how to make money on opera news hub

How To Make Money On Opera News Hub In Nigeria (2021)

Have you ever thought of making money online but don’t know which way to go, what to do or how to start?

If yes, let’s look at how to make money on Opera news hub.

Previously, I wrote an article on 5 Profitable Side Hustles to earn extra income during Covid-19 and I hope you’re going to find it useful.

Hence, writing for news agencies like Opera is also a good one.

And I want to show you how to go about it.

First of all,


The website will open on a separate page!

Having done that, come back to this page and follow this step by step guideline on how to begin publishing GREAT articles and earn money with Opera news hub.

In case you don’t know, Opera news is the best platform to make money as an author in Nigeria.

There are other things you need to know and that is the essence of this post.

Just take your time to read on.

Could you remember the Opera browser?

Opera browser is different from Opera News hub.

But because they are created by the same company, Opera Software, they are both interconnected.

As a result of this, Opera News features in all other Opera web and mobile applications like Opera Mobile, Opera Mini and Opera Touch.

This means that whatever content you publish on Opera News has the tendency of gaining a GLOBAL exposure.

There are other benefits you can get from joining Opera News hub as an author or publisher.

If you’re a blogger, publishing on the news hub can give you backlink and traffic opportunities.

If you want to know how to start a blog, use our recommended step by step guide to start a blog and make money in Nigeria.

As most people like to share great content, your audience will certainly share your content on social media if it’s informative.

And possibly, someone might link back to your blog for reference.

If all this is important to you, then what are you waiting for?

You need this guideline.

We shall be looking at how to use Opera News hub to make money in Nigeria or any other part of the world.

This post will show you how you can make up to $200 (₦80, 000) a week publishing your content on Opera News web.

You might be wondering why I have to let out the cat from the basket.

Yes, I do need money just like anyone else.

And that won’t come from the sky but my business.

In fact, nothing is hidden about making money with opera News hub. If you’ve not heard about it before, the time is NOW or NEVER.

Honestly, keeping the OPPORTUNITY to myself won’t make my own earnings double either.

Perhaps, this post should have cost you some money before discovering what I’m about to show you

But, that won’t be necessary.

This isn’t the first online business opportunity I would be talking about.

There are several other businesses you could find on this website if you read our previous guide on How to Start Online Business in Nigeria.

Many people have already started making money on Opera news hub.

So, if I didn’t share this opportunity with you, someone else would do.

Since the subject is within the scope of our training at Pilum Digital Institute (PDI), it’s a great pleasure for me to show you how to make money on Opera News hub.

If you use this guideline and start making money with Opera News hub, would your source of income decrease?


So, without wasting so much of your time, let’s look at what Opera news hub is and how it works for publishers like you?

What is Opera News hub and how does it work?

Before delving into how to make money on Opera News hub, it is better you know what Opera News is, how it started and what it is used for?

This will give you an overview of the earning system.

Opera News is a news hub where interesting news, posts and informative stories are shared online.

The platform can be used by highly dedicated writers, bloggers and influencers to share their thoughts and earn cool money online.

The content platform allows writers to write, publish and share original content online with Opera’s over 350 million users in the world.OperaBlog

According AppAnnie, Opera News is the most widely used news app in Nigeria and also the most downloaded news app with more than 20 million users in the whole world.

Most people have been using Opera browser since the boom of Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication technology in Nigeria around 2004 or thereabouts.

One way or the other, the browser can be used to browse the web without data. And up till now, Opera attracts new users and encourages the existing ones with free browsing.

I can remember how we used to browse with Opera Mini on java enabled mobile phones without data subscription.

After adding some kind of codes to your phone, particularly in the browser, you could browse without buying internet data for months.

Gradually, the trick stopped as the network providers began to improve their services.

So, don’t be surprised to find out that you can make money when you publish an article on the Opera News hub.

You can download the app either on your computer or smart phone, provided your machine supports any of the following operating system:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Andriod

The news hub didn’t just start now. It’s been in existence since November 2019 as a way to make Opera fun filled.

Sure enough, you know what the content platform is by now.

So, let’s see how it works?

Earning money with Opera News isn’t difficult as it seems. You only need to understand some few basic things.

To earn steadily on the platform, you need to come up with an interesting post.

