7 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria: An Ultimate Guide

best web hosting companies in Nigeria

Are you planning to start a blog or create a website for your business and you want to know what are the best web hosting companies in Nigeria?

If you also want to know how much does it cost to host a website in Nigeria, this guide is for you.

In case you want to host your website yourself, knowing the top web hosting companies and how to host a website in Nigeria is very important.

For that reason, I’ll show you what hosting a website in Nigeria takes, so you won’t have to pay anyone to help you set up your website again.

If you want to know the basic steps to host a website on a server, this guide will walk you through the whole process and you won’t require the service of an expert.

Pro tip:
This is a practical guide, so you need a computer to carry out most of the tasks explained thereof.

I don’t mean you can’t use your smartphone to access this tutorial. What I mean is your phone can’t be used to host your website successfully.

For SEO reasons, most features of a website aren’t visible in mobile view. No wonder BlueFountainMedia says:

Both desktop and mobile users might not consume a website the same way because each interface has different effects on user browsing behaviors.BlueFountainMedia

Take for instance, the menu of a website which is horizontally displayed at the top of the page in desktop view is hidden in mobile view.

How to host a website in Nigeria
Desktop View

Look at the image above, the menu is open and spread across the header horizontally. That is a typical example of how users consume a website in desktop view.

steps to host a website in Nigeria
Mobile View

Contrarily, the menu is hidden behind the menu icon in mobile view.

This implies that if you’re accessing a website with a mobile device, you need to open the menu icon before you can possibly explore the menu.

For this reason, I won’t advise you to use your phone to set up your website on a server.

Otherwise, you won’t get the scoop of your web hosting service.

 If you’re ready to host your website now, switch to your computer. 

In case you don’t have a personal computer, you can find someone to lend you his or visit a cyber cafe and lay your hands on one.

In view of this, your computer is the best device to host your website on a server. This is how hosting a website in Nigeria can be practically done.

Web hosting is a very critical aspect of creating a website, be it eCommerce or others.

So, you must do it right and avoid mistakes that can hurt the quality of your site at the end of the day.

If you have your computer there and it’s connected to the internet, we can start right away.

You’ll also need your debit or credit card to pay for your hosting service.

Pro tip:
Before making any transaction online,ensure you know how to maintain your cybersecurity, so your information won’t get into the wrong hands.

The moment you have the resources ready, find your choice among the top web hosting companies in Nigeria. A few of them would be reviewed and recommended to you in this guide, so there’s no cause for alarm.

What is web hosting?

In layman definition, web hosting is giving your website and its content a space on the internet. So, if people search for you, they can locate you on the internet using your web address.

Web hosting is however, the process of adding your website to a server and that includes the services you need to make your website accessible on the world wide web.

As a smart organisation or individual who wants to create a website and do online business, hosting your website on a server is all you need to make your customers reach you from any part of the world.

Once you’ve successfully hosted your site and someone types your domain in the URL address bar of his browser, the device will communicate with the server and your website will display to the user.

This isn’t possible without hosting your site on a server and you must use the services of a good web hosting company.

What to look for in a web host?

As said earlier, there are many web hosting companies in Nigeria and all claim to be the best.

So, what should you look for in a web host before choosing it?

You need to do your own research to know what is a good web host and how to avoid the bad ones. To do that, you need to know the qualities of a good web hosting company.

The company doesn’t necessarily need to be located in Nigeria or offer cheap or costly web hosting plans. There are certain things you must consider before choosing a web host in Nigeria.

And these include the following factors:

  1. Cost of hosting plans
  2. Features of a web host
  3. Security solution
  4. Support service

A good website hosting provider in Nigeria must be able to offer flexible and affordable service plans with great SEO features and support services.

All these can help you have a great user experience and be on top of your competition.

Why need to avoid low quality web hosting?

Low quality web hosting has a lot of bad impact on the speed and overall performance of your website.

So, before hosting your website on a server, it’s important you consider the quality of the web hosting.

Otherwise, your site might result in the following technical issues:

Poor loading time

hosting a website in Nigeria

If you’re on a website and you don’t feel too comfortable with the speed of the site, that is the result of low quality web hosting.

You can imagine if the website in question is yours, it means everybody landing on your site will bounce out because of its terrible loading time. 

Constant downtime

steps to host a website on a server

One of the reasons why you need a website is to be online and the site must have a maximum of 99% uptime to avoid lags in your web traffic.

If your website has more than 1% downtime, it means your traffic will drop. And that can make you lose a lot of customers.

While your site is in offline mode, any customer trying to visit the site will be faced with Error 404. This is an indication that your website isn’t available at the moment.

If this happens to your website too often, you’ll lose so many customers.

So, it’s worth the time and effort to conduct a proper research and find a reliable web hosting provider that guarantees maximum 99% uptime service.

