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Best Web Hosting Services In 2021: A Review of Top Web Hosts

Are you planning to start a blog or create a website and you want to know which of the hosting providers on the web is the best for your project?

This post contains a detailed review of the best web hosting services suitable for any kind of website you’re working on.

But in case you want to skip this review and go straight to the answer, one of the best web hosting providers and a top pick for most tech experts is BlueHost.

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There are so many other great web hosting providers you can explore.

The fact is trying to identify which is the best web host for your project is daunting.

But with a guide like this, you’ll discover everything you need to know about choosing the best web hosting providers.

Irrespective of the kind of website you want to host, you need to know how much bandwidth will require.

You also need to know if you’ll need an SSL certificate, what is the cost of hosting a website and other added value such as free customer support that you could get choosing a web hosting provider over another?

That suggests the need to consider “your needs”, “budget” and certain “hosting options” available.

Some web hosting companies offer free, shared, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated and cloud based web hosting services at different costs.

So, the more options you need, the more you pay.

Assuming you need just a personal website, it is absolutely a waste of resources hosting such a website on VPS where an ordinary free or shared server will suffice.

In order to choose the right web host, use the list below.

It contains the list of the best web hosting services with great features for both high and low budget websites. 

Best web hosting services in 2021

Without wasting your time, here are the top website hosting services you can use to set up your website in 2021:

#1. BlueHost is the top pick of all web hosting services

BlueHost continues to improve on its services and offers all categories of customers the best features which the industry requires. If speed, security, strength and reliability matter to you, BlueHost is the right website hosting provider for you. It has the quality that makes smart people choose it for all kinds of websites. With just a $2.75 monthly billing plan, hosting your site with BlueHost is a click away.


#2. HostGator is an amazing shared hosting service

HostGator doesn’t cease to amaze users with great web hosting services and exclusive freebies which include free domain registration, free SSL certificate, free blogging and marketing tools and 24/7/365 technical support for as low as $2.64 per month.


#3. DomainRacer makes you build a website under one roof

DomainRacer is a good choice to make if you’re looking for cheap and safe web hosting services to power your website or blog and send your campaigns to millions of clients online without interruption. In today’s competitive world, you can easily lose your customers if your website is slow. So you need a web hosting provider like DomainRacer which relies so much on evolving technologies and new trends that can place your business at the top of the competition. With as low as $0.99 per month, you can be the next customer on DomainRacer. This is the best low-cost web host for your needs.


#4. Hostinger offers the best cloud based hosting service

Cloud hosting service is an advanced solution for hosting a website. The best web hosting provider leading in this type of web hosting service is Hostinger. Hostinger offers this service to enable customers to host up to 300 websites on a single hosting plan and up to 100 email accounts per domain, not excluding other fantastic features for great user experience. The cost for hosting a website with Hostinger starts from $9.99 per month.


#1. Bluehost web hosting – top pick for all kinds of websites

The best WordPress web host providers

Get 25% OFF on any BlueHost service PACKAGE.


BlueHost Basic @ $2.75 per month

Bluehost Choice Plus @ $5.45 per month

BlueHost Plus @$5.45 per month


Added value:

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free site migration
  • Free domain
  • 24×7 lifetime support

Topping the list of our best web hosting service providers is BlueHost. This American web hosting company was founded in 2003.

It caters for over 2 million domains with different types of web hosting services, such as shared hosting, woo commerce hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and WordPress hosting.

Whether your budget is high or low, BlueHost works ultimately to meet your needs without exceeding your budget.

Coming to the web hosting features offered by BlueHost and why it’s the number one among other web hosting providers in the world, BlueHost offers the following special features: 

  • WordPress easy installation.
  • Uptime of 99.8%.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Cheapest shared web hosting plan at $2.75.

BlueHost hosting service charges range from $2.75 to $20 per month at a welcome discount rate for all new users.

The prices depend on how much bandwidth you require.

For a personal blog or lightweight website, you can go for BlueHost shared server hosting package, which starts from $2.75 per month.

When you buy a hosting service from BlueHost, you’ll get the best value for your money.

