5 Most Profitable Side Hustles You Can Start In 2019


If your regular job isn’t profitable – making little gains with huge budget and everything got you thinking, there are profitable side hustles you can start right away to make ends meet.

Most times, self employment turns out to bring more gains for you than to be working for someone. When you have a side hustle business you do, you’re not just going to be in charge but spend your free time on something more profitable.

Hence you are in full control of all what comes out of your own business.

Even if there is need to share your profit with someone, you have the chances to control how the gains will be distributed and have a ransom share as the boss.

That is exactly what happens between you and your employer.

No matter how kind your boss is, there is no way your wage can be fair comparing the job you do to the amount you earn. However, there is a little you can do with your salary.

Since the pay comes in bits, there is need to consider some profitable side hustles to complement your regular pay.

Why Need to Start A Side Hustle Business

Most popular side hustles don’t require a serious planning or capital to start or much stress. Sometimes, you don’t need to spend a dime to start a side hustle business.

Irrespective side hustle of your interest, you might not need an office, a store, staff or large customer base to get started.

Profitable Side Hustles
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People having a serious meeting on strategic planning

So, you must have thought about the type of business you can venture into that would not compete with your regular job. You might have also thought of doing something at your free hours without having to consider a high capital as well.

With all these in mind, there are a few profitable side hustles I like to introduce to you. You can do any of them right from the corners of your room and make extra money to boost your monthly income.

Profitable Side Hustles You Can Start

There are many profitable side hustles you can start right away. But because you can’t do all at once, you can start with any of the following:

Online Coaching

There is much information that people source for online from various aspects such as health and wellness, how to do something, management and personal leadership and so on.

If you have never thought of this as a method of earning money online, then be grateful for this article.

Based on your profession, you might have some knowledge or experience about certain important or trending topics which you would love to share with the members of the public.

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For example, people are very inquisitive about their health. Hence, sharing and monetizing nutritional tips can make you earn extra money as an online coach.

Explore other side hustle ideas or learn more on how to make money in online health business as a coach.

Through various applications, networking with other online coaches on various websites, Facebook groups or through email marketing, you can get information across to different people around the world.

You can also organize live sessions with a group of people or a one-on-one session at different rates. Aside making videos, information can be passed via audiobooks and ebooks which you can monetize.

So, whichever way you feel is best for you, go for it.


Blogging remains one of the most profitable side hustles to make money online and nothing ever goes wrong with this idea…

What matters is the effort and the level of determination you put into your blog to discuss relevant issues.

It can be relatively new, yet a lot of people make money online blogging.

It cuts across various niches like entertainment, business, lifestyle, education, art and photography, beauty and lots more.

Whichever niche you focus on, there are thousands of people waiting to view your content as long as it satisfies their demands.

Once you have enough viewers on your blog, you can begin to monetize it by advertising several other brands, affiliate marketing or placing ad banners on your site manually or through different advertising agencies like Google Adsense.

Meanwhile, the sacrifice really matters to achieve your objective.

So, there is need to create amazing content and share on different social media platforms in order to gain a very large audience.

The efforts and resources you need upfront can be overwhelming. But the good news is as time goes on, you will begin to enjoy it more and more.

The costs to start blogging must cover your tools like laptop, smartphone, a comfortable environment (such as a desk and chair), website cost (design and domain name), and a steady internet access.

However, the capital is not pretty much when compared to other small businesses.

Virtual Assistant

Another side hustle business is being a virtual assistant which is otherwise known as brand influencer. With this kind of job, you might need a blog or a very strong presence on social media platforms to campaign for your clients.

Sometimes, if your social media presence control a very large number of audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, owning a blog might not be necessary. But yet the performance can be great with your blog and social media channels going hand-in-hand.

Little wonder why a greater percentage of social media influencers are bloggers.

If you are competent with social media, you can definitely work as a social media manager or as a virtual assistant. If you don’t fancy being in front of a camera, then you can likely be a virtual assistant.

You might have wondered why influencers are very diligent knowing they have to go through a lot each day sharing posts, videos on Facebook, liking and responding to comments to make people engaged and engrossed on their clients’ business pages.

This is the work of a virtual assistant.

Many bloggers and influencers use an assistant to help them with admin, emails, sometimes calls, photos, editing, and lots more.

The more the demands, the more it pays…

That is, the more clients you have, the more and more money you get from this side hustle business.

Web or Graphic Design

Being a web or graphic designer is also another side hustle business that can fetch you a lot of money working from home.

In this present age that everybody needs a website or a graphic art to illustrate his or her business, the idea is very lucrative.

Graphic work is a quite creative job and broad. The skill is appropriated in designing logos, including animated logos, web design takes different dimensions today. With a little help with programming, you can make a lot of money creating WordPress and Blogger themes for people.

Many people don’t show interest in this job because they are not professional web or graphic designers. But the truth is anybody can do the job without being a professional.

With a little understanding of the job, you can bid for contracts from customers who need a website or graphic work and outsource the project to a professional.

That means, you must have a technical partner that can always help you come out with the result you need.

The startup cost for this side hustle business is pretty low.

To start with, you can download the Canva to manipulate through some designs for blog banners and book and ebook covers.

Other tools which graphic artists can make use of include Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw.

In all, Google can be your best friend. Make more research on what the startup requires and how to pave your way through digital art.

Once you have the skill and you are reaching out to websites or bloggers, you are good to go.

There are various freelancing sites where your services can be sold too. Visit them and sign up free to have your own account with them. These sites include, Freelancer, Fiverr and PeoplePerHour.


The fifth of the most profitable side hustles to make money online is vlogging.

According to Cambridge English Dictionary, a vlog is a blog in video format, which is a visual presentation of your thoughts, opinions or experiences that you publish on the internet for public consumption.

Many people are finding pleasure in vlogging nowadays due to its numerous advantages which includes fame and money.

It seems easy to manage because we all like the sight of pictures and videos.

Many vloggers have the secret key to making it, which is consistency. The audience might not come all at once, but unlike blogging, the audience is more satisfactory as time goes on.

And what matters is what you deliver.

Before starting a vlog, you need to make a thorough research on the type of audience you want to carry along and the purpose of your vlog.

Google Adsense is one of the major means by which vloggers get to monetize their vlog. Also, vloggers get payments from various brands by promoting their images in their videos.


These are five out of numerous profitable side hustles by which you can make some extra income aside your regular pay. So, when you combine your regular job with a side hustle business and you’re consistent and determined, success is yours.

You don’t need much time or capital to achieve any of the side hustles.

All you have to do is having a proper schedule and time management. With that, you can cope with two or more in order to be fully established and become financially stable.

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