Poor support service

Best web hosting providers in Nigeria

This is the most common issue experienced in the industry.

Some web hosting companies don’t have good communication platforms to interact effectively with their customers and this tells on your site performance.

If you end up with a bad web hosting company, you’ll always have to pay extra in hiring a webmaster to fix any slight error you encounter on your site.

Ideally, a web hosting provider should offer seamless support services to their customers.

SEO and ranking issues

Any of the above hosting issues will result in bad SEO and that implies that low quality web hosting contributes nothing good to your search engine rankings.

If your site speed is low or your downtime is constant, it tells on your rankings as no search engines like unoptimized websites.

Because of the technical problems, search engine bots won’t be able to crawl and index your site.

And that will make your site unreachable to potential customers searching for you on Google, Yahoo, Bing and any other prominent search engine.

If you mistakenly host your website with a bad web host, your site will be in a bad state and you’ll fall behind your competition.

Meanwhile, you must do all you can to avoid low quality web hosting if you want to host your website in Nigeria.

Pro tip:
Both the design and content of your website might be of high importance. But if your hosting provider is bad, every other effort becomes useless.

So, a good website must avoid low quality web hosting for the audience to have a great user experience.

How much does it cost to host a website in Nigeria?

Hosting a website in Nigeria can cost you as low as ₦1,825, ₦2,190 and ₦29,000 per month on shared servers, VPS and dedicated servers respectively.

What you’re paying for are the resources which the hosting companies offer to power and maintain your website on their servers.

The service includes allocating your site to a sizable CPU and RAM capacity.

Pro tip:
The amount of traffic that comes to your site must be what your CPU and RAM can handle. Otherwise, your site will hang if your traffic is bigger than the capacity of your RAM on the server.

So, the bigger the plan, the more resources the host offers to power your website and the better for your visitors.

However, what determines the cost of hosting your website on a server isn’t just the type of web hosting package you use. There are other important factors to consider.

As a result of this, you might see a $1 web hosting service and decide to go for what is a bit costlier depending on your needs.

If you’re just a starter and your web traffic is at zero, it’s unwise to go for a big plan all because you have the financial strength.

You can always migrate to a bigger package when the need arises later.

What is important is knowing what your business needs at the moment. And this will help you to determine which web host and hosting package to use.

Once you have the right information, you’ll be able to plan your business and effectively manage your budget.

So, there’s no fixed cost for hosting a website in Nigeria.

Most web hosting providers offer different hosting plans at different rates and the payment is recurring.

There’re monthly, quarterly, biannually and annually billing cycles.

You only need to set a budget and choose the best web hosting service, which is also budget-friendly.

Best web hosting companies in Nigeria

There’re many web hosting services in Nigeria and a few of them will be reviewed to help you make a wise decision after reading this guide.

So, without wasting your time, here are the top website hosting companies you can use to set up your website in Nigeria:

Hosting ServicePrice RangeBandwidthDetails
InterServer$1 to $5 (₦365 to ₦1,825)UnlimitedLearn more
Web4Africa$2 to $14 (₦700 to ₦5,250)UnlimitedLearn more
BlueHost$3.95 – $13.95 (₦1,441 – ₦5,091)UnlimitedLearn more
Hostinger##Learn more
WhoGoHost##Learn more
GoDaddy##Learn more
HostGator##Learn more

Buying a hosting service from any of the above recommended companies will guarantee you a smooth hosting service and great user experience.

Is free web hosting good or bad?

There are several web hosting services that promise to host your website without a dime. But as far as I’m concerned, I would never encourage you to host your business website on a free server.

And neither would I condemn any.

You can ask yourself before giving them a try if you can really trust and rely on them?

A lot of risks are attached to free web hosting services.

Take for example, how can you explain hosting your business website without paying for the service and feel safe?

What’s the rationale behind you making money while your host makes losses?

It means there must be an ulterior motive behind a free web hosting service and this includes:

Hidden charges

It’s possible they have hidden charges. The company will give you a close monitoring and suddenly withdraw some of their services and forcefully demand payments later.

If you refuse to comply with the terms, you give them no choice than to suspend your account. Meanwhile, paying them at that moment isn’t an issue.

But if you’re overcharged, you’ll be in a tight corner and have no choice than to pay.

Insecure services

Aside hidden charges, some crooks offer free web hosting services to steal customer sensitive information.

That makes a website hosted on a free server prone to malware and other cyber attacks.

However, customers are at a great risk, sharing sensitive information on a website hosted on a free server.

You won’t find it funny if your website becomes a window for hackers to hack your customers.

If you don’t end up facing criminal charges, your reputation will be at stake.

As the owner of the site, you’ll be liable for whatever damages you cause others out of your ignorance.

Permanent shut down

Free web hosting companies can shut down their servers at anytime. If any damage results from this action, you can’t hold them responsible.

