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In doing this, we would like to inform you that there're some products or services, which we promote on our website for other businesses that fetch us money to pay our bills. The program is called an affiliate link. It allows us to place some links on our website which can help you further in getting a desirable solution to your problem.

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We don't do this to extort you as the affiliate link will take you away from our website to another relevant website.

There are millions of products and services on the internet that are related to blogging and making money online. But because you can't be testing them one by one, you need the service of a company like us to recommend to you which of the products is suitable for you.

And we make our recommendations on any product or service based on the following practicable factors:

  • Positive experiences of our authors in individual capacities;
  • The services or products used by Pilum Digital Institute;
  • Based on the positive feedback by the peer bloggers/ service users; or
  • Deeply studied and researched by our team.

Our intention is to share tips and recommend the best tools you need to achieve your business goals as a blogger. We don't collect money from you to tell you which product or service will give you a desirable solution. We only make our money from our affiliated partners when they compensate our effort in helping them to find potential customers. And we use the money to pay our bills and do research in order to always give you the best and updated tips for free.

So while we make our profit this way, you can do the same to monetize your blog except you intend to run it for a charitable cause.

Meanwhile, this is to show you that affiliate marketing is one of the most practicable methods of making money online.

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