For example, you’ll get automated setup support for WordPress and a few other web applications such as via Mojo Marketplace-powered system.

BlueHost also offers a cPanel interface so you can adjust the server side of your site and get a desirable result.

Even with as low as BlueHost basic plan, you are entitled to a Weebly-based website builder. With this webpage builder, you can create up to a 6-page site.

The fact that BlueHost gives refunds to unsatisfied customers within 30 days after purchasing its services, new customers feel comfortable giving it a try.

Based on several feedback, customers say BlueHost is very technically reliable. It has an uptime of 99.98%.

Thich means that the total period of time in which BlueHost server is down in a year is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

And that is so incredible!

These are just a few mouth-watering features that made BlueHost rank number one in our list of the best web hosting providers for websites.

#2. HostGator best shared web hosting

Looking for an amazing shared web hosting service, HostGator is a top pick

Get 65% OFF on any HostGator service plan you buy.


  • HostGator Hatchling Plan @ $2.64 per month
  • HostGator Baby Plan @ $3.78 per month
  • HostGator Business Plan @$5.68 per month

Added value:

  • Unlimited webspace
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • SSL Certificate
  • Free domain
  • 24×7 lifetime support
  • 45 day Money-back guarantee

HostGator offers numerous web hosting options and also reselling plans to customers.

Founded in 2002, HostGator is so competent that their services, ranging from domain registration to dedicated servers, are very affordable and 99% up-time guaranteed.

There are three shared hosting plans on Hostgator, which include the Hatchling, Baby and Business plans. The Hatchling plan provides you with one-click WordPress installs, WordPress/cPannel website transfer, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL certificate and free domain registration in the first year. This provision is made for hosting a single website on HostGator.

If you want to host more than a domain with one single hosting account, then you can upgrade to the Baby plan. The Baby plan has the same service features as the Hatchling plan except for the unlimited domains. This implies that you can host more than one website on the Baby plan.

So, in a situation where you want to host more websites and you can’t afford a server for each, you can opt for the Business plan which provides each site with a free dedicated IP and you can also upgrade to Positive SSL and still have access to a number of free SEO tools.

If you need to test this service as a new user, you can buy now and get your money back. HostGator offers a 45 day money-back guarantee. This implies, you can test the service within 45 days after payment and request for a refund if you don’t like the service.

Just in case you haven’t heard, Bluehost and HostGator are both owned and managed by the same company.

Recollect that Bluehost was ranked number one on our review list of the best web hosting companies. To be frank, HostGator is very functional and competent, and that has helped to make its way into this accurate review as a good choice while choosing the right web host.

#3. DomainRacer affordable option for big scaling

Get best value for your money investing in a perfect hosting partner

Get 40% Off on Purchasing Any Plan at DomainRacer.


  • DomainRacer Basic Plan @ $0.99 per month
  • DomainRacer Personal Plan @ $1.69 per month
  • DomainRacer Silver Plan @ $2.9 per month
  • DomainRacer Advanced Plan @ $4.29 per month

Added Value:

  • Free HTTPS Certificate
  • Fly With – 21x Faster Speed
  • Flawless 99.99% Uptime
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Free Weekly Jet backup
  • Solid Security Suites
  • Unlimited Traffic Handling
  • Easy To Use Cpanel
  • Beginner Friendly Support
  • 0-Budget SEO Mechanism
  • Gift 1 Tree To Ground
  • Tutor LMS Hosting Solution

DomainRacer delivers an impressive range of hosting services such as Shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated Server and Application based hosting at low prices.

Apart from the low hosting cost you get when you choose DomainRacer, you can also enjoy great use experience. They use a well-customized cPanel interface to make managing your site very easy for you. As a developer or entrepreneur who wants more control over his website, go for DomainRacer. There are 37000+ websites and 23500+ active host already on DomainRacer.

Their one-click installation and free migration plugin let you set up your website in few steps. It assists you to scale up your hosting as your site grows.

The practice to save your money with DomainRacer is no hosting renewal and up-gradation charges. You can add more resources to your purchased hosting plan whenever you need them. Just in few clicks and without any extra fees.

