how to host a website on bluehost

Discover How To Host A Website on BlueHost In 6 Easy Steps

Before discussing how to host a website on BlueHost, I want you to know that Bluehost is not the only company that offers hosting services. But it is exceptionally different. As many think of WordPress when creating a website, so BlueHost comes to mind when they think of hosting.

Meanwhile, we want to see what BlueHost stands for – what benefits would you get from hosting your website on BlueHost?

Does BlueHost really worth trying?

Bluehost is a web hosting company with a staff of 750 people working around the clock. Being the #1 recommended hosting by, they feature 1-Click installations in all their plans.HostingManual

For 23 years now, BlueHost has been providing web hosting solutions, ranging from shared, virtual to dedicated servers for businesses and individuals.

The company offers flexible services at affordable prices for all levels of users – beginners, intermediaries and professionals.

BlueHost Hosting Plans

These are the three hosting plans provided by BlueHost.

  • Shared Plan
  • VPS
  • Dedicated

As a beginner, you can choose the Basic and upgrade later when your website begins to gain traction.

When you host your website on BlueHost, you pay less and still get other key services such as domain registration, SSL, 24/7 support services and customized email worth hundreds of dollars for free.

If this is good enough for you, then you can opt for BlueHost.

How to host a website on BlueHost

What you want to learn here is to know how to use BlueHost for building a website. And I would advise you follow these steps, so you don’t make a mistake.

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All what learning how to host a website on BlueHost involves is filling some forms with a self-explanatory guide provided by the host itself. No coding, what so ever, is required.

STEP 1: Visit BlueHost’s website

To ensure you are on BlueHost, click on this link. The link will lead you to BlueHost hosting page straight up.


Click on the button, Get Started. On the next page, you will need to choose a hosting plan for your web project.

STEP 2 – Choose a hosting plan

There are Basic, Plus and Choice and Pro plans. Meanwhile, the Basic plan is enough for you as a beginner. So, click on the green button to select and proceed to the next step.

NB. You can change your plan in the future if you need a bigger a plan.

STEP 3: Register your domain name

BlueHost free Domain Name Set Up

Since you have not registered your domain name earlier, use the first box (create a new domain) to register. Type your proposed domain name in the empty bar and click Next.

NB. The other box is for an existing registered domain name. So, don’t bother about it.

STEP 4: Enter your BlueHost hosting account information

BlueHost Hosting Account Information

Provide all information as required in the form. This is exclusively for your personal use, there is no risk involved. The account information will be used to personalize your hosting account and generate your receipt.

STEP 5: Provide package information

BlueHost Package Information

Fill your package information as well.

By default, some extra features such as domain privacy protection, site lock and so on, are selected. As that would cost you additional fees, you need to deselect those options to stay within your budget.

NB. The least period you can pay for is 3 years. This will enable you to have a big discount on your purchase. Instead of $2.95, you will be charged for $2.65 which is a big value for you. And if you want to pay for a year, that will cost you double.

Whatever you decide, there is a discount for you. Just move your cursor towards the top of the page as if you want to close it. That will trigger a popup interface, asking you to claim your 66% discount.

Select claim discount and you will be redirected to your package information with a drastic decrease in your bill.

STEP 6: Provide payment information

BlueHost payment Information

Fill your payment information using any of the options provided.

When you are done with the payment, acknowledge the BlueHost’s terms of service. Then click submit button to process your package.

After that, BlueHost will send you an email containing your login information to your hosting account and you’re done.


BlueHost is second to none in offering awesome entry-level web hosting services to beginners. If you want to learn how to use BlueHost or how to host a website on BlueHost, all the 6 steps discussed in this guide are all you need to know.

Take your time to study the procedures. Each has infographic that can make you set up your BlueHost account in less than 5 minutes like a pro.

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