An interesting post is not just a story but something very unique and engaging.

Your article can be in form of news, reviews – happenings around you or educational posts that people would always want to read and share.

For example;

You can write about an accident that happened in your area and state how it happened after carrying out your own investigation.

That is, you can write and publish necessary precautions to avoid road accidents, which is a very relevant topic.

This kind of story can go viral, because it is useful for everyone.

By so doing, your post will generate income for you on Opera News hub.

How to make money on Opera News hub

Your earnings on Opera news hub depends solely on engagements.

The truth is the quality of your post will attract engagements and engagements will drive money.

The kinds of activities that occur on each post you publish on the platform determine how much you earn.

That is, the more users engage with your posts, the more money you earn.

Meanwhile, to make money on Opera News hub, your content must gain enough views, likes, comments and shares.

Publishing regularly won’t do this but publishing GREAT content.

Since you can’t go after users and coerce them to read your posts, the best you could do is to ensure your content is compelling.

NOTE: There are great strategies for writing engaging content. Your “A” level essay writing techniques won’t make anyone want to read and engage with your post, this 13-Point Checklist Will Help You Write Killer Content on Opera News hub.

The platform is not where you can just dump your articles and expect money to come.

After publishing an article, you need to follow up on your work and ensure enough people find and engage with it.

In other words, you can adopt the following strategies to make money with Opera News hub:

  1. Write viral content: Viral content are sharable content. They are some kind of posts that go viral on social media. Why? Because they are original, relevant, informative, educational and critical. When a user comes across an interesting post and wants his friends and family to learn one thing or the other from the post, he shares it. Following that trend, others too will share and share.
  2. Don’t write less than 150 words per post: The volume of your post is not what matters but its authority. Ensure whatever you’re writing is rich to make readers love it. Then endeavor to write above 150 words to treat as many relevant points as possible.
  3. Engagement: Whenever you’re writing, find a way to engage your readers. In fact, you can even encourage readers to like, share and make a comment on your post before leaving the page.

The point is Opera News hub doesn’t pay for your articles but the engagements or the numbers of time someone reads, shares and clicks your posts on the hub.

In the meantime, you have to read this entire piece to the very last end and plan.

You might need to devote 12 to 48 hours in your time per week for the job.

The platform has a monthly earning system in which payment is made to all users based on their performance on every 1st and 15th of each month.

You can have it at the back of your mind that those who set up the platform to create opportunities for people are not philanthropists.

They are a set of entrepreneurs with goals.

That means, to get paid, your articles MUST meet up with their requirements.

Many people are great writers but sometimes have challenges with what to write about – ideas are not just coming.

If you ever find yourself in that circumstance, read How to Find Great Topics or Ideas to Write about so you don’t get stuck midway!

But if you can’t write viral content or you don’t have the time to promote your posts and boost user engagement rates, don’t be discouraged.

In case any of the requirements is too much for you, there is a way out.

You can hire a freelance writer that can do the job for you and pay as low as ₦1000 per article.

Need a writer?

Search for writers in blogging and writing groups you know on Facebook.

In less than 24 hours, you will definitely get more than enough people that will show interest.

But yet, that doesn’t mean the requirements should be overlooked.

By doing “cutting and pasting”, many freelance writers will steal and give you other people’s work.

If you don’t screen what you’re given, you will just be wasting your money, because Opera will not pay you for a stolen article.

If you are able to publish and promote an interesting story on the platform and make ₦5,000, you can still record a profit of ₦4,000 at the end of the month.

This is just a rough estimation, though.

You can make more than ₦100,000 per month as everything depends on your performance.

Steps to make money on Opera news hub

We’ve talked nonstop on Opera News hub and how you can actually make money on it.

Now, you need to know the steps involved before you can join the platform.

It all starts with creating an account and you will get to know this, as we go further.

So, the following steps are needed to be a part of Opera News Hub and start making money:

STEP 1: Create an account

Before you can benefit through this program, you need to have an account on the hub.

CLICK here to visit Opera News Hub website and CREATE your account.

Once you land on the website, you will see a red button ‘Login/ SignUp’.

You need to click that.

On the next page, you will be asked to Login via Facebook or Google (Gmail). You can use either of them, but just make sure your password is ready.

