How to boost social media engagement

How to Boost Social Media Engagement in 10 New Ways

Social media has dramatically evolved over the years with new great features that can help brands be on top of the game.

I’m sure you don’t want to be left out!

So, being on social media is not enough, but knowing how to boost social media engagement.

Social media is the most happening place in the world of the internet, assisting in strengthening and optimizing customer relationships.

With social media marketing, your business can create a personalized shopping experience for your customers around the world.

When people come to your page, they come to know about your services and products, and it’s logical to have questions.

Answering the customers in a respective way will improve the user experience and enhance the trust level between you and your customers.

When you resolve your customers’ issues and create an avenue for them to express themselves, they feel appreciated and show it in their reactions such as like, love, or comments.

The reaction is what brought about the engagement.

In case you ask, how do I get more engagement on social media?

There are many ways to do that and this guide will walk you through the journey.

It is important to know how to get more social media engagement because the only way to know your customer interests and understand their behaviours is through their engagement.

So, to create a significant engagement over social media platforms, you need a concoction of creativity and communications to awe your audience and make them interested in your brand.

How to boost social media engagement

Here are the ten (10) most valuable tips that you need to plan your social media strategy, boost engagement and take your businesses to a new higher level.

1. Showcase your creativity through your posts

Social media platforms are a celebrated place to showcase your creativity and awe your users with astonishing posts.

It can be anything from an animated video about your services or any similar topic.

In the example below, CoSchedule posted a link to one of its blog pages on Facebook and added a few description to make the post engaging.

how to get more engagement on social media

Remember, the attention span of people over social media is only limited to few seconds.

The infinite scrolling makes it challenging to attract users.

Hence, the user will be only interested in your posts if it’s based on some out of the box idea.

While displaying creativity, don’t overdo it; keep it simple and relevant to your users simultaneously; it should allure the users.

Your business can create animated videos, facts related post according to your genre, use trending filters and explain about your most popular services, etc., to boost user engagement.

For instance, various giants of the food industry use the current trendy filter on their posts to match the level of users.

They share posts and create videos on the trending topic that their user base finds useful.

Think out of the box to drive up your engagement level, which ultimately will enhance your sales and ROI.

With creative posts, you are ensuring that users will come back again to check your future posts or share them with other users, which ultimately brings you free brand awareness.

2. Create groups

how to boost social media engagement

Creating groups over social media platforms and inviting your users to join them for community updates makes them feel valued.

For instance, Facebook groups are the most popular in terms of enhancing engagement.

Your brand can create a Facebook group for broadcasting information, upcoming offers, games, and other posts.

Users who love that product or business will join the group, discuss their favourite products or services, and share ideas, questions, and reviews.

Either you can deliver answers to the asked queries, or other users in the group can deliver the same.

It will help in creating a focused community that will take your brand to new heights.

Apart from discussing various topics, you can introduce collaborations with other brands to surprise your users.

Ensure the group is open to join for all users on the platform.

There are various types of groups that you can create.

You can can create a support group, which will answer queries and share reviews.

On the other hand, a social group will share services, posts, participate in various events, and make friends.

The other group can be insider groups for the users that are interested in getting the inside news of the brand and are interested in taking a look behind the curtain.

3. Sharing GIFs over Twitter 

how to get more social media engagement

We know Twitter is the least popular social platform in terms of sharing long posts and videos, but you always have the option of sharing GIFs.

With its limited word count and simplified user interface, various brands restrict themselves from promoting their content over it, but you can use it to your advantage.

Image how to use GIF on social media

Over Twitter, you can share your brand’s updates related to any services or offers along with a GIF and ask users to respond with their favourite GIF.

This will create a new kind of engagement, and we all can agree that GIFs are loved by everyone.

Twitter can deliver you an advanced level of engagement and attract numerous potential prospects.

You can get your users’ attention through creative GIFs created in a way that compels them to answer.

A GIF thread will earn you some great engagement because Twitter is considered a serious platform; with a creative GIF idea.

You will get plenty of attention within a short period of time.

4. Try to respond to maximum comments 

One of the proven ways to enhance social media engagements is to respond to as many comments as possible.

The current scenario over social media involves visiting the posts and leaving a reaction, but you should try responding to maximum comments coming your way to attract more attention.

In the example below, when a customer engaged Southwest Airlines in a comment, the engagement went on as the brand kept responding to the customer.

How to boost social media engagement

Responding to comments creates a connection between the users and the brand, ultimately enhancing the relationship and building trust.

It doesn’t matter whether users left a negative comment or a positive comment on your posts; you should respond to them in the most reasonable way.

Try to personalize things; everyone wants to see their name over a social media platform as it also delivers them some organic publicity.

When you answer your users, show some appreciation and address them with their name or tag their user id.

Users will trust your brand more with this approach and will feel connected.

The only time you should not respond is when the users reply to their friends’ comments under your post’s comments as they are not directly contacting you.

A comment can be personalized in various ways; you can use their name, use emoticons, offer them a sticker for a positive response, etc.

5. Share other people’s content sometimes

There may be times when your users ask you something, and you don’t have the answer to that question or a specific service.

You can share other people’s content that is relevant to your user base.

It will make your users believe that you are committed to serving them even though if something is not available to you.

It enhances trust-building and compels users to follow you.

While sharing other people’s content over your page, you can always give them credit. And next time, some brand can post your content and give you credit too.

When others post your content, it may be possible that their user base gets interested in your services.

All in all, this is another way of free promotion over all platforms. 

The same types of content about any particular brand or service make things a little dull, and it’s good to have different content in the feed.

Another result-oriented thing you can try is sharing the content of your followers in which they tag you.

