How to earn on Flowextra

Best Flowextra Review: How to Earn on Flowextra in 2021 (Photos)

If you want to know how to earn on Flowextra, this guide provides you with the best tips you can never find elsewhere.

It’s not news that people earn from reading news on the internet.

And one of the top income programs that provides such a great opportunity for users in Nigeria is Flowextra.

You can earn as much as ₦50,000 weekly when you read news on Flowextra platform as a job.

Don’t doubt it!

If you already know about Flowextra, CLICK Flowextra Registration and become a member. Registration still opens.

There are people who resume to Flowextra website every morning like a normal 9-5 job.

You too can register on Flowextra now and boost your income.

Although you don’t need to spend all day on the platform to earn meaningfully.

That makes the difference when you compare a telecommuting job to an office job.

If you’ve been looking for a job you could do at your convenience, Flowextra provides you with an amazing opportunity online.

You have control over your time and how much work to do to earn on the platform.

This means if you have other jobs, reading news on Flowextra could be a profitable side hustle for you.

As per whether Flowextra is scam or legit, this guide will be invaluable without a critical review of how Flowextra works.

What are other people saying about Flowextra and what makes it one of the best income programs you could ever find online in Nigeria?

All this will be discussed alongside the steps on how to register on Flowextra and begin earning as you read your favorite news.

First of all, let’s look into what Flowextra is and how it works?

What is Flowextra and how it works?

Flowextra is a news platform, covering a wide range of news categories to educate, entertain and inform users.

The information shared on Flowextra isn’t limited to happenings in Nigeria.

You can read both latest local and foreign news on Flowextra without missing any important update.

Flowextra also works as a platform for doing online business.

It creates opportunities for users to make money each time they login to their accounts and read news on the site.

Doing this at the comfort of your room can fetch you some money to take care of your immediate needs.

And all you need to get started is just a smartphone and internet data.

Flowextra was created in March 22, 2020 under the ownership of Flowextra Technology in Nigeria.

The company gives incentives to registered users based on their FAE points. As a result of this, Flowextra now has a wide usage across the country.

The company generates revenues by displaying Google ads and offering direct advertising services such as sponsored posts to businesses.

As a credible platform which has its users in mind, they share up to 52% of their advertising revenues with users.

So, which other way can you be rewarded than this?

Flowextra is so generous that you can make ends meet on the platform.

Requirements to earn on Flowextra

The following are the basic requirements to earn on Flowextra:

  1. You must be a registered member to earn on Flowextra. And the cost of registration is ₦2500. No recurring payment is attached. Once you register and your account is confirmed, you’ll begin to unlock all the benefits packed in this offer.
  2. While it’s prohibited for users to comment more than one time per article, you’re not allowed to post irrelevant comments such as a “one word” or “single line” comment or comment with an excerpt from the post you’re commenting on.
  3. Spamming the platform can make Flowextra suspend or terminate your account and possibly you’ll be denied of getting paid.
  4. You must not edit a sponsored post, which must be shared according to the period recommended by Flowextra.

How to earn on Flowextra

Just like the way other income programs offer referral commissions and non-referral commissions, Flowextra too works in two major ways for users to make money.

Flowextra ways of earning, however, include:

  1. Flowextra activity earnings (FAE) and
  2. Flowextra referral earnings (FRE)

Flowextra activity earning (FAE)

This is the money you make due to your engagement activities on Flowextra platform.

For example, when you sign up on the platform, there is a welcome commission you get instantly.

Apart from that, each time you login to your account, read news, drop a comment and share Flowextra sponsored posts on Facebook, you earn.

The point is, there are several ways to make money on Flowextra. As you engage in these activities, your FEA points increase.

Each activity has a certain FAE points. And when your FAE points reach the threshold of 10,000 points, that is when you can place a withdrawal. 

Flowextra referral earning (FRE)

This is the money you earn on Flowextra when you successfully refer someone to the platform.

Out of the ₦2500 registration fee which the person you referred to Flowextra paid, Flowextra will give you 52% affiliate commission, which is ₦1300.

Assuming you refer 10 people everyday, you’ll make up to ₦91,000 on this platform in a week.

Flowextra referral earning works only when you put your referral link into use.

After you have successfully registered on Flowextra, you’ll be given a referral link through which you can refer other members.

All you have to do is to make people join through your link.