So, for the purpose of this guide, let’s use Google (Gmail).

Click Continue with Google and do all that follows which is just the normal steps you take to login to your Gmail account.

Once Logged in via Google, next page is all about confirming your login information and registering your details on Opera News.

Thus, these three stages have to be observed:

  1. Login account confirmation
  2. Account information
  3. Author Information

STEP 2: Confirm login account

What you have to confirm here includes your login account’s

  • Photo
  • Username
  • Country

If you login with the right account, it’s not possible for your login account information to be wrong.

But in case, something is wrong, all you have to do is to click Use another account.

Otherwise, click Confirm to go to step three.

STEP 3: Add account information

You account information has to be filled as appropriate.

This includes your Opera News:

  • Username
  • Category you want to focus on (Politics, Public Safety, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Relationship and Parenting and so on.)
  • Your profile picture
  • Biography

You don’t need to make things complicated for yourself.

Just use a simple and attractive username, select an interesting category for your publications on Opera News, upload a very nice picture and comport yourself while writing your biography.

STEP 4: Add author information

Just take your time to fill the form with your personal information. The information to be provided here is what you’re going to use to claim your payment.

Your referral code is KDOEAYJ

If what you provide is incorrect, you might not be able to withdraw your money.

NOTE: Your Opay Number is the phone number you used in opening your Opay account. That will be used for withdrawing your earnings. Much will be said later on how to open and link your Opay account to Opera News.

For this reason, ensure all the information you’re entering is correct.

Once the form is filled and submission is confirmed, you will be automatically redirected to your dashboard.

Be aware that your new account might take a few minutes before it is activated.

Reason is that every new account is reviewed by the company before it is fully active.

STEP 5: Open your Opay account

In case you haven’t created your Opay account earlier, the following steps will guide you on how to do that successfully.

Steps to create an Opay account:

  1. Go to Google Playstore to download Opay app.
  2. Signup with your valid phone number without the first “0”.
  3. Verify your account with the code sent to your phone number.
  4. Login with your password.
  5. Add your personal info as in your ID card.
  6. Set up a payment pin.
  7. Go to your email and verify your email address.

STEP 6: Link your Opay account to Opera News hub

While Opera holds the rights to approve your account and decide which of your articles will go live, it’s your own duty to link your Opay account to the hub so you can start monitoring your earnings in real time.

At this stage, linking your Opay account to Opera news shouldn’t be a problem.

Go to your Opera news hub dashboard and do the following:

Login to your Opera News hub, click Account and scroll down till where you can see CONTACT INFO.

Click OPAY ACCOUNT and a page titled Update your Opay account will pop up.

Add your Opay number e.g. (08012345678) to the form and click Update.

Then you’re done!

You have successfully linked your Opay account to your Opera News hub.

So, you can continue publishing important articles and make money on the go. When it’s time to withdraw your earnings, go to your Opay account. It’s straightforward.

STEP 7: Create your first post

Once your account has been fully activated, let business begin.

To create your first Opera News post, you need to launch your dashboard (as seen below) and click Create.

On the main page of the board, you will see Article. Beneath the “Article” is where you’re going to start writing your post.

Before you start writing your first post, there are some important tools in the dashboard, which you need to know their functions.

The one numbered as “2” is where you will place the title of your article and the one numbered as “3” is where you will add the body of your content.

  1. Click add title to enter your post title.
  2. Click the text area (3) to begin writing your post.
  3. You can as well use the H2 in the body of your post to add subheadings to the post.

When you’re done with the content, scroll down to finalize your post.

Complete all the tasks as found in the image above before you publish your post.

That is all you have to do to create your Opera News post.

How Opera News hub pays authors

Here is the analysis of how Opera News hub pays authors for publishing their content on the platform.

If an article is clicked once, it generates a traffic bonus of ₦0.036 for the author.


  • 100 clicks = ₦3.6
  • 1,000 clicks = ₦36
  • 10,000 clicks = ₦360
  • 25,000 clicks = 2.5 x 360 = ₦900

This is the basic pay.

An article that gets 100 engagements and above is automatically eligible for a bonus of ₦1,800.

For example;

250 engagements will get 2.5 * 1800 = ₦4,500.

In as much as you push to get high click rates, engagements can be used to bank high.