For instance, there are times when a product is used differently than it is supposed to be, and users love to experiment with different things.

When users post such things, they tag the brand, and it will create a great engagement if you share that funny or informative content on your page.

It will make the users feel privileged, and they will share it with their friends, which gets you more engagement.

You can generate a ton of positive feedback by sharing your users’ content that is relevant to you.

6. Organize contests and giveaways

Who doesn’t love free things?

Everybody does, and you can use it to boost your engagement over various social media platforms.

Sometimes only postings images and videos get boring. Revamp the energy by organizing some terrific contests and giveaways.

how to get more engagement on social media

Neil Patel once gave away Beat by Dre headphones to audience.

You can put some zing on it by creating a set of instructions for your users to follow in order to participate in the giveaways, like commenting on the post with specific hashtags, like a number of posts, share the post, etc.

A carefully planned set of instructions will enhance your engagement even more.

In the case of contests, always display the prizes the winners will get at the end of the competition.

Attractive prizes will allure the users to participate in the event.

After the event is finished, you can ask users to post their achievements in their feed which will attract more users.

Please ensure the cost of these competitions and gifts are borne by your brand.

You can organize these contests and giveaways on one social platform and promote them over all other social platforms to ensure maximum participation.

You also have the option to organize these events with the help of an influencer that has a considerable following.

7. Take help of social media influencers

How to get more social media engagement

Social media influencers are the people that have a massive following on social media platforms.

An influencer can be a celebrity or an ordinary person, operating from a personal social media account or famous blog.

Users love their influencers and try to copy their lifestyle, use the products they are using, visit the place they have recommended, and much more.

For this reason, influencers always want to collaborate with brands as it helps in maintaining their social image.

Along with developing a great relationship with influencers, you will get the attention of their user base.

These individuals will promote your products or services and charge you a fee or avail of a discount or free goodies from you.

Use their influence to your advantage, it can be possible that you have to give away some products or services for free to them.

At the end, if it brings you some potential prospects and a significant engagement, it’s all worth it.

Remember, the user base of these influencers are highly active over all social media platforms.

With the help of the platforms, influencers create a trend.

Ask them to use your hashtag or your company’s slogan while promoting you, which will direct the users towards your platform.

You can generate a massive lead count with these tie-ups.

8. Use hashtags effectively

how to get more engagement on social media
Image: TechLibrary

A hashtag is a crucial component of all social media platform’s algorithms.

The primary benefit of using hashtags is that your posts can be found by searching a hashtag your brand use.

For instance, Coca-Cola uses the hashtag #shareACoke, and it can be seen throughout their posts across all social platforms.

Not only these specific hashtags assist in finding your posts, but they also help you in tracking the ongoing discussions over a specific brand.

Users love different hashtags as it makes them feel connected to the brand.

You can use different hashtags for different types of posts but use a specific keyword throughout your posts that define your brand.

Excess of anything can be destructive; the same goes for hashtags, don’t overuse them.

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Hashtags give your posts an identity and help you find out your potential user base.

Various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., rank your posts in the explore section with the performance of a specific hashtag.

Based on the performance, you can calculate your engagement worldwide.

While organizing an event or a giveaway, use a specifically curated hashtag that defines that particular event and ask your users to use them to take part in the contest.

This strategy will promote the event and attract more users to the contest, which ultimately translates to great engagement.

9. Organize polls and surveys

Sometimes posts aren’t enough; users over social media platforms have a short attention span and always wants something new to try.

Polls have an added benefit as it shows you the honest public opinion about your services and products.

How to boost social media engagement

Custom surveys help you in knowing your audience better and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Almost all social platforms offer the option of creating polls and surveys.

These methods are the quickest way to get honest feedback and enhance your services accordingly.

To get the most out of these polls and surveys, ensure to post them at a time when your users are active.

If operating worldwide, you can choose a neutral time that works for all of the users.

Try to make the option in the poll relevant to your services or products. It can be about your offer or events you want to organize in future.

Use the data obtained from these surveys and polls to enhance your service quality and plan your future marketing campaigns.

Various popular brands are using these polls to enhance their shopping experience and to get an idea of what their users like the most.

If the result of these polls comes on the negative side, try to assure your users that the services will be improved further as per their expectations.

Owning your mistakes will make your audience realize that you care for them.

10. Organize live events

How to boost social media engagement
Image: Girls in Marketing

Users are always excited to be a part of a brand’s event, especially when it’s live.

Use live streaming service of various social platforms to organize such exciting events.

It can be about a product launch, a live streaming of an offline event, or simply a live QnA session.

For instance, Harley Davidson organizes live events of the launch of a new motorbike, or sometimes they just explain about the new features of their motorbikes.

You can easily organize a live event showcasing your product’s features or explain some FAQs.

Live events bring your consumers closer to your brand and enhance customer relations.

Users can comment live about their opinions, and you can use such feedback for further improvement.

Try to organize a live event on a regular basis.

It is not mandatory that the event should always be about your services or products. It can be live QnA sessions where users ask you questions, and you answer some of them.

Forbes organizes a live event every week on Instagram, and either talks about the currents trends or interview some influential people.

While organizing such events, please ensure to promote them enthusiastically as it will help in gathering a large audience for the event.

Regular promotions of any event will remind your users about that upcoming event, and most likely, they will join.

These events are shortcuts to greater online engagement.


With the above points, you should by now be clear on how to get more engagement on social media.

Keep a continuous tab on activity, what types of posts work best, experimenting with posting reels, stories, in groups, and more, to have a multiplier effect.

You should combine your knowledge to build the best posts for users and follow the above tips to get more engagement on different social media platforms where you promote your business.

If you can’t do your social media marketing yourself, why not hire social media experts to do it for you?

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