how to use Facebook to market your business

How To Use Facebook to Market Your Business Like a Pro

Using Facebook to market your business is achievable with just some easy to follow steps or strategies.

So, if your business is yet to take full advantage of Facebook, it is important you learn how to use Facebook to market your business.

In this guide, you will be provided with all you need to get started with this marketing platform and grow your business.

Facebook is not just for sharing pictures. The platform is a great tool for promoting a business online. 

When you have a business, one of your goals is to gain customers. But as this may be a difficult task, Facebook provides solutions for brands to achieve their sole business goals.

Facebook’s almost 3 billion monthly active users makes the platform the biggest social media network. 

The opportunity in being one of the global audiences is to take advantage of the large user base to boost your reach.

The energy you invested in getting “likes” from friends and family when you published a new post is all you need to market your business on Facebook.

This will solve your challenges of gaining new customers and boosting your sales like a pro. However, Facebook marketing is one of the widely used digital marketing strategies

When you expect people to buy from you on this platform, you have to do more than posting pictures or links.

There are better ways to market your business on Facebook if you really want to tap into the platform and gain more potential customers. 

For example, with the recent Facebook updates, you can use the platform as a store, or platform to discharge effective customer services and strengthen your customer relationships.

So, if you know how to use Facebook to market your business, customers can walk up to your inbox and make an order.

You do not necessarily need to attend to all queries regarding an order before a transaction can be made.

The process can be handled by a mere chatbot so you can have time for other important things simultaneously.

With that, you can make Facebook your business card or business centre and promote your business far beyond where a thousand real business cards can reach.

What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook marketing is the systematic way of communicating business information to attract customers and maintain customer relationships.

It is an effective social media marketing for promoting any kind of business.

Whether your business is physical or virtual, small or big, new or old, local or international, it can perform as much as any other business that is already thriving on the social network.

No doubt everybody wants to be on Facebook but most fail.

Without knowing how to use Facebook to market your business, gaining customers on the platform would be almost impossible.

Before your Facebook presence can attract a milestone of success, there are things you need to do.

This involves the use of Facebook marketing features such as story, group, marketplace, and page for organizations, companies or individuals aiming at a specific target audience.

You can use any of the tools to expand your fanbase – audiences or customers, depending on the kind of product or service you offer.

Facebook has really served a wide range of industries, not excluding fashion, health and wellness, education, communication, auto, sports, entertainment, politics, religion and a very large number of individuals all over the world.

The chart below shows how industries using Facebook to market their products perform.

how to use Facebook to market your business
2019 Statistical Report of How Industries Perform on Facebook

As of December 31, 2018, Facebook served 2.27 billion potential users where more than 1.5 billion users visited the platform on a daily basis.

And you are one of them.

The beauty of being on Facebook has come to the level where you need to know how to leverage social media for marketing your business.

And that is what you will learn in “Facebook marketing for beginners”.

In a nutshell, using Facebook to market your business online is all about creating new and harnessing old relationships with your customers.

Since you can hardly have a customer who is not on Facebook nowadays, you have the tendency of grabbing more customers at your fingertip.

Benefits of Facebook marketing

There are many good things you probably do not know about using Facebook to market your business.

Facebook marketing has the following benefits await you:

Facebook marketing is free to use

If Facebook had a premium version, small businesses would not be able to compete on it.

Since the premium version of the platform would contain more powerful features that small businesses could not afford, you and I were probably going to be resisted from marketing our dream businesses on Facebook.

Benefits of Facebook marketing
Facebook is free for all

That would have made only big businesses the potential beneficiaries of Facebook marketing.

A BIG THANK YOU to Mark Zuckerberg and his teams. It is awesome using Facebook to promote our businesses for FREE.

For this reason, it would not be nice if you do not know how to use the platform to effectively market your business.

Sharing information

What excuse do you have as an entrepreneur if you help others share vital information about their businesses while yours is crippling?

Facebook marketing strategy begins by sharing relevant information about your prospects and how you can help them.

benefits of using Facebook to market a small business
Facebook Helps Businesses Connect with Customers

According to ShaneBarker,

There are about 21 Facebook marketing tools you can lay your hands on to promote your business and get your audience engaged easily. ShaneBarker

These include AdEspresso, Agorapulse, Buffer, Driftrock, ManyChat, Facebook Ad Manager, Fanpage Karma, Heyo, Hootsuit, Likealyzer, Meet Edgar and so on.