DomainRacer is the right platform for keeping your website’s valuable information safe and secure. They are using recent technologically updated security tools like (ImunifyAV+, Imunify360, ModSecurity, PYXSoft, DDoS Protection, Magic Spam Protection) and more to avoid data loss.

They enable you to attract more visitors and enhance your people’s reach count by offering a fantastic free SEO tool. That helps to optimize your site’s performance and provide the best analytics insights which suggesting great moves for better improvisation.

At DomainRacer you have the best opportunity to select the geographical area according to your targeted visitors or users. As it offers 4 tier data centers in [India, UK, USA, Germany, France, Singapore and Canada]

Customer support through email is the traditional way to help your service users. But here DomainRacer uses advanced modes like tickets, live chat, phone, email and WhatsApp. All-time live chat during your business hours is beneficial for your rapid growth. 

Another unique and eco-friendly feature of DomainRacer is Gift of 1 Tree to Earth. This is an amazing idea to help in maintaining ecological balance and beauty.

Hosting Service Price Range Bandwidth Details
BlueHost $3.95 – $13.95 Unlimited Learn more
HostGator # # Learn more
DomainRacer $0.99 to $4.29 Unlimited Learn more
Hostinger # # Learn more
InterServer $1 to $5 Unlimited Learn more
GoDaddy # # Learn more
Web4Africa $2 to $14 Unlimited Learn more
WhoGoHost # # Learn more

Buying a hosting service from any of the above recommended companies will guarantee you a smooth hosting service and great user experience.

Is free web hosting good or bad?

There are several web hosting services that promise to host your website without a dime. But as far as I’m concerned, I would never encourage you to host your business website on a free server.

And neither would I condemn any.

You can ask yourself before giving them a try if you can really trust and rely on them?

A lot of risks are attached to free web hosting services.

Take for example, how can you explain hosting your business website without paying for the service and feel safe?

What’s the rationale behind you making money while your host makes losses?

It means there must be an ulterior motive behind a free web hosting service and this includes:

Hidden charges

It’s possible they have hidden charges. The company will give you a close monitoring and suddenly withdraw some of their services and forcefully demand payments later.

If you refuse to comply with the terms, you give them no choice than to suspend your account. Meanwhile, paying them at that moment isn’t an issue.

But if you’re overcharged, you’ll be in a tight corner and have no choice than to pay.

Insecure services

Aside hidden charges, some crooks offer free web hosting services to steal customer sensitive information.

That makes a website hosted on a free server prone to malware and other cyber attacks.

However, customers are at a great risk, sharing sensitive information on a website hosted on a free server.

You won’t find it funny if your website becomes a window for hackers to hack your customers.

If you don’t end up facing criminal charges, your reputation will be at stake.

As the owner of the site, you’ll be liable for whatever damages you cause others out of your ignorance.

Permanent shut down

Free web hosting companies can shut down their servers at anytime. If any damage results from this action, you can’t hold them responsible.

Free web hosting platforms are therefore not recommended for business. For this reason, it’s unprofessional to host your website on a free server.

Remember, they’re free, so they’re prone to several issues.

Instead of using a free web host, the top hosting providers reviewed above are cheap web hosting companies in Nigeria. You can go back to the list and find the best one with great web hosting plans.

How to host a website in Nigeria

There are three basic steps to host a website on a server. After identifying a good web host, the next thing to do is to approach the company and carry out the following basic steps:

STEP #1: Register your domain name

Before you can be identified and reached online, there must be an address connected to your website and that is called a domain name. 

Registering your domain name is, however, the process of getting a web address on the world wide web.

This is like getting a home address from your local council, so people can locate you on the street.

So, before you can host a website, you must have a valid registered domain name and the following steps will show you how to do that.

How to register your domain name?

To register your domain name or web address, you need a domain registrar.

By virtue of their prices and features, you can identify which is the best hosting service in Nigeria.