If you need to know more about the payment analysis, click Opera News hub’s payment policy to find out.

Mixed feelings

Although there are mixed feelings about Opera News hub payment procedures.

Many people are wondering if the platform is really paying its publishers.

If it does, how much does it pay?

Some people believe the payment rate for writing for Opera News Hub is not worth the stress one would have to go through before he can earn.

But that thought was removed as Excellent Ernest, Samuel Adejorin and Goodluck A Isaac argued that the hub is SURE BANKER!

According to Goodluck A Isaac, you can make money on Opera News hub if you have great content and ability to share your post after submission and approval and the post earns much comments from readers.

Goodluck is not an Opera News publisher. But from his analysis, it shows he knows how the platform works for content creators.

There is a point he mentioned which I want you to note. He said it is possible to earn more if you have a Facebook group where you can share the content you create on Opera News.

That does not necessarily mean Facebook group, but anywhere you can share your news content and get people opening the link and reading your post.

That can fetch you a lot of money, say ₦100,000 or more.

How to get your post approved instantly

It is worth knowing that not all content submitted on Opera News hub will go live. Some are rejected or completely banned from the platform if found against the terms of use of the service.

So, if you want your post to get published instantly, you have to ensure you don’t involve yourself in any of the following practices:

Copyright violation

Opera News frowns at plagiarism.

If you want to make money on Opera News hub, you can’t steal other people’s intellectual property and think you will make money with it.

All your content MUST be original as much as possible. While you’re doing your research, avoid doing “cutting and pasting”.

Always study your sources very well to develop your own ideas.

Avoid clickbait titles

In blogging, we are all used to power words and emotional terms that can add positive or negative sentiment to our title.

All these are believed to be clickbait.

But unfortunately, Opera News doesn’t want authors to use clickbait of any form in the post title. If found in your title, it may cause your post to be rejected or delayed.

So, if you don’t want that to happen to you, endeavor to avoid the following terms in your title whenever you’re creating an article on Opera News hub:

  1. Unbelievable
  2. Surefire
  3. Mind Blowing
  4. Life-changing
  5. Jaw-dropping
  6. Shocking
  7. Surprise
  8. Must watch
  9. Crowd goes wild
  10. OMG

How to view your earnings on Opera News

Your earnings are automatically recorded on your account as people engage with your posts.

So, have no fear that your efforts will go down the drain.

If you want to see how much you have earned so far with your post, take the following steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Open your dashboard
  3. Click Monetization

When you click Monetization on the dashboard, a page containing the numbers of clicks and amount of money you have earned will open.

And you will see it by yourself.

How to withdraw your earnings on Opera News hub

Your earnings on Opera News hub must have reached the minimum of ₦5,000 threshold before you can make a withdrawal.

Anytime you make upto ₦5000, you’re free to withdraw your money.

On your account dashboard, you will find Withdraw Earnings.

Login with your Facebook or Google account and push the button.

If you don’t forget, we said earlier that withdrawals on Opera News hub can only be made on the 1st or 15th of each month.

So, anytime you want to withdraw your earnings, ensure it is on either of those specified days.

But note that your bank plays a factor in this regard.

It’s possible you receive the payment on your Opay account and experience some delay in catching the cash, depending on your bank.

But under normal circumstances, your Opay account will be credited in less than 24 hours of making the withdrawal.

Some banks take a week or less to complete the transaction.

Just be patient with them.


In our discussion so far on how to make money on Opera News hub, I want to believe you have learnt a new business that you can do to make money online.

Making money on Opera News is legitimate. In fact, the platform has created job opportunities for thousands of Nigerians.

You too can sign up on the platform and start making money with your writing skills.

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently employed or not. The business can serve as a side hustle for you.

All it requires to succeed as an author on Opera News hub is diligence and good writing skill. All these can be developed by anyone.

The more you write, the better you become.

I believe, if you keep writing, no matter how bad your writing is at the beginning, you can improve in no time and start to make money on the platform.

What matters most is the content you create by yourself… So, no compromise!

If you find this guide useful, drop a comment below and help us share the good work.