Just find what is suitable for your type of business, product or service and begin to show your audience how much you care.

You can take advantage of the social media tools to promote your brand image, or to even sell your products or services if you use the right one.

The scope is if users know nothing about you, gaining their attention would be difficult.

This does not mean you should come to Facebook and start talking about YOU or flaunting your achievements.

That is one of the common mistakes beginners make which kill their efforts. If your posts have no POSITIVE IMPACT on your prospects, they would not pay attention to you.

Your customers come first and you should focus on them. Talking about YOU all the time would only create more distance between you and them.

The best way to convert your audience is sharing relevant information or the benefits which the audience stands to get from you.

When you share information like this, your conversion rate (CR) increases.

The bottom-line is Facebook marketing strategy for small businesses includes sharing great stories.

Facebook marketing is flexible

Even when you feel like asking Facebook to help you promote your business, you are not going to be compelled to pay a certain amount.

how to use Facebook to market your business
Typical Facebook Ads (Credit: Sourceline Media)

Facebook allows you to prepare a budget for your campaign. And you can spend as low as $1 to promote your business on a daily basis.

Your business can use the same strategies which big businesses like Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Oreo, Skittles, Red Bull, Disney, Converse, Pringles, ZARA, and iPod, use in marketing their businesses on Facebook.

According to JeffBullas,

The companies mentioned above are the world’s ten most popular companies that use Facebook for business marketing.JeffBullas

Assuming they offer $2000 on an ad campaign and you offer $20 to Facebook, both your ads will work the same way.

The difference is just the coverage.

If they reach 500,000 and convert 50,000 customers with their $2000 ad spending, you will only celebrate your own result based on the value of your $20.

The only reason why big businesses make a bigger ROI is because they spend more on ads than you. With your low budget, creating Facebook ads is not impossible for you.

How to use Facebook to market your business

If you ever wonder how to get customers on Facebook and make them buy your products, consider applying the following Facebook marketing strategies:

  1. Set your marketing goals
  2. Know your audience
  3. Market with a Facebook page
  4. Promote your business page
  5. Market with Facebook ads
  6. Market with Facebook groups
  7. Use Marketplace
  8. Use Facebook Jobs

Now, let us discuss the strategies one after the other.

#1. Set your marketing goals

Facebook marketing for beginners
Credit: Facebook

Facebook is no longer what it is used to be. The platform grew from social to business tool so users can use it to achieve their business goals.

One of the options we had some few years ago to quench boredom was to take a selfie and post the picture on Facebook.

There was this great feeling you had when your friends saw your picture, liked and re-shared it with other friends.

The lovely comments you got would keep you regularly coming to Facebook to check how your posts were faring.

This behavior metamorphosed into social commerce on Facebook. 

Companies can now use the platform to promote their brands, target their customers, overhaul their relationships and increase their local sales.

In view of this, your marketing goals are therefore the directions which you want your business to follow to achieve its objectives.

Using Facebook to advertise your business, however, is to offer relevant answers to problems faced by your target audience.

Thus, with Facebook, you can realize the following goals:

  1. Promote your brand
  2. Engage your customers
  3. Boost your sales
  4. Generate leads to your website
  5. Re-target old customers

You can take advantage of Facebook to achieve your business marketing goals. This will help you to determine how your business performs and find solutions where necessary.

Sometime ago, I created a page, which I called The Heroes.

The objective of that page was to promote my brand and send leads to my website. So, I decided to use the page to inspire my audience.

And to achieve this, I share inspirational content on the page.

If the audience sees something different from this, the engagement will gradually drop and at the end the goal will languish.

So, when you know your objectives and create content that meets the objectives, you should expect a big SUCCESS.

#2. Know your audience

To know your audience, you first need to know who needs your products or services or whom your business will serve the most on Facebook.

For that purpose, Facebook provides a tool called Facebook audience insights tool.

You can also use the tool to understand your customer behavior and their interests over time.

