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Find Nigerian Bank With Most Arrogant Employees

Customer satisfaction is a dream that can’t be achieved with arrogant employees in any organisation.

One of the essential features of a good banking system is to maintain customer satisfaction, which is termed as a progressive administration.

Progressive administration in a banking setting holds that the core value of a bank is to satisfy its customers by recruiting well-mannered and experienced employees.

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If your bank has ever pissed you off, something must have gone wrong with the way the employees of that bank behave to you…

A banker that allows her job to get into her head will be rude to customers.

This problem is bound to happen where banks recruit amateurs into their systems…

Impact of Arrogant Employees on Customer Service

The cost of recruiting inexperienced staff may be cheap, but the choice can kill a bank faster than the cost of employing a high-paid personnel.

arrogant employees
Illustration of the Importance of Customer Service (Credit: Rymax Marketing Services)

I wonder what value would an employee with no years of experience add to an organisation, rather than denting the image of the organisation.

Arrogant employees show bad attitudes to work and customers suffer from it when they are under pressure. Such employees lack experience but yet feel on top of the world in their sparkling blazers.

They pose different threats to the reputation of the organisation. As a result of this, many Nigerian banks fumble with their customers as they have the following issues to deal with:

Cheap Labor and Bad Workers

When banks were running at loss, most especially during the recession time, they considered the costs of achieving efficient customer service as an overhead.

So, they resulted to mass retrenchments and engaged contract staff who were inexperience.

During the process, they lost majority of their well experienced, vibrant, diligent and efficient staff with the hope to use the salary of a regular staff to pay up to four to eight contract staff.

Consequently, training and motivation left out the system. And the system, therefore, bred arrogant employees.

Overhead Costs vs Motivation

It’s unfortunate that many financial banks in Nigeria don’t want to commit too much to their customers. They put a timeline or limitation to their customers’ needs. And that serves them a short term solution most especially when they’re cutting costs on staff.

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Since banks had replaced their most  experienced staff with contract staff most of whom are characterized as “young and arrogant employees“, their leaderships come down.

The banks believed too much was spent on people working for them and they had to down-slide costs.

Poor Customer Service

Costs cutting is sometimes a shortcut to success… But which can only answer the question of an immediate problem.

If you apply this strategy, be ready to wind off your business.

The approach will ask you to keep saying “No!” to every need of your business.

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Consequently, most banks give less attention to their performance and leadership in satisfying their customers.

However, they leave most of these issues unattended to:

  1. Delayed Transactions
  2. Poor Internet Service
  3. Inexperienced Employees
  4. Non-Conducive Environment
  5.  Scanty Staff Strength
  6. Overcrowded Environment

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Importance of Customer Satisfaction

My assessment on the following banks was placed on how each performed in the area of customer satisfaction.

Reason is that, maintaining a very powerful customer service is germane to any bank or organisation that wants to compete well.

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Case Studies

In some days back, I visited GTBank, WemaBank, EcoBank, and FirstBank where I have an account.

I asked to use the Western Union to transfer money to someone but got no good results due to the attitude of the employees to my need.

In fact, it was a very terrible experience to realize lately that GTBank’s customer relation service was as well poor as others.

I had always been a loyal customer to GTBank since 2007 when it became the very first sub-Saharan bank and first Nigerian joint stock company to be recognized on London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Borse.

That was when the bank had the best of its staff.

Most of the people who won the glory for the bank are no longer in service. So, dwelling on the legacy of the heroes past, they made job less challenging for young employees.

Level of Motivation

I may not be able to connect this problem to the level of motivation which employees get from their employers.

But what is certain is that the way an employee is treated reflects in her attitude to work and customers. As a matter of fact, most organisations now have arrogant employees due to their attitude in motivating the workers.

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Let’s say,

  1. As a young entrepreneur, you apply for a loan and the loan was not granted. The issue is not your illegibility but how you’re being attended to by the representatives of the bank.
  2. You need to make a quick transaction, but the service is slow.
  3. You want to use the ATM machine, you line up. Come rain, come sun, no shade or canopy to protect you.
  4. Buttons on the ATM machines aren’t working – no overhauling, no replacement.

From time to time, customers are faced with some of these problems and the banks close their eyes on them.

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Consequently, most banks frustrate the financial ability of their customers by rendering poor services.

The case isn’t far-fetched with the overcrowded banks like GTBank and scanty banks like Ecobank.

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We now see bankers selling customers information to fraudsters. Some even send FSARS after their customers.

So, if the banks can’t expand their budgets, there is no way their customers can get the facilities they need to grow their businesses. This includes having a well motivated employee doing the job.

My Testimonial

I visited all the banks in my area in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State to transfer money to someone via the Western Union, but none of these banks could attend to me except UnionBank.

Their excuse was poor network service.

The UnionBank in Sagamu attended to me despite the fact that I had no account with the bank. The personnel of the bank gave priority to my need having realized the stress I went through in other banks.

[Tweet “So, when you need a certain service, UnionBank is the best bank you can approach for a swift and reliable banking solution.”]

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