Mind you, don’t tell anyone, “Please join Flowextra via my affiliate link.”

Although it’s good to be transparent with your audiences. But if you don’t do it well, your desperation will chase them away.

With a good content marketing strategy, you can create and share content that will generate massive leads for Flowextra and boost your referral earnings. 

You can also make a good use of calls to action while placing your referral link in your post to make people join by clicking on the link.

Either way, two things will happen when someone clicks on your Flowextra referral link:

  1. The prospect will land on Flowextra website and
  2. When the person registers, Flowextra will pay you for your good job.

If you mistakenly referred someone without using your referral link, there will be no account of you making any input in how the person became a registered member.

It will just be as if the person discovered the platform himself. And that means, you won’t earn any commission on that person.

By implication, This means you can either earn on Flowextra when you partake in membership activities or by referring your friends to register on the platform.

If you can dedicate your time to Flowextra, there is a guarantee of making a lot of money from the platform.

How to withdraw your earnings on Flowextra

Withdrawing your Flowextra earnings is very simple because Flowextra will pay you in a maximum of 2 hours whenever you want to withdraw your earnings.

Before you can withdraw your earnings on Flowextra, you must cross a threshold of 10,000 FAE points.

After crossing the threshold, Flowextra will pay you anytime or any day you place a withdrawal. When you place a withdrawal request, you’ll receive an alert from your bank in 1 or 2 hours.

Meanwhile, the minimum amount you can withdraw per day is ₦3,900. And each time you withdraw, a commission of ₦100 will be deducted from your account.

How are Flowextra earnings calculated

Flowextra income is calculated based on the FAE points you earn after completing your daily membership tasks on the platform. The least you can earn per task on Flowextra is 10 FAE points.

Where an FAE point is ₦0.5 (50 kobo), 10 FAE points will fetch you ₦5 per task.

In view of this, you can calculate your Flowextra income as it follows:

  1. You get a bonus of 1000 FAE points (₦500) immediately your registration is confirmed and your account is activated.
  2. 200 FAE points (₦100) go to you everyday you login to your account.
  3. You’ll also get some rewards based on the number of sponsored posts you share every day on your Facebook Timeline.
  4. You get 10 FAE points (₦5) on each news you click and read on Flowextra. 
  5. You get 10 FAE points (₦5) on each news post you comment on.
  6. You get instant Airtime of your desired network provider for posting your credit alert testimony (with a good caption) on Flowextra website.

How to register on Flowextra

To register on Flowextra is easy.

So, the following steps will lead you to a successful registration on the platform:

#1. Buy a coupon code from an accredited vendor

You need a coupon code to register on Flowextra, and the first step of registration is to buy a Flowextra coupon code.

To avoid any mishap, Flowextra strongly advises people that want to join to patronize Flowextra coupon accredited vendors.

WARNING: Be advised that paying into the bank accounts of any of the names listed under this merchant list is fully secured, as they’re all verified coupon merchants of FLOWEXTRA TECHNOLOGY. Paying into an individual account whose name is not under this list is at your own risk. Happy Earnings.


You can get the list of 10 verified Flowextra coupon merchants on the official website of the company so you don’t send your money to the wrong person. The names and contacts of the vendors are clearly stated on the website.

Just tell any of the vendors you contact that you need a Flowextra coupon code to register your account.

The person will send you his or her account number to pay in a sum of ₦2500. This payment serves as your required Flowextra registration fee and it’s fixed.

After confirming your payment, a coupon code will be generated and sent to you immediately.

#2. Complete your registration on Flowextra

Once you have your coupon code, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP ON FLOWEXTRA. A registration form will pop up on your device as seen in the image below:

#3. Fill the form as it applies to you

how to register on Flowextra

Enter your first name, last name, username (the name you’ll like to login with on the platform) and your valid email address.

Your username can be your nickname or email address. Include your phone number and password.

If you can’t find my “referral name” in the form by default, kindly add “23254” in the referral name.

That will make Flowextra reward my hard work for putting this detailed guide together to help you.

Click Accept Terms and REGISTER to submit your form.

4. Choose account activation options

how to register on Flowextra

After submitting your form, you’ll be asked to choose your activation options. You can activate your account using a coupon code or ATM card.

At the moment, most people find it difficult using their ATM cards to activate the Flowextra accounts due to bank issues.