Facebook Marketing For Beginners
Facebook Audience Insights to know Your Audience

Facebook audience insights show marketers factors to consider for better targeting.

The tool uses user demographics, engagement types, locations, and previous activities on Facebook to help you determine who are in dire need of your business.

If you sell wedding wear, it is most certain your audiences are singles, most especially people planning to get married.

So, you can use the tool to target singles and offer what suits their interests.

If other factors like age, education, profession, or location matter to your ad campaigns, you can set the parameters in the insights tool and optimize your campaigns.

That will make your campaigns reach the people that fall within your target parameters and get the best result of your campaigns.

If you’re not targeting the right people, there will be no sales.

Assuming you want to sell wedding wear and you mistakenly target married people, the campaign would not generate much sales.

This is like playing an audio CD and expecting some visuals on your television screen.

That is not possible!

You can read further on how to use Facebook audience insights tool to determine who are likely going to be your potential customers on Facebook.

#3. Market with a Facebook page

Facebook marketing can take place on Facebook business pages. You can create yours page with your profile and use it to generate leads and engage customers.

Using Facebook to market a business
A Typical Facebook Page for Real Estate Business (Credit: Agorapulse)

Using your Facebook business page to connect relevant people to your business is part of the strategies used in Facebook marketing.

There are no two businesses that are the same.

If you want to express your core values, culture, position in your industry, or to even motivate customer behavior by giving out incentives or coupons, your page can give you all that.

Facebook business page is flexible enough to help your business achieve its goals irrespective of your industry.

Facebook page types

You have the option to create your page based on your industry.

That is, creating your page in the category that is most relevant to your business is as good as opening a store at the location where your potential customers live.

So, be careful not to choose a wrong category for your page as the following categories are currently available:

  1. Local business or place
  2. Company, organization or institution
  3. Brand or product
  4. Artist, band or public figure
  5. Entertainment
  6. Cause or community

Under each page type, choose a page name, category, design, theme and setting that is most relevant to your business.

You can test each option one after the other and stick to the one that best presents your business before you begin to promote it.

Benefits of Facebook business page

  1. Attracts likes: People who encounter your brand when your ad is active might like your page. And when that happens, they will see whatever post you publish subsequently.
  2. Gain exposure: Your page will gain exposure whether those who encounter your post like your page or not. That is why the rate of exposure is usually times two of engagement.
  3. Boost conversion: Your page has the potential to convert visitors to potential customers. Since your Facebook ads target people who need your business, the success of using Facebook to promote your brand is guaranteed.

If you have an existing page, read how to create a Facebook business page the right way to optimize the page for efficient results.

Having an optimized page will help you to increase your leads and conversion rates.

#4. Promote your page

Sometimes ago, I created different Facebook pages and tested each to know the best approach to promote a page.

I found out that the following strategies work very fine:

Invite friends to like your page

At the moment your page is ready, Facebook will suggest that you invite all your friends all at once to your page.

That is a good one!

You will see the list right in front of you on the page. All you have to do is to click Invite Friends.

On the next (pop up) page, select all friends and send invites to them.

Using Facebook Page to Market Your Business

This will make your Facebook friends know about the page. Anyone interested in it will like and follow you.

Subsequently, only those who like and follow your page will be carried along with the business each time you post something. 

This approach is poor because 1/4 of your friends would not honor the invitation because your page cannot be relevant to all of them.

During my research, I invited some of my Facebook friends to visit and like a page. But unfortunately, the turnout was very low.

As a result of this, I followed up by sending a direct message to appeal to them, which also did not work. In fact, when I was being persistent, I almost became a nuisance.

Some began to ask me if it was compulsory for them to like my page!

As I made no further efforts, the page did not grow more than 172 followers between 2016 and 2019 that it existed.

That shows the downside of sending a random invitation to people to like your Facebook business page.

For that reason, I discourage beginners from relying on sending random invites to users while looking for people to like your page.

Sharing helpful content

Sharing helpful content with the audience is an important aspect of using Facebook to market your business.

Since your mission is to promote your brand, then you have to share highly engaging content with the audience.

This includes sharing illustrative images, videos, quotes and web links on your page to engage your audience.

You will spoil the show if you bring your personal issue to your business page except your personal issue is business oriented.

