How to Install WordPress on BlueHost

How To Install WordPress On BlueHost Using Marketplace

BlueHost’s Marketplace is one of the reasons why BlueHost is every beginner’s choice in creating a WordPress website. The Marketplace can be used to install WordPress on your hosting account.

Knowing how to install WordPress on BlueHost can be an alternative to WordPress manual installation if you have no experience.

Most of the big shots in the industry started with BlueHost but don’t talk about it possibly because they run affiliate programs for others.

Some would say BlueHost’s customer service is bad.

That’s a big lie!

Recently, I conducted a research on Facebook to get people’s feedback on how BlueHost performs. None of the critics could defend their claims.

I have come across many people criticizing BlueHost and since I have been using BlueHost I have no complaints… Just want to know if I’m not seeing what others are seeing. Let us hear from those who have used BlueHost before us.

However, all such claims are found as a bait to sell the products and services of other hosting companies that compete with BlueHost.

Positive Feedback about BlueHost by other loyal customers

Despite the criticism, BlueHost had loyal customers who came out to say, BlueHost is the best.

According to HostingManual, BlueHost is officially recommended by as the best hosting company.

I hope that clears the air.

When you’re just starting up a website or blog, the best hosting option you could make is to host on BlueHost. With the BlueHost’s Marketplace, you can install WordPress on your hosting account in a few clicks away.

How to Install WordPress on BlueHost

If you want to know how to install WordPress on BlueHost, you can take the following steps after hosting your website successfully on BlueHost.

STEP1: Login to your BlueHost account

Login to your BlueHost hosting account and take the following steps.

STEP 2: Create a new WordPress site

Look through the dashboard, click on My Sites and then Create Site.

Fill the form with relevant information – Site Name and Site Tagline as regards your website and click on Next. You can always change this information later if there is a need to.

STEP 3: Choose a domain to use WordPress

By default, your domain name will appear in the field. But in case you’re running more than one domain on that hosting account, you might need to check the list icon and ensure the domain you want to install WordPress on is selected.

Tick those free plugins as they will be used to enhance your website functionality.

Click on Next and follow the installation wizard till you see the image below.

At this stage, you will receive another email containing your login credentials and a link to the admin area of your website –


It is my belief that after studying this short guide, you can now be boast of knowing how to install WordPress on BlueHost using Marketplace. This can be used to ease your website’s WordPress installation processes.

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