how to start an online health business

How to Start an Online Health Business in 6 Simple Steps

Online health business is one of the best and most profitable industries for doing business on the internet.

The sector creates a wide range of opportunities for people.

But it’s unfortunate that not everyone knows how to start an online health business and that calls for the need to share this post with you.

According to TheBalanceSMB, health and wellness industry worth $3.7 trillion globally.

This is such a business where non-health professionals engage in sales of health and wellness products, services and books that can help maintain various health problems.

There are different types of online businesses.

As discussed in evolution of online business, online health business is just one among several other profitable businesses you could do online.

Having shown great interest in online health business, the next thing is to know how to start the business and realize a huge profit.

The good news is online health niche requires less capital and you don’t need to be a medical professional before you can start the business.

Assuming you want to specialize in sales of health and wellness related books, you don’t need to be a medical professor.

Or if it’s the product line you’re interested in, you also don’t need to be a pharmacist or doctor to enter the market.

But if you’re a professional, that would be an added advantage.

What online health business owners do?

With the following job descriptions, you’ll have a clear understanding of what it takes to start an online business and succeed.

The job begins with answering a question you ask yourself since the beginning of this post silently.

I know you ask yourself:

I’m neither a doctor nor a pharmacist, how on earth can I do online health business successfully?

This is a common question that comes up whenever I recommend this business to people.

You’re not the only one person who is concerned about the need to be an expert in prescribing and dispensing drugs to people.

Everybody asks this question just like you do.

But you need to know, online health business has nothing to do with drug prescription and dispensing.

This post will answer the question once and for all and it’ll clear some of the existing misconceptions concerning online business.

However, you don’t have to be a doctor or pharmacist before you can run an online niche in health and wellness industry.

Reason is that the scope of the business is limited to alternative medicine.

Online health business as an alternative medicine

First of all, know that you can’t dispense and prescribe drugs as an online health business owner.

That is truly an area you can’t cross.

You can only sell drugs based on an existing prescription.

In fact, you have nothing to do with prescription.

Your own is to display what you sell, and anyone in need of it can buy from you.

That’s all.

Secondly, the kind of drugs you’re meant to sell are not ethical.

What you’re expected to sell via this platform is called alternative medicines.

Alternative medicine, according to Wikipedia, is a collection of health related products, therapies, practices or theories that people take in alternative to experimental medicine, whose healing effects are questionable.

Sub-niches of online health business

Because online health business has a great impact on the proliferation of alternative medicine, it has many different markets and many sub-niches where you can establish yourself.

You may focus on any of the following conditions, arthritis patients, people that want to get rid of body fat, back pain, diabetes, hair loss, or people that are being placed on food supplements like vitamins and anti-ageing drugs.

How to start an online health business

There are six steps to discuss in this guide on how to start an online health business and these are discussed as follows:

Identify your niche

As said, online health business is complemented with various sub-niches.

So, you can start your business in any of the following sub-niches, most especially the one that is most suitable for you.

  1. Digestive health
  2. Anti aging
  3. Weight loss
  4. Diabetes
  5. Arthritis
  6. Back and neck pain
  7. Hair loss
  8. Skincare
  9. Heartburn
  10. Fatigue
  11. Reproductive health
  12. Healthy eating
  13. Sleeplessness and so on.

Authors disagree on how to choose a niche.

Some argue that your niche should be what you have passion for. And the others hold, from a business point of view, market demand should determine what niche to choose.

Meanwhile, Andre Youderian condemned the claim that says you should follow your passion in choosing your niche.

…I think it’s a dangerous advice that can lead new entrepreneurs astray.Youderian

There is no sense in carving a niche that has no market demand. This isn’t particular to online health business alone but all businesses generally.

You must consider the profit before considering the passion. But if the two is there, that is really going to help the business a lot.

With a lot of hard work, a profitable niche will trigger your passion soon after the business starts.

So, don’t labor in a niche you have passion for but which has no profit.

Define your niche

What defines your niche includes its track record, demand and market share.

To know this, try to find out about the niche if it has the tendency to sell high demand products and if it’s social media friendly and competitive in nature.

If your niche possesses all these features, then it’s good for a business.

Study the trends in the industry

Since you’re not going to be a producer or manufacturer of your health products, there’re different businesses you can partner with.

But the problem is there are so many brands of different health products and to just pick one might be difficult without a thorough assessment on the product.

So, you need to study the market and identify the best selling products, most especially the ones that fit in your niche.

Amazon is a popular platform to get suppliers.

If you visit the site, you’ll find out which products you have on your list that sell very fast in the market.

Such products must be popular on search engines – and these are the ones that can receive massive attention on social media.

As much as there are various sub-niches in online health business, there are many different suppliers you can do business with.

Discover products suitable for your niche

Having identified your niche, let’s say diabetes treatments, the next thing to do is to find products that are suitable for the niche.

So, in order to discover suitable products for your niche, you have to find out about people who are suffering from the sickness and hear from them the kind of treatments they get.