Free web hosting platforms are therefore not recommended for business. For this reason, it’s unprofessional to host your website on a free server.

Remember, they’re free, so they’re prone to several issues.

Instead of using a free web host, the top hosting providers reviewed above are cheap web hosting companies in Nigeria. You can go back to the list and find the best one with great web hosting plans.

How to host a website in Nigeria

There are three basic steps to host a website on a server. After identifying a good web host, the next thing to do is to approach the company and carry out the following basic steps:

STEP #1: Register your domain name

Before you can be identified and reached online, there must be an address connected to your website and that is called a domain name. 

Registering your domain name is, however, the process of getting a web address on the world wide web.

This is like getting a home address from your local council, so people can locate you on the street.

So, before you can host a website, you must have a valid registered domain name and the following steps will show you how to do that.

How to register your domain name?

To register your domain name or web address, you need a domain registrar.

By virtue of their prices and features, you can identify which is the best hosting service in Nigeria.

Assuming you want to register your domain name now, here are the steps required:

  1. Visit the website of the host or registrar.
  2. Click on register a new domain.
  3. Check for the availability of the name by entering your proposed name and search.
  4. Wait for few a seconds for the search results to come. If the name is unavailable, it means someone has already taken the name. So you have to find and test another name.
  5. Choose the .com version of any name you want to register.
  6. Proceed to buy.
  7. Go to your inbox and open any email that comes from your registrar. This might contain your domain verification link. Click the link to verify you domain name.

The same steps can be followed using any host. What can be different is just the design or structure of their sites.

STEP #2: Host your website on a server 

You need to host your website by pointing your domain to a server.

This is possible by buying a suitable web hosting plan for your website.

So, while web hosting gives your blog or website and its components a room on the server, the server saves and processes whatever content you add to the site for people.

This will make different people to engage with your website from all over the world.

Let’s say a search is made in relation to your site, the browser will process the query and retrieve all related information from where it is saved on the server.

Steps to host a website on a server

The following steps must be observed to host your website on a server:

  1. Select a plan that you can afford.
  2. Click buy.
  3. Chose the domain name you want to host.
  4. Select Register a new domain name if your domain name has been registered before.
  5. Select I already have a domain.
  6. Type the domain name in the form or space provided for that purpose.
  7. Then click Proceed or Continue and do whatever you’re prompted to do in order to complete the payment.
Pro tip:
You can host your website with the same or different company you intend to use for registering your domain name.

But because most web hosting providers in Nigeria offer both domain registration and hosting services at a time, it might not be necessary to register and host with two different companies.

In fact, hosting your website with a company that has the capacity to register your domain name has a lot of benefits which include:

  1. Free domain registration.
  2. All the DNS components of your site such as nameserver will be in one place.
  3. No delay in DNS propagation while pointing your domain to your host manually.

If you prefer to register and host your website with two different companies, that requires an additional configuration, which is manually changing your domain’s nameserver.

PilumDigital was registered with Web4Africa and hosted on SiteGround.

Let’s assume you prefer to register your domain with BlueHost and host with Web4Africa, you’ll be required to change the default nameserver provided to you by BlueHost and replace it with the one provided by Web4Africa.

STEP #3: Activate your website

Before you can set up your website on a server, you need to first activate your website using a link sent to your email by your host. After you’ve successfully paid for web hosting, your host will send a series of emails to you.

All you have to do is to go to your inbox and check for all emails received from your host. This might include you website activation link, cPanel login and Nameserver information.

As for the activation, open the relevant email and click on the activation link.

If your host doesn’t send you an activation link, it means your website has been automatically activated.

What is most important is the cPanel Login and Nameserver information.

Your Cpanel login information will be used to set up your website and you can find more information regarding that in How to Create a WordPress Website. The scope of this guide doesn’t permit me to go beyond these steps.

Meanwhile, these are the basic steps to host a website on a server.

This is all you need if you want to know the best web hosting companies in Nigeria.

Learning how to host your website with high quality, cheap and reliable hosting service can help you create an exceptional and best performing website in Nigeria.


If you have the basic understanding of how to host a website in Nigeria, you’ll be able to create your own website yourself. In fact, that would serve as a new business opportunity for you if you decide to build websites for others.

This guide is all about self host websites. It contains the basic steps to host a website on a server. It also contains some reviews about the best hosting service in Nigeria.

Based on our reviews, the cost of hosting a website on a server shouldn’t break the bank.

With as a low as $1 which is equivalent to ₦365 per month, you can host your website in Nigeria and start running your business online.

Although the cost isn’t the major factor to consider before hosting a website, otherwise free web hosting service would have been the best.

A good web hosting company must have great features and support service that put its customers first.

In view of this, I see InterServer as one of the best hosting providers you can rely on when it comes to hosting your website in Nigeria.

The company offers cheap and reliable hosting service you need as a beginner.


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