how to create a facebook business page

How To Create A Facebook Business Page In 2021

One of the best possible ways to increase brand awareness and generate sales on Facebook is to know how to create a Facebook business page.

You can be in your room and sell your products or services to customers from any part of the world if you have a well-functional Facebook business page.

That is not a miracle.

It’s something you have to work for.

There are over 80 million businesses using Facebook to promote their businesses.

And this guide will provide you with the opportunity of learning how your business too can be on the list and maximize your sales and marketing reach.

How to create a Facebook business page

In this simple step-by-step guide, you will learn how to create a Facebook business page that works perfectly for your kind of business.

#1. Go to Facebook website to start

Use this link to create a new business page and follow the instructions. The link will send you to a page on Facebook where you can create your business page.

Table 1: Facebook Business Page

Click Create a Page on the top right of the page to set up your Facebook business page.

You need a Facebook user account to create a business page. This can be your own personal account or the account of someone from your marketing team, depending on your objectives.

What is important is to use the account of the person that will be managing the page.

#2. Choose between business and people

After clicking the link above, you can choose based on the nature of your business.

You’ll see two different page types named as Business or Brand and Community or Public Figure.

Table 2: Facebook Business Page Types

You can use either of them for business by clicking on the button: Get Started which is located below your preferred type of business.

Doing business with either of the types only takes different forms. You can achieve the same result with any type of business you choose. You just have to make sure you select the type that is suitable for your business.

You can select Community or Public figure if your business is a service rendering entity. That is to show that your business will be dealing directly with people on your Facebook page.

On the other hand, you can choose the page type Business or Brand if the reason why you want to create a Facebook business page is to sell products. That’s to instruct Facebook to provide you with a store-like page.

So, any business that is people oriented such as a training, consulting or agency is best fit for community or public figure business and sales of products digital or physical products is fit for Business or Brand.

#3. Fill business basic information forms

After clicking the button being it for Brand or Community page type, next thing to do is to fill a few forms to customize your business page with your business information.

Make your page name anything, but let it be simple and compelling.

Because your business intends to sell art works, you don’t have to call your page name Creative Designer. Instead, your page can fall under the category of Creative Design or something very close and you name the page nicely.

In this practical example, let’s call our page name The Dove, and the category Art since there’s no Creative Design on the list.

Table 5: A Typical Facebook Page called The Dove

I will show you an example of how to name your page.

Look at Starbucks below:

Table 5: Starbucks Facebook Page

Starbucks is a Food and Beverage Company selling coffee drinks. As you can see, there’s nothing related to coffee in the business name.

I’m not saying, if you want to run a coffee business, you can’t call your page The Coffee, but that may sound unprofessional.

However, other basic information you may need to add includes your business address and phone number.

#4. Add your profile photo and cover photo

Once you’re done with your business information forms and click continue, you’ll land on a page where you need to add both your profile and cover photos.

Profile Photo:

Table 7: Add a Profile Photo to Your Page

The best photo you can use here should reflect your brand if you can’t afford to use a logo.

What matters as far as a profile photo is concerned is that all the pictures you intend to use on your business page must reflect what your business or page is all about.

For good output, the width and height of your profile photo should be 170 pixels by 170 pixels.

Cover Photo:

Table 8: Add a Cover Photo to Your Page

After setting your cover photo, it displays widely across the top of your page. It serves a purpose of promoting your brand.

Strategically, if you want your cover photo to catch the best attention your brand needs, you must use a photo that can trigger your visitors’ emotions.

For the best result, the width and height of your cover photo should be in 820 pixels by 462 pixels.

Find some example here, credit to Buffer:

Table 8: Examples of Cover Photo (Credit: Buffer)

Don’t be surprised if you see your cover photo becoming smaller on a small interface. Your cover photo is responsive due to differences in device types.

If you have a video or slideshow that can promote your brand, you can insert it in your cover photo.

It works greatly there!

Buffer offers a practical and self explanatory tutorial on how to upload a cover video or feature slideshow of visual element.

#5. Optimize your settings

After adding your cover photo, your page is half done. You may not get your desired result if leave your page uncompleted.

Automatically, Facebook will prompt you to take necessary steps that remain to complete your page. But why should you wait for Facebook to tell you what to do? While Facebook is doing its business, do yours.

Meanwhile, from what is on your welcome page (see image below), Facebook will prompt you on what to do.

Table 10: Facebook Page Welcome Page

Add a short description;

Click on Add a Short Description, a box will pop up where you can add your description.

Table 11: Page Description

In 155 characters, describe your page to make your audience understand what it’s in it for them. Then click save and follow the page tips.

Table 12: Add More Information

You’ll be prompted to Add More Info to Help Visitors understand your page more. But that may not be necessary. You can always continue from where you stop, using Settings at the top-right corner of your page.