The sickness could have affected you or a member of your family, or even people you don’t know.

You can visit a hospital or pharmacy and talk to a few number of patients.

Your research is to have a deep understanding of how the sickness affects people, how it can be cured or managed.

If your findings show that a lot of people are suffering from the disease, that is a lot of opportunity for you to come in.

You don’t need to follow up on the people you meet during your research for treatments.

By the time you complete reading this guide on how to start an online health business, you’ll definitely discover how to get your own customers.

Also in the cause of your research, you’ll discover some of the products which the patients need.

But if carrying out the research would be too difficult for you, don’t trouble yourself.

There is an alternative, which is selling other people’s products. With this option, your concern will no longer be how to source for products.

Use ClickBank to search for different products and look for the best selling products under your niche.

If you search and find no products under your category, it means your niche is new and that isn’t a good sign.

You have to go back to step two and redefine your niche.

If the result has a list of some products under your niche, that’s a lot of good luck to you. At that stage, you can start imagining what your profit will be.

It’s a nice investment, so go on with it.

Choose a marketing platform

There are many marketing platforms that you can use to market and sell your health and wellness products online.

And these include:

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is the platform used for promoting and selling other people’s products on your website or social media pages and get a commission.

With your marketing strengths and efforts, the platform can be used to run your online health business.

Whenever a customer buys a product on your site, you pay less to your drop shipping partner.

And after taking your commission, the company then sends the product to your customer.

Your role is to bring customers to your website to buy and the drop shipping partner takes care of shipping the products to the buyer.

The advantage of this business model is that you need no storing facility of a big inventory, no warehouses, no paying delivery agents.

Your drop shipping partners bear those responsibilities.

Read more on steps you need to build a successful online drop shipping business.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to market and sell other people’s products via your website, blog, social media platforms, email list and so on.

You can earn as much commissions as possible when you generate a customer and the customer clicks on your affiliate link provided by your affiliate partner.

The link will send the customer to the selling platform of your affiliate partner and if a transaction commences, you’ll earn a commission.

You can earn between 5% and 25% on every successful sale you generate.

Your affiliate partner is responsible for taking the order, processing, delivery and customer service.

Use digital marketing strategies

You can use the following digital marketing strategies to market you online health business.

a. Content marketing

This is creating content that can bring people to your website and buy any product that you promote.

The trick works in such a way that when people find an amazing story or post you’ve written, they’ll visit your website to read more.

And if they get to your website and discover that you actually promote a product that is relevant to them, there is the tendency they’ll buy.

In other to leverage this strategy, your content must conform to SEO checklist to write killer content.

Some of the latest rules that guide optimizing your web content include writing posts that serve a great purpose for people.

Stuffing your website with related keywords doesn’t work anymore, you have to focus on the context of the search terms you’re targeting.

Google algorithm rates engaging content very high because that will benefit people more than the keyword itself.

While reviewing the products you want to sell on your website, put a lot of efforts in creating great content so that you can boost the traffic that comes to your website.

b. Social media marketing

Social media can also be used to market your online health business and convert engagements to sales.

They can be used to convert friends or audiences into potential customers.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and so on, offer both free and pay advertisements through which your content can get enough exposure it needs to generate organic traffic for your entire website.

For example, Facebook Page was created for business.

So, you can create a business page on Facebook and begin displaying your content and your products there for your target audience to discover what you sell.

Be consistent with your posting and marketing strategies.

Read Also: 5 Hashtags Best Practices to Increase Your Business Outreach

c. Use Pay-Per Click advertising

Having invested time and efforts in your online health business, the next marking strategy to consider is pay per click (PPC) advertising.

It’s highly recommended to advertise your business with Google PPC advertising if you have the means.

This approach turns to be the fastest way to generate clicks to your website.

You can equally use this to convert your web traffic to massive sales.

All search engines and social media offer PPC marketing services.

You can try any of these platforms, but note that Google has the largest coverage which your business needs most.

When you apply for PPC advertising service on any platform, an ad is created for you.

Assuming you’re using Google PPC ad, the result is that the ad will make your post or campaign appear on search result pages as well as mobile apps, browsers and websites owned by other people who have also signed up for Google AdSense.

Other advantage that you can get from PPC advertising is that the service makes your website appear in the right context whenever there is a search query related to any of the keywords your website is ranked for.

Meanwhile, PPC marketing is not for free.

The implication is that each time someone clicks on your ad, you pay a small fee to the service provider.

And that is why it’s called “pay-per-click”.


I hope this guide has really taught your how to start an online health business. It’s to your own advantage to follow the steps discussed therein.

Health and wellness business is evergreen.

Just follow the steps one after the other and begin enjoying a great business experience in your online health business.

If you want to create content around your niche, just do your research on a relevant topic, identify a problem and recommend a product that can solve the problem in your post.

By so doing, I can guarantee that any niche you carve for yourself in this industry will really profit you.

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