If you and your family have used a product that can help your audience improve in a way your page is fashioned, then there is no problem presenting your family this way.

Your content does not always have to be a picture or text where video marketing has been recognized by marketers in building faster affinity with the audience.

However, helpful content is what attracts likes, share and comments. And the more that happens, the more your page grows.

Sharing your page link

Sharing your page link on other social media channels or websites can also help you generate more leads to your Facebook page.

If you have a website, try to add a Facebook Follow button to it.


The button will enable your web visitors to follow you to your Facebook page.

I belong to some groups on Twitter where members are encouraged to share the links of their Facebook business pages.

Some of the groups are:

  1. @TheBlogLists
  2. @BloggingBabesRT
  3. @BloggersHut
  4. @TRJForBloggers
  5. @BloggersTribe

Members follow one another right from Twitter to Facebook and also lead their followers who might be interested in other brands to their pages.

Offline promotion

You can equally promote your page via your offline media such as marketing souvenirs or at relevant events such as business forums.

If you are using vests, caps, flyers, slides and business cards to promote your brand, ensure your page is cited on all the materials.

This can lead more people to your page.

#5. Market with Facebook ads

You can promote your business using Facebook ads. This powerful tool can help your business reach your target customers at all costs.

The use of Facebook ads is 100% profitable and faster than other aforementioned strategies of marketing your business on the platform.

You just have to follow the right steps.

Luckily, there are different types of Facebook ads, but how do you know the one to use?

According to Noah Kagan, you can easily mess things up here.

Often times, even “expert” advertisers mess up the simple fundamentals. Then, their mistakes drive up the cost they spend on ads, lower profitability, and cause headaches.Noah Kogan

That makes it very important to know the Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook ads.

The bad news is Facebook ads aren’t free. Facebook believes you use money to get money.

If you have opened a business page, ideally you should spend money to promote the page to boost your ROI.

There is no miracle in using Facebook to market a business. Although it is possible to gain millions of Likes and Followers on your page without running an ad.


But the fastest way to achieve that great result is to target your customers with Facebook ads. Do not be discouraged to invest in Facebook ads because it requires money.

The result of running an ad in that manner is worth more than the cost.

When I created The Heroes and budgeted just $3 on promotion, I generated more than a hundred followers per day.

Because Facebook ads target potential customers, they help marketers find people that are most likely going to purchase their products.

By doing so, you would not be asking somebody that needs a cap to buy a cat.

If you create a business page and make no efforts to promote it, people will hardly know about your page and the engagement will be poor.

#6. Market with Facebook groups

Facebook groups can also be used to promote your business or to maintain close contacts with fans or customers.

If you have a business page, you can still opt for a group to get the most of Facebook.

Despite the fact that both your business page and group work differently, you can interlink them for optimum performance.

A Facebook group work like a forum, where members interact and share personal opinions or information about their business.

Unlike Facebook groups, your followers cannot post their opinions on your page. They can only like, comment and share your posts.

So, if you want your audiences to share their opinions among themselves, then you have to create a group for that purpose.

That does not make you responsible for what your group members publish on your group.

Meanwhile, you have to screen what members publish and give approval before their posts can go live on your group.

That gives you the power to control how your group is being used by your members.

By the time your group is big, you might assign a few other members as moderators to ensure the group is not compromised.

You can use your group to promote your brand, service or product. And to achieve that, you need to plan it very well.

Make your group objectives clear to the general public so that the group can attract just only your target audience.

If you stick to issues that are relevant to your audience, and offer products or services that can solve those problems, your group will work perfectly to generate more sales.


Facebook has all user information which you can leverage to market your business and boost your growth.

If you want to optimize your presence on Facebook, learning how to use Facebook to market your business is of great importance.

This guide would give you a full understanding of how you can leverage the platform.

When you log in to the platform and do all sorts of things, Facebook tracks all your activities and uses the data to help you discover more and more relevant information.

The kind of posts, pictures, videos, stories, pages and groups that interest users relatively determine what each user sees.

So, as a marketer, the more you engage your audiences, the better for your business. Once your target audience encounters your brand, they would always be eager to patronize you.

That makes it possible for people who need your business to find you on Facebook organically.

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