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      1. Augustine Elaigwu

        I wrote an elaborate article which I quoted a philosopher; John Locke. It was rejected with a comment that the article was copied. Is it wrong to quote an authority when writing?
        Pls, I want to be mentored on how to create contents that move fast on opera news. Thanks

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      1. Abubakar Y Mani

        Mr lawal your article is the best I have ever read. Thanks for the useful information. May God bless you and your family.

    1. Amen. I really appreciate your prayer and compliment, dear. Feel free to talk to me always if you need more guide.

  38. Pls I submitted an article and they rejected it saying it’s not original. I want to understand, is it that I must write every word on my own? Can’t I copy and paste?

    1. You can’t copy and paste other people’s work and expect to get money from their sweat. That is plagiarism. You are violating the copyright ownership of the original author of the content you have copied. Opera can be charged to court for publishing stolen articles on their platform. So, you have to write everything in your own word where you can’t acknowledge the owner of the work.

  39. Edun Oluwashina

    Sir, i posted an article in opera news hubs but i was asked to choose a thumbnail but i don’t know how to get the thumbnail.

    1. The thumbnail is just an image representing the information contained in your article. If you have talked about footballers, attach an image that depicts a footballer, preferably a very relevant picture.

  40. This is really the best online money making business i have ever seen on the internet and i pray and hope to make alot out if it thanks to the developer and also the guidelines are quite cool and dhope thanks sir

  41. Samson Chukwudi

    Please I just registered for this opera news publication. Can I comment on another person’s article, and how. And again what is the time frame for their payment?

  42. Comment: Is it 10000 Clicks per one article or if i just have only one 10000 Clicks on all my posts before the monetization will work.

  43. I thought they said ur approved post will reach the over 350 million users,why sharing link to have traffic while they have millions of people that will see it

  44. Good write-up. Please what is the essence of referral code? Is there a bonus for referring aside engagements?

  45. I have reached up to 17000 clicks and still when I click monetization it still says “the feature is coming soon” or something. Pls kindly reply me

      1. Sir what does reach mea, because I didn’t see anything like views, I only saw reach, clicks, share and comment

    1. Hello Henry, have you withdrawn any earning ever since? I need to confirm that the payment is sure before diving in

      1. I don’t mean to make you loose interest but no, and I never chatted him before maybe he mistook me for someone else.

    1. It was a pleasure. Just work more on the supplementary article which I sent to you. If you need more, let me know, please.

    1. Engagements include shares, like, follow and comments you receive on your post while clicks are the numbers of time someone clicks to read your post.

  46. I love your article Bro…I’m really impressed by the way you gave a detailed information about Opera News…but my question is Can We Make Posting Viral Videos Just As Articles?…Bcos I see a lot of videos on Opera news. THANKS !!!

  47. Hello. Great article. I’m from South Africa and I have already created my Opera News Hub account wherein I included my bank details, is there a need for me to install OPay?

    Thank you.

  48. Comment, please if i click monetization when am up to the required requirements and i see the amount of money there, then how will the money enter my bank account?

      1. Try to use another picture and make sure the picture you want to use is within the required specifications.

  49. Thank you very much sir for your kind information on how to make money on Opera news hub. I really appreciate it.

  50. Your article is very nice

    I just commented, because I hope others are going to comment on my post via opera news hub 😊🤗

  51. At first, I appreciate your intellect and efforts to educate us on this. I have started posting good articles and have enough clicks without an opay account. Though I added the phone number I used to open my bank account….can I still do that later and in what way?

    1. Please read the article very well, there’s a part treating this problem. Find out how you can register an account on Opay and link it to your Opera account. Whatever phone number you want to use must first be registered on Opay not your bank.
      Thank you.

  52. Onyebuenyi I. Charles

    My brother sir, you are one in a million. I like and appreciate your writing soil and detailed explanations. Thank you.
    As a blogger, can I post in opera news hub the same content I publish on my blog?

    1. You’re welcome. You can publish your blog on Opera only if you can make a different copy of it.

      You can’t have the exact copy you have on your blog on Opera. If Opera finds out the content is existing somewhere else, they won’t approve it.

  53. Akpojovwo Felicia

    Thanks so much God bless u real good I will like to join your WhatsApp group .You are a great teacher !!!!!

  54. John Emmanuel

    Can a single article be reposted twice if it’s gaining much attention/clicks (maybe after 2days)

    1. That’s not necessary. As long as you don’t delete your previous post, it will always be there and new audience can always see it.

