate him for honoring our invitation and hope the interview would benefit our audience.

During the interview, an issue was raised on the need for bloggers to change their blogging habits.

Santanu believed that most old tactics are no longer working.

For that reason, I decided to relate the issue with common bad blogging habits which you need to do away with if you want to become a successful blogger.

If you have any question to ask Santanu, drop it here or hook up with him via his website or Facebook Group.

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