So, we recommend the first option.

After selecting “Apply Coupon”, a form will toggle to receive your coupon code.

If you have purchased your coupon code as directed earlier, just make sure you enter the coupon code given you in the form correctly.

When you’re done, Click APPLY and wait for the page to redirect you to your dashboard.

How to earn on Flowextra

If you see this page as seen in the image above, it means your account was successfully created.

Flowextra has already given me 1000 FAE points for opening my account, while other results are zero.

With this level of account, there are a few more actions I need to take to personalize my account and prepare it for Flowextra earnings.

This will be discussed in the last three steps below.

#5. Manage your profile

If you observe your profile at this stage, you’ll realize that both your profile image and bank information is missing.

So, you’ll have to go to “Manage Profile”.

a. For profile image, select Edit Profile.

Flowextra registration

Click Choose File and select any desirable image from your device and click Save to upload the image to your profile.

b. And for adding or editing your bank detail, select Bank Detail.

Flowextra income program

Add the account name, bank name, and account number which you want to use to claim your Flowextra income. This can be any Nigerian bank.

You just have to make sure, the account you enter is yours or the one you have access to so another person won’t claim your money behind you.

When you’re done, click Save.

#6. Copy your referral link

If you don’t forget, the purpose of this guide is to walk you through how to earn on Flowextra.

Effectively using your referral link is, however, the best way to boost your earnings.

You can make up to ₦1300 on each new member you refer to Flowextra.

For that reason, you’ll have to make sure your referral link is everywhere on the web.

You can place the link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog or anywhere you can get people’s attention online and offline.

If you don’t know where to find your referral link, go to your Dashboard menu bar and click Referral Link.

How to earn on Flowextra

#7. Join Flowextra telegram channel

Join Flowextra Telegram channel to connect with the people behind this project and other amazing members.

Being in the group will help you have access to vital information regarding how to earn on Flowextra and be a successful member.

From time to time, members come to the group to discuss relevant issues and I believe this will help you discover more on the subject and become a successful Flowextra partner.

These are just the 7 basic steps to register on Flowextra and join other awesome members.

Flowextra review

Without deceiving you, you should know that internet users generally have different opinions about one online business or the other.

For the fact that a business is legit, there would still be someone who is not satisfied with what he gets. As a result of this, you can’t rule out public criticism in customer feedback.

Flowextra is owned by Flowextra Technology which is a bona-fide registered company in Nigeria.

As per whether Flowextra is a scam or legit, it would be difficult to give a general answer to that question.

Sometimes a business that works for you may not work for others. Should we because of that say the business is a scam?


So, viewing Flowextra from a more general perspective, this review would focus on the promises Flowextra made to users and see if the platform genuinely works in a way that you can earn on it or not.

In fairness with you, when you join this platform, you earn by completing some daily membership tasks.

And of course that makes the platform work for you based on your performance, not on automation.

For that reason, one can say that the platform is legitimate enough to fulfill its promises for its registered users.

So, to me, I think such a business is far from scam.

But yet, if things turn out other way round, there is no cause for alarm.

Since Flowextra Technology is a legal entity, you can prosecute the company for any foul play against you.

So, while we have never heard of such a scenario since the emergence of the company in 2020, I can boldly tell you that reading news and earning on Flowextra is real and worth trying.

In order to avoid some mixed feelings, Flowextra reserves the right to withhold your earnings if you violate the rules that guide the use of the platform.

If you are familiar with online business, most income platforms have rules that you must observe to earn on them effectively.

For example, if you run Google AdSense on your site, you must not click on the Ads that display on your site by yourself to avoid Google denying you of your earnings.

The same thing can equally lead to the denial of your Flowextra earnings if you are not rules abiding.

For example, you can’t comment twice on a Flowextra article. If you violate this rule and you are not paid, that can’t be held against Flowextra.

Hence, what I would advise is that you must strictly adhere to the requirements for using Flowextra to avoid problems withdrawing your earnings.


I hope you’ve got enough information regarding how to earn on Flowextra and I’m sure taking the step to register on the platform won’t be a problem for you as this guide includes how to register on Flowextra.

To recap, Flowextra is legit, real and a proficient registered online business, offering financial freedom for Nigerian people.

Flowextra is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a registered business under the Corporate Affairs Commission as a legal entity.

