30 Online Job Opportunities To Find A Career In Nigeria

online job opportunities in Nigeria

Looking for online job opportunities or the right work from home job to make money online is no longer news in Nigeria.

Whether you’re a student or graduate, you can explore this online job guide to find your dream job.

There is a countless number of job opportunities in corporate affairs, education, tech, marketing, multimedia, health industry and so on.

All you have to do is to know where you fit in and observe necessary working from home security tips.

The point is remote workers are highly needed in almost every industry.

According to a report made by eMarketer,

The growth of online business in the world has increased to 24.8% in 2017 while the global sales on the internet scaled to $2.304 trillion same year.eMarketer

For example, the growth of financial technology (FinTech) industry in Egypt skyrocketed from 1.1% to 22.8% between 2014 and 2017.

And the industry became one of the fastest growing business markets in the whole of Africa.

As the system continues to outrun the traditional “brick and mortar” business model, there’s a lot of jobs you could do online and build a career working from home.

By now, almost a half of the world population would buy or do everything they need online before the end of year 2018.SmallBizTrends

This implies that companies would be forced to start online business and use digital marketing strategies to strengthen their customer service.

Consumer behavior too would be determined by the kind of information the consumers come across on the internet regarding the brands and products.

The implication is that revolutionary technologies would serve as a competitive advantage for companies that follow the trends. Such companies would gain more sales engagements and leads online.

As a result of this, there would be more job openings online.

So, the more individuals and corporate bodies come online to do business, the better for you.

If you have relevant skills, building your career online is guaranteed.

Online job opportunities in Nigeria

These are few of the categories of jobs you could do online and make money working from home in Nigeria:

  1. Corporate affairs
  2. Education
  3. Information and communication technology (ICT)
  4. Marketing
  5. Multimedia

Now, let’s look at each job category one after the other and describe various jobs under them.

It’s even possible you have a skill, idea or experience that is in demand.

So, by the time you finish reading this post, you’ll find out how to turn the idea into a profitable online business.

Corporate affairs

looking for social media job opportunities in Nigeria
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This category consists of jobs related to business management, customer and public relations services.

Companies need people who are social media savvy to help them manage their businesses via different social media platforms to create sales and marketing engagements with their customers.

If this category of job interests you, here are the opportunities you can find thereof.

Online job opportunities in corporate affairs

  1. Social media manager: If you’re vast in how to use the social media for business, you can start offering services to companies that want to boost their leads. Your focus is to help others grow their social media accounts.
  2. Social media consultant: Growing company’s social media accounts won’t be necessary here. What you’ll do is to update their accounts alone. You would be required to help them post relevant business information on their accounts. If you have some ideas that can help them promote their businesses, you’ve got a lot of work to do.
  3. Social media influencer: You need to focus on growing your own social media accounts to influence the behavious of your followers. Some companies need such a service to engage new potential consumers. So, you’ll be sending your followers to those companies as an influencer.
  4. Blogger: You can start your own blog today. It gives you the chance to place adverts, affiliate links, and info-products on your blog to make money.
  5. Podcaster: This job requires you doing some recordings or live audio presentations on your blog in which you can sell advertisements or sponsorship.
  6. Membership website operator: Create a niche blog and offer whatever good idea you have for those who subscribe to the community.
  7. Online public relations officer: You can build a business that will help companies communicate with stakeholders online.
  8. Virtual assistant: Many businesses need an assistant in carrying out some specific administrative tasks, such as sending emails. You can offer that assistance online.
  9. Online newsletter service: Having a sizable traffic to your blog, get viewers’ contacts with your newsletter list and sell products and services to them. This will work fine in affiliate marketing.
  10. Lead generation: This job can be used to help companies generate leads to their business channels – website or eCommerce stores. You can even use this skill to send customers to a business location offline.

Education – teaching jobs

Looking for online teaching jobs in Nigeria
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Education or teaching service is another job category you can opt in to find opportunities.

If you have some skills or ideas which you think people can learn from you under this category, there’re many job opportunities for you on the internet.

People need quality learning materials – print, eBooks, audio or video tutorials to help them get some works done.

With your skill, you have the opportunity to start writing and publishing your lesson notes on the internet.

That will make your audience learn from you and pay for the values or services you offer.

Are you interested in this online job opportunity?

If yes, find a few jobs under this category and build your career there.

Online job opportunities in education

  1. E-Book author: Start writing short books and publish them online. While Lulu and Canva can be used for designing your eBooks, Amazon will help you sell them.
  2. Online course creator: Do good research and create your lesson notes online on various relevant topics or subjects. Start selling them on your website, blog or via email listing. You can equally release your works in video and publish them on YouTube. When people subscribe to them, they pay and watch.
  3. Proof reader: You can build a business as proofreader, editor or critic for individual authors or corporate entities online.
  4. Resume writer: You can choose this niche to write resume, CV, application or cover letter samples for various job seekers.
  5. Researcher: You can offer your service to writers who need someone to carry out a field work for them.
  6. Web copywriter: You can get a contract of creating content for a business that wants to fill its website or sales and marketing channels with great content.
  7. Business coach: You can start offering professional training service to clients live or using Skype or video chat apps.
  8. Freelance writer: If you’re a creative writer but not ready to have your own website or blog, instead of keeping your ideas to yourself, you can start writing for bloggers as a freelancer.