  55. John Emmanuel

    Thank you sir for your selfless-service-provided-online guide. I really appreciate it. I’m ready to work on those captioned step-by-step guides you’ve provided. I confess; you’ve a golden positive heart of influence to transform your world. Pilum Digital, God bless You. Shalom! J.E

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  57. I’m from Zimbabwe
    Your writing is awesome!
    But my question is :
    Is this for Nigerians only?
    I need to know before l start.
    lf it’s for everyone, is it possible to link my opay a/c
    and withdraw cash here…or is there any solution?
    Help please!!!

  58. Benedicta Ezenwosu

    Hi Lawal, Thanks for your post.
    Please I am having issue signing in using the opera news mobile app. They are asking if I want to be a creator which I already am and have created an article with some clicks. Please how do I go about this as I want to to share my article link on my social media page. Thanks

    1. Sorry about the difficulty. It’s possible you’re experiencing that difficulty with the app if the phone number and email address you used with the app is different from what you used on the web in the first place.

  59. Sir I just want to be sure; will opera start paying me when I hit 10000 click per article or 10000 clicks in all my articles?

  60. Precious Pearl

    Please I posted my first two articles and I’ve gotten more than 100 of clicks,how do I know am earning because I checked my Opay account and it was still zero.

  61. Please how do I share my article? I have search for it using different browsers yet I can’t find it. I need the link so that I can share it

    1. Install the Opera News hub mobile app and use the social buttons on the app to share your posts. If you need more guide, use the whatsapp chat button on your screen to reach us.

    1. Your account has to generate 10,000 clicks before the monetization feature can work. If you need more guide, use the whatsapp chat button on your screen to reach us.

  62. Thank you very much for sharing. My first article has been successfully published. How do i get the link/url to share on my social media so i can get better engagement?

    1. Use the social icon on the screen while accessing the hub from its app. If you click on Facebook share icon, your post will be directly shared on your Facebook wall.

  63. I want to ask how will I receive my money. Do I need to withdraw it, because I don’t have any account button.

    1. Create an Opay account and link it to your Opera news hub account. Once your earnings reach N5,000 threshold, that is when you can withdraw. The withdrawal takes place via Opay.

  64. I want to ask how will I receive my money. Do I need to withdraw it, because I don’t have any account button. Please I need your help, I don’t want to be decieve.

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    Thank you for your efforts

    1. After registration, hold on for 24 hour. Although the approval is granted is less than 24 hours. For now, stick to 2 posts per day, that is the policy.

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    God bless you for sharing ?

    1. Hey yah! Im sorry you didn’t get this post earlier. But it is still never too late. I appreciate your kind words. Thank you!

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    Is there anything I’m missing?

    1. I guess we have solved this problem for you in the group. If you need more guide, use the whatsapp chat button on your screen to reach us.

      1. Thanks for this enlightening post.
        God bless you so much.
        Please my monetization feature is not showing anything despite having up to 60k clicks. Did I do anything wrong?
        My Opay account is already linked.

  69. Narratormentor

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    But I want to ask,does opera news calculate and pay click in all your post during one month or a single post must get over 100,000 to get paid?

    1. Please read the article very well. The question you asked is well explained in the guideline under how Opera pays authors or publishers.

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    1. SPAM is harmful to the web as poison is to man. I’ll advise you not to SPAM anywhere on the web again. Once you have the grace to still remain on the hub, Opera will still pay you.

  71. Ekejiuba Arinze Samson

    Good day sir,
    My first article was published and I had 1.6k engage with 62 click 2 for 2 hours of publishing but not likes nor comments. May I know is it the “comments or likes box” that it not enabled? or is it from my article?

    1. Commenting is automatically enabled. If you see no comments, it means no comments yet. Encourage your audience to drop comments in your posts.

  72. Please I want to know to ask how will opera pay you. I have been clicking on my monetization button but it say feautue is coming soon. I don’t understand. How will I see it. And secondly I have been writing spam comments, I didn’t know that I have violated opera policy. Am Sorry. I have stop writing spam comments. I have written two article and I have some click, is opera going to pay me for that two article. Please I need an answers.