Just click the Not Now button to close the pop up interface and use See All Page Tips to learn a few tips Facebook has for you to make your page perfectly function.

See all page tips

Click the See All Page Tips and follow the recommendations as applicable to your business.

If you can’t find See All Page Tips, scroll up to Table 10 of this tutorial to locate “See All Page Tips“.

Table 13: Button and Invitation

Scroll down over the pop up interface to find two important tasks you’ll carry out:

  1. Help People Take Action on Your Page; and
  2. Know Friends Who Might Like Your Page.

Help people take action on your page

The first task will enable your page to create a button that will help your audience book you, contact you, learn more about your business, shop with you, or download your app or play your game.

Table 14: Help People Take Action on Your Page

Because you only have to take a button at a time, make sure you plan very well and select the right button that will make your visitors take the necessary action as your page applies.

In this tutorial, when I selected Book You and click Next, I was taken to Step 2 below to finish creating my page Book You button.

Table 15: Button Link

If you have a website and like your visitors to come there for booking, use the second option, Link to Website. Add the link that will take your visitors to the appropriate page on your website.

Then click Finish button.

Know friends who might like your page

You can invite your Facebook friends to visit your Facebook page and give you some likes.

Table 16: List of Friends that might like your page

Facebook will help you display your friends who might like your page. Then, all you have to do is to start inviting your them by using the Invite button.

#6. Create page username

Your Facebook Page username has a lot of advantages you need for promoting your business. It helps your business gain social presence, increase your visibility and engagement rate.

If anybody is searching for a story, content, product or service related to what you do, your @username will bring the person to your page.

However, it’s known as a social handle or vanity URL which helps you integrate your page on other digital and social networks in order to share your content online.

If you’re setting up your page on a desktop, look on the left sidebar of your page, and click See more to expand the list menu.

Then, click About where you can add your @pageusername.

Table 19: Facebook Page Username

Click Create Page @username and follow the instruction. The box below will pop up for you to customize your page username.

Table 20: Create Facebook Page Username

Your Facebook page username shouldn’t be too long, make it short and simple for your audience to remember it easily.

Click Create Username.

Table 21: Credit: blog.hootsuite

Then, click OK.

To edit whatever information you feel like editing in your About section, go back to your About section as in Table 18 of this tutorial.

#7. Complete your page about section

There’re two tasks left which we have to complete: Tell People About Your Business and Edit Page Info.

Tell people about your business

Under this section you can describe your business in details.

Click around Our Story to write a story about your business that will make your audience to like you.

After writing your story, click Publish.

Edit page info

Click Edit Page Info and edit your details: General, Contact, Location, Hours and More.

#8. Customize your page template

Click Settings at the top right of your page.

Table 22: Templates and Tabs

Go to the left sidebar and click Templates and Tabs.

By default, your page is using the Standard Template. If you look down a bit, you will see the Tabs that come with the current Template.

If you need to change the template or rearrange the tabs, this is where you can do that.

You can edit the template if the current isn’t good enough for your business.

There’re nine great templates behind the link. If you click edit, a box will pop up containing all the templates. They include:

  1. Standard;
  2. Business;
  3. Venues;
  4. Nonprofit;
  5. Politicians;
  6. Services;
  7. Restaurants and Cafe;
  8. Shopping; and
  9. Video Page.
Table 22: Facebook Business Page Templates and Tab Samples

If you scroll around the pop up box, you’ll see all the templates. You can try them one by one until you see the one that’s most suitable for your business.

#9. Publish your first post

There’s more to writing a post and gain likes, comments and shares on your Facebook page.

Anytime you want to publish a post, ensure it tells the right story to gain more audience.

Your post can influence how your audience engages with your page.

If you take advantage of all the writing and publishing tools available to you on your Facebook page, your page will grow so fast.

In another tutorial, find out how you can boost your Facebook engagement rate with your posts.

We listed out each of the tools in that tutorial and guide you on how to use them to your advantage.

In a nutshell, to get the best result with your post, your Facebook page has all you need.

Your page contains different tools that can make your page highly compelling.

Table 24: Publish your first post.

Click Create Post at the top-left or the text area (Write a post) at the third roll below your page cover photo.

There you go!

You can write and publish as much as you can to keep the page busy.

Since Facebook monitors how often you publish on your page, it’s possible it helps you promote your page if you update it regularly.


Your Facebook business page has the potential to increase your brand awareness and sales if you do it right.

So, you can follow the step-by-step guide in this tutorial to learn how to create a Facebook business page that works.

This tutorial was created to help you achieve all the marketing benefits of creating a Facebook page for your business.

If you follow it from the beginning till the end, it will help you reach your prospective customers, build a good relationship with them.

And in turn, you’ll grow your business, gain credibility and increase sales.

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