Assuming you want to register your domain name now, here are the steps required:

  1. Visit the website of the host or registrar.
  2. Click on register a new domain.
  3. Check for the availability of the name by entering your proposed name and search.
  4. Wait for few a seconds for the search results to come. If the name is unavailable, it means someone has already taken the name. So you have to find and test another name.
  5. Choose the .com version of any name you want to register.
  6. Proceed to buy.
  7. Go to your inbox and open any email that comes from your registrar. This might contain your domain verification link. Click the link to verify you domain name.

The same steps can be followed using any host. What can be different is just the design or structure of their sites.

STEP #2: Host your website on a server 

You need to host your website by pointing your domain to a server.

This is possible by buying a suitable web hosting plan for your website.

So, while web hosting gives your blog or website and its components a room on the server, the server saves and processes whatever content you add to the site for people.

This will make different people to engage with your website from all over the world.

Let’s say a search is made in relation to your site, the browser will process the query and retrieve all related information from where it is saved on the server.

Steps to host a website on a server

The following steps must be observed to host your website on a server:

  1. Select a plan that you can afford.
  2. Click buy.
  3. Chose the domain name you want to host.
  4. Select Register a new domain name if your domain name has been registered before.
  5. Select I already have a domain.
  6. Type the domain name in the form or space provided for that purpose.
  7. Then click Proceed or Continue and do whatever you’re prompted to do in order to complete the payment.
Pro tip:
You can host your website with the same or different company you intend to use for registering your domain name.

But because most web hosting providers in Nigeria offer both domain registration and hosting services at a time, it might not be necessary to register and host with two different companies.

In fact, hosting your website with a company that has the capacity to register your domain name has a lot of benefits which include:

  1. Free domain registration.
  2. All the DNS components of your site such as nameserver will be in one place.
  3. No delay in DNS propagation while pointing your domain to your host manually.

If you prefer to register and host your website with two different companies, that requires an additional configuration, which is manually changing your domain’s nameserver.

PilumDigital was registered with Web4Africa and hosted on SiteGround.

Let’s assume you prefer to register your domain with BlueHost and host with Web4Africa, you’ll be required to change the default nameserver provided to you by BlueHost and replace it with the one provided by Web4Africa.

STEP #3: Activate your website

Before you can set up your website on a server, you need to first activate your website using a link sent to your email by your host. After you’ve successfully paid for web hosting, your host will send a series of emails to you.

All you have to do is to go to your inbox and check for all emails received from your host. This might include you website activation link, cPanel login and Nameserver information.

As for the activation, open the relevant email and click on the activation link.

If your host doesn’t send you an activation link, it means your website has been automatically activated.

What is most important is the cPanel Login and Nameserver information.

Your Cpanel login information will be used to set up your website and you can find more information regarding that in How to Create a WordPress Website. The scope of this guide doesn’t permit me to go beyond these steps.

Meanwhile, these are the basic steps to host a website on a server.

This is all you need if you want to know the best web hosting companies in Nigeria.

Learning how to host your website with high quality, cheap and reliable hosting service can help you create an exceptional and best performing website in Nigeria.


If you have the basic understanding of how to host a website in Nigeria, you’ll be able to create your own website yourself. In fact, that would serve as a new business opportunity for you if you decide to build websites for others.

This guide is all about self host websites. It contains the basic steps to host a website on a server. It also contains some reviews about the best hosting service in Nigeria.

Based on our reviews, the cost of hosting a website on a server shouldn’t break the bank.

With as a low as $1 which is equivalent to ₦365 per month, you can host your website in Nigeria and start running your business online.

Although the cost isn’t the major factor to consider before hosting a website, otherwise free web hosting service would have been the best.

A good web hosting company must have great features and support service that put its customers first.

In view of this, I see InterServer as one of the best hosting providers you can rely on when it comes to hosting your website in Nigeria.

The company offers cheap and reliable hosting service you need as a beginner.

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  1. nice blog post, nigerian hosting firms are trying this days but whogohost is unreliable here i think should be on the list instead, whogohost have bad support i have hosted a few client websites with them in the past and a few weeks ago i got a domain from them the support is just too bad both the live chat and ticket, naijawebhost on the other hand responds swiftly mostly on tickets.

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