    1. It means your posts have not received enough clicks to monetize your account. So, for that monetization feature to work, you need to receive 10,000 clicks on your account.

      1. Good day I actually have more than 10,000 clicks but monitization icon is not working
        And please what is the meaning of “REACH”

  73. I was so happy when I discovered opera news hub at first but I now I realize it’s a big mistake and a real waste of time. Their payment too low and the rate at which they reject articles is also very frustrating. For the amount of stress someone will go through just to publish an article, the pay is really trashy. I feel like opera news hub is eating off their writers, if you use your talent and time and dedicate it to something better, I’m sure you’ll make much more than opera news have to offer… DON’T WRITE FOR THEM, THEY’RE SCAM!!!!!!!

    1. I’m sorry about your predicament. You can make a lot more money by finding other profitable online business ideas. I wish you best of luck.

  74. Good morning, good job boss,I give it to you.
    Please I need to know if as a travel blogger, I get my information from either any embassy site/ airline site and recreating the information in my own way of understanding, will It be regarded as mine or as lifting a copyrighted post?

    1. It would be regarded as yours so far you’re not lifting the paragraphs or sentences word for word. What you’re doing is a review and it is allowed.

  75. Ayebagbalinyo

    If I click on monetization it will be showing “feature is coming soon”
    Sir what does it mean?

    1. That is an error from there end, they will solve it. When it happens this way, you just have to chill and continue with you posting.

  76. Must I be a blogger before I engage in Opera news hub? Can I use android device as against laptop to join in the writing business?

    1. You don’t need to become a blogger before you can start writing for Opera news hub. You can also use your android phone so far the Opera website can open on your mobile browser.

    2. Please sir is Opera still paying writers for engagements? I read a write up that says they don’t pay anymore. Please I need clarification

  77. Pls sir have published up to 10 articles and
    Some got 37 clicks, some 100 clicks but no comments.
    I share the news link after a click and they complained about the comment.
    Pls sir, how can I comment on any news article?

    1. Congratulations for 10 articles so far. You’re really a jet writer. But I think you need to work more harder in writing highly engaging articles. This will help you increase the user engagement rates. Secondly, who was the person that complained about your comment and what was the complaint? Lastly, I need to warn you if you don’t want Opera to ban you from the publishing network, you can’t be the one commenting on your own articles. What you have to do is to share the content on your social media pages and let your friends read and comment. Any further problem, please connect with us @

    1. Thanks for the observation. But I can’t remember where we mentioned that. What I think was mentioned was that to get many people read your articles on Opera, share the links among your family and friends on your Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp pages and also encourage them to help your rebroadcast.

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    Please I can’t publish my post on Opera News Hub. They’re saying I should a thumbnail for my article. Please help me.

  79. Thanks for the post.

    Please I can’t publish my post on Opera News Hub. They’re saying I should a thumbnail for my article. Please help me.

  80. Thanks for your wonderful tips. I really apppreciate it.

    I’m having problem publishing my post on Opera News Hub. I was asked to set and confirm my thumbnail.

    Please how can I do this?

    1. I guess the problem has to do with your profile picture… If that is it, ensure you use a recommended dimension for your image… You may try 512px by 512px. If that doesn’t work, then click on the WhatsApp chat button on your screen to connect with us directly. So we can help you further. Thank you.

    1. Well, you need to be patient. Opera owns the right to approve anyone it feels okay to use its platform. Just wait for 24 hours and let’s know what happens subsequently. Thank you.

  81. This is really nice and I’m much impress. I would even like to join the Opera news hub just with the help of this article.
    Thank you.

  82. i have been trying to link my opera account to my Opay Account but has been unsuccessful
    I will appreciate any useful information that can help in this regards thanks
    My email is as follows for communication

    1. Thank you for reaching out to us on this issue. Please first check and ensure your Opay account is actively working. If it is, make sure you use the same phone number used in opening your Opay account to link your Opay account to your Opera News hub account. If you need any further support, use the Whatsapp contact button on this page. Someone will assist you from there.

  83. I started writing for Opera mini news hub two weeks ago. I have published 6 articles with thousands of views but I have not seen any earnings.
    The only monitisation features on my dashboard always say the feature is unavailable. This has dropped my Morales to write because I don’t want to waste my time.
    How do I go about this?
    What is the customer care I can reach out to on this?
    Thank you.

