4 thoughts on “How to Identify Fake Facebook Accounts: Top 10 Signs in 2021”

  1. Hey starroyalcity,

    Great post with great tips to identify the fake accounts. This post is seems to be much informative. Glad to see this post, as this post will helps many people and facebook users to identify the fake accounts. I really like the tips that you have listed, whereas your all the listed tips are helpful. Many fraud people are creating fake accounts to spread the fake news, steal the identity, necessary informations and to destroy the reputation. Identifying the fake facebook account is really important and necessary for all users. The list of several forms of fake account that you have mentioned are helpful and helps many users to identify it. Having no profile picture, no photo album, new profile having strange profile name, scantiness, low engagement rate and cheap offers are the effective ways to identify the fake facebook accounts.I truly like all the tips that you have listed, whereas your all the listed tips will helps many facebook users, new comers, beginners and even teenagers to identify the fake accounts in facebook.

    Really helpful post with helpful tips. Thanks for sharing.

    1. starroyalcity

      Yes, that is true. We all have no time but the cons do. It is for that reason we should act fast and resist fake accounts to have access to us. Thanks

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