All you are required to do is to visit the platform and get paid for your engagement activities.

With the platform, you don’t need to read and share great news for free again. Flowextra will pay you for helping them spread their good work.

You can comment on this Flowextra review and share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Flowextra is a scam!!!
    They’re not paying any of their customers. I was part of the people supposed to be paid last month and up till now I’ve not gotten any credit alert. Please y’all should stop putting your money into this platform.
    It’s a scam!!!

  2. When you say comment twice in the same article, does it mean if the same news is still there on a different day, I can’t comment on it again, i mean 2 comments on different days

    1. You cannot comment twice on the same article. There are other articles you can invest your time in… Commenting takes place after reading something new. If you want to comment twice on the same article, does that mean you are reading that article twice and each time you read the article, the content you read is different?

  3. Please is reading of articles and commenting has limits or not?
    Because once I earn 500 points today and I read another article points will not be added to my FAE:

  4. Pls ,I don’t always get my login bonus of 200 coins and d sponsor post always take me to telegram to get and it always comes late.pls help me out to understand d site more.

  5. Agi Emmanuel okpale

    I need correct person to give acct number I want to pay true transfer wema bank, I need good person to generate me coupon

    1. You can only get someone from FLowExtra website. Follow the link provided in this guide to go to Flowextra and get a contact. Paying to anyone outside the website can make you lose your money.

  6. I registered on FlowExtra on the month of August and I didn’t share sponsored posts all through August
    But I shared sponsored posts all though September
    Will I still get paid?

  7. I have paid for the coupon code
    Up till now the vendor hasn’t send me the code
    And my account is not activated
    Please help me and activate my account

    1. Hi, we are Pilum Digital. We don’t work for Flowextra. Our job is to showcase businesses you can do online to make money and what best digital marketing strategy to get you started and become successful. But my advice is that you should call the vendor. I expected you to have made the call through to him before making the purchase to make sure the contact is still valid. All the best.
      Thank you.

  8. but they didn’t credit me after i requested for withdraw, that’s why i didn’t do anything to it anymore, i think this is a scam i guess, cuz i don’t know the reason why they will not credit me after i requested for withdraw….. that shit got me sad

    1. Sorry about that. But you can hear their other side of the story to know what actually happened. Contact their customer service.

      1. That has been discussed in this article. Go back to it and read carefully to get the information you need.

    1. Join Flowextra group on Telegram, you will learn more on how to place withdrawals on the platform from there.

  9. I need help about flowextra platform please help Me Mr lawal I beg since on 30th June I place my withdrawal request an has be successful submitted since then I have not seen any alert from flowextra i beg🙏😔

  10. Pls what is the fastest way to earn money on Flowextra and again I want to know if there’s a limit of comments on Flowextra because I’m a newbie when commenting it stop me much and I want to more details Thanks

    1. Read this guide very well. It contains everything you need to know on how to earn on Flowextra. Thank you.

    2. There is a limit to the amount of comments you make on a post… i.e you can’t comment more than once on a post👍👌

        1. Is payment still going on since yesterday I placed my withdraw yet to receive nothing
          I referred about 4 people

  11. I notice when i want to withdraw on the 30th of each month,it will say it has been submitted but yet i havent recieve it,
    and their contact is wack

    1. Sorry about not being able to withdraw. I think Flowextra is till the best to contact for this kind of problem. Locate them on Facebook or Telegram and express your concerns. Thank you.

  12. Flow extra is a scam. I started with last money and when it comes to withdrawing on 30th of April it shows that my withdrawal is being submitted and for the pat 3 days I haven’t seen any money …..

    1. There must be a technical error and I would advise you to contact them and report your problem to them. If after reporting to them, nothing is done, then you can take it up with them.

  13. Flowextra is not paying. Even as at this time, when it is time for FAE withdrawal, the page will be null like yesterday.
    Do not listen to this blog, It contain series of lies ranging from that Flowextra pay your non-referral bonus anytime. You can only earn by referral,(am not even sure).

  14. Hey Lawal,
    Flowextra gives you an amount of N5 by clicking each of any news you see on our website. 6. You earn N5 by commenting on any articles on our website (commenting more than once on a single post is prohibited).

    1. The question whether Flowextra is scam or legit has been answered in this article. And once again, the answer is Flowextra is 100% legit.

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