N-Power beneficiaries

How N-Power Beneficiaries Start Business Saving 10K a Month

Meet Mr. Gbadebo Olayinka, one of the two hundred thousand Nigerian unemployed graduates who have benefited from N-Power in the last two years.

The N-Teach beneficiary saved ten thousand naira (N10,000.00) every month from his monthly allowance for four months to start his own business.

He also operates a Cash Center within his community where people deposit and withdraw money and he makes profits from the service.

This is not about the achievements of the empowerment program, even though it’s one which we can’t over look.

It’s about Gbadebo’s courage, seriousness, determination and strong business acumen.

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To see someone of his likes saving such a big part of his salary towards achieving a greater future for himself is so amazing.

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If others who have been privileged to benefit from N-Power could emulate Gbadebo, it’s very certain Nigeria will experience a drastic decrease in unemployment rate.

An Overview of N-Power

The Federal Government of Nigeria introduced N-Power under its social investment programme in year 2016 to create jobs for five hundred thousand (500,000) citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Both graduate and non-graduate Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 35 have the tendency to benefit from the scheme tremendously.

The scheme is meant to reduce unemployment rate, encourage entrepreneurship and business innovation among young people.

It’ll bring about a system that will facilitate transferability of employability, entrepreneurial and technical skills.

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These are the key areas affecting the economy of this country. So the government intends to revamp public service and government diversification policy.

N-Power was established to attend to the critical needs in education, agriculture, technology, construction, creative and artisan industries.

And that makes the programme to be categorized into three units: N-Power Teacher Corp, N-Power Knowledge, and N-Power Build.

It aims at sending Nigeria to a global outsourcing push where young Nigerians can market their goods and services on a global platform that boosts the economy of the country.

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