    1. Sorry to hear that. But I will advise you check your earnings on Opay not on Opera News hub. If any further problem, hit the Whatapp contact button on the page to get a one on one support from us.

  84. Ifowe oghenekome

    1. Please sir, does Opera pay per article activity i.e like viewers, clicks, share, comments and likes or collect all your articles together and pay when they are up to the expected demand?
    2. If after your article(s) reached the expected demand and you are payed for it, is it possible for you to receive another payment when that same article(s) meet up with another demand again?
    Thanks a lot.

    1. This is it, Opera pays for each article you publish as long as the article remains relevant on the news hub and people keep clicking, reading, liking and sharing it. They pay on every 1st and 15th of the month and you can’t withdraw your earnings until it reaches N5,000. The same article that fetches you N5,000 this month can still fetch you money next month and beyond if people keep reading it. Finally, you can start earning money the moment you publish and people read. Note that it is not your article they pay for but the engagements – how people interact with your article. So, it is possible you publish an article and receive no money if no one reads the article.

      1. Ifowe oghenekome

        Wow…i got it!
        Lemme get to work n put in more effort to earn well. Thanks for the Tips u gave us also

      2. Ifowe oghenekome

        Wow…i got it!
        Lemme get to work n put in more effort to earn well. Thanks for the Tips u gave us also i appreciate

    1. You can from your dashboard in the list of your published articles. You can equally copy and paste the link of the article in your browser to see your published article.

      1. Please how can I share my article on soical network, I can’t find a share button after posting
        I tried looking for my post but couldn’t find it on

        1. Go and download Opera news app and login with your details, you will be able to share… You can equally share by copying the url of your post, that is the link of each of your posts and post to Facebook or twitter or whatsapp.

    1. Prince Patrick

      I have published about 6 articles.. yet I can’t monetize it. The system keeps telling me ” this feature is coming soon” it’s over a month now. Checked my Opay account, nothing is there… It kills my morale to proceed.

      1. Monetization isn’t about the numbers of posts you have published. It’s about how many clicks you have earned from your posts. If monetization feature isn’t yet active, it means your account has not received the minimum amount of clicks to monetize. For the feature to work, your account must receive 10,000 clicks.

  85. Comment: Am new in publishing for opera news hub, plz what is the difference between “reach and clicks”? And how best can someone write an original sports article

    1. You’re welcome to Opera News hub guideline by Pilum Digital Institute. We’re here to teach you how to make money with Opera News hub.

      So feel free to walk along with us.

      Concerning your question, both “REACH” and “CLICK” are commonly used terms in DIGITAL MARKETING WORLD…

      So, if you see someone talking about how to engage the audience on the internet, he will definitely talk about CONTENT CREATION. And when it comes to analytics, measuring how the audience engages with the content, these two terms surface.

      So, now what is “REACH”?

      You won’t be surprised, “REACH” is “REACH”, which means reaching someone or a place.

      As you have your target audience – the specific category of people you address with your content as a marketer or publisher, it’s a good marketing or copywriting practice to know if your content is actually reaching the target audience.

      On the other hand, what is “CLICK”?

      “CLICK” too is “CLICK”.

      The internet is full of links. If you go to Google, Bing, Yahoo and search for something, all the results you see are links….

      Assuming your intention is to find a job and you make the search, each time you press your MOUSE on your computer desk to navigate from one page to the other on the internet, you have made a “CLICK”.

      So, with this demonstration, as a writer who wants to earn money for writing and publishing articles, reviews or salescopies for big companies to help them REACH more customers, the numbers of CLICKS generated by your content determine how much you would be paid. The companies might have set a standard for paying you per click. Let’s say they want to pay you $1 per click and your content generates 1000 clicks, it means your money is $1000.

      I hope this answers your good question perfectly?

      Thank you, dear.

    1. You’re not generating any number. You’re to use your valid phone number to create your Opay earning account.

  86. Excellence! The Pilum Digital Institute (PDI) customer care service is really the best. When I had issues linking my Opera news hub account to my Opay earning account, PDI assisted me. They didn’t waist time responding to me.

    1. Thank you Emmanuel for reading our guide and taking a step further to approach us when you had issues with your account opening on Opera News hub.

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