Fiverr will be good for any of the job opportunities mentioned in this category.

So, you can read how to use Fiverr to make money in Nigeria to connect with well deserving clients on Fiverr.

Tech – ICT Consulting

Looking for ICT jobs online in Nigeria
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In this category, you need to gather and provide resources that can solve some tech or ICT related problems.

This includes providing solutions to issues in computer, software, hardware, programming, web designing, domain registration, web hosting, configurations and gadget repairs.

If you like this category of job, find relevant online job opportunities thereof:

Online job opportunities in TECH or ICT

  1. Desktop publisher: You can start providing training on all issues and tasks associated with setting up a system, networking, typing and printing and how to use some special features or keys and so on.
  2. Virtual tech support: You can set up a service that provides solutions remotely to people. Work around computer related problems and offer hardware and software solutions to your audience online.
  3. Web designer: If you’re vast in website designing, you can start offering services to people on WordPress installation, domain registration and web hosting and so on.
  4. Web developer: If you have advanced skills in computer science, this job is suitable for you to help people with their site development issues related to Java, HTML, CSS and so on.
  5. App developer: If you have the technical knowledge about mobile apps, you can start building apps for people or companies or sell your products online directly.

Digital marketing

Online Job opportunities in digital marketing
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Image: TechMoran

In this category of job, you can use digital marketing strategies to help companies market their products or services and make direct sales.

As a digital marketer, you can use any of the following business models to achieve your goals:

  • Business to consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer to business (C2B)
  • Consumer to consumer (C2C)
  • Business to business (B2B)

So, if you find this category useful, here are the examples of jobs you can do:

  1. Online store: You can set up an online account on any online store such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify, EasyStore, Jumia, Konga and so on to start selling stuff you make. You can make your own products such as T-shirts, handmade bags, shoes, wears and so on. You have a lot to tap from fashion. Bringing all your products, wears, shoes, accessories, perfumes to any of the online stores can fetch you a lot of opportunities. There are always people who want to buy these stuff every day. Do your marketing very well to attract them to your store.
  2. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is completely a model for selling other people’s products or services. As a starter, affiliate marketing is good for you since you don’t have your own products yet. Find different affiliate networks you can register with.
  3. Re-selling: Re-selling products is another way to make money on the internet. This works with low cost products that you can re-sell for more. You can re-sell anything on eBay for a higher price. Go for discounts, or buy when companies are doing promo then you re-sell at a higher price when the promo ends.
  4. SEO consultant: SEO consulting is another online job with several opportunities. The job includes helping people to optimize their business websites for traffic and organic traffic. If you are vast in search engine optimization, you can work for many clients right from the corners of your home.


Multimedia job opportunities in Nigeria
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This is another industry where photo, video, and graphic illustration makers can establish themselves and build a career online.

Since the use of the internet has increased, there is now a high demand for visual works to complement marketing content.

For example, the demand for brand logos, photos, videos and other graphic works is very high all over the world.

So, that creates a huge opportunity for you online if you have the skill.

Find online job opportunities for yourself in this work from home job category.

Online job opportunities in multimedia

  1. Graphic designer: There is a high demand for this type of job. Every website owner and every marketing content needs a great graphic or visual work to communicate and create brand affinity with customers.
  2. Photographer: You can turn your hobby of photo taking into a business. Go out there, take pictures of nature, scenery, kids, families, relics, artifacts, great buildings, historical events, and repackage them for business. There’re companies that look for where to get stuff like these.
  3. Video ad creator: Become a specialized video maker and start creating short videos for companies to use them on YouTube or social media to promote their brand and business.

With any of these online job opportunities, you can build a career for yourself on the internet. Many of these jobs do not require any special training, skill or certification.

You can just take your time to master the one you eventually chose and publicize yourself using social media or any other related channel.

That’s how to get an online job if you’re looking for one in Nigeria.


Like I said earlier, there are numerous online job opportunities for individuals – students, moms or anyone looking for what to do from home and make money online.

You don’t need to be an expert in any field before you can get a job or start a business online.

With one or two jobs discussed above, you can start working and making money from home. Some useful videos on YouTube will train you further on the job you chose.

What’s your own view about looking for online job opportunities in your own area?

Please use the social buttons to share this post or fill the comment form and submit your comment below.

online job opportunities in Nigeria
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    There are many jobs online and I agree with your view on graphic designing; that’s the more reason I’m looking to go in that field as well. Although it takes a while to make your business or skill recognized online, as long as you can first place your business or services online, in no time it will amount to something bigger than your expectations. Thanks for this piece.


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