How to Become a Successful Blogger and Make Money Blogging

qualities of a great blogger

Anybody can start a blog as majority believe.

What matters is following the right steps to start a blog and forming some habits which will make you successful.

As a result of this, becoming a successful blogger will be difficult without having some qualities of a great blogger.

In this post, we want to discuss what are the characteristics or traits which a blogger MUST have to become exceptionally different?

If you want to know how to become a successful blogger and make money, this guide is for you.

And some of the questions we would be answering include how to write a successful blog post.

But don’t forget, to become a great blogger goes beyond having a very nice blog.

Even your super-fast computer and internet network and ability to write and publish many blog posts per day is not enough either.

There’re some must have blog features which you need aside the material resources to become a great blogger.

And this includes knowing:

  • What your audience wants?
  • How to create a highly engaging content?
  • How to promote your blog?

The difference between bloggers, however, is that some are successful than the others.

And from all indications, what makes a blogger successful lies in the quality of his blog.

To become a successful blogger, read Reasons Why Most Bloggers fail.

If you really want to become a good blogger and stand out in the crowd, you have to get good strengths to blog – know what makes a good blog post.

Nevertheless, you would entice a good amount of readers with these eleven qualities of a great blogger which we intend to discuss.

Or else, other players are ready to knock you out of the competition!

how to become a successful blogger and make money
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Terence Crawford’s 12th Round Knockout

What are the qualities of a great blogger?

The following characteristics depict what makes a good blogger.

The only thing that kept me going when I almost lost interest in blogging was to study some of the successful bloggers in my industry.

And I tried to make standards out of their own techniques.

From there, I realized they all have things in common which are the qualities I put down here.

I believe, if you adopt these qualities, it is possible you do better than before.

Reason is that when you have more than one person’s success secrets, you have edges over those who don’t.

So, here are the qualities of a good blogger you need to become a great blogger.

Be a better blogger

It is based on individual’s good strengths to blog that we know who great bloggers are and what qualities make a good blogger?

Before you can exhibit any of the qualities of a great blogger, you need to know what it takes to make your blog relevant, authoritative, visible, compelling and accessible to your audience.

This might not be true in all cases. But the fact is no one can become a great blogger misleading his audience with an unscrupulous blog post.

Today, the likes of Rianna Huffington, Pete Cashmore, Mario Lavendeira, Michael Arrington, Neil Patel and Pat Flynn are famous because they’re very creative.

Based on the standards this set of great bloggers has established in blogging community, each has unique blogging techniques worth what you can learn from to become a better blogger.

Love of wisdom

A great blogger should always have answers to every why, where, how and when questions which his target audience asks.

This is not an easy task at all.

If you want to remain relevant in your industry, knowledge is key and you have to invest in it.

You should be able to develop your love and time for seeking knowledge in order to go forth in discovering and developing new ideas to help solve problems facing your audience.

This quality would make you become vast in your niche and other related areas to command authority.

Passion for writing

Passion is one of the most common characteristics of a good blogger. If you don’t have passion in what you do, there won’t be motivation. It’s your conviction to succeed in doing something.

It makes you enjoy doing that thing even if it’s difficult.

If you find blogging not easy but have self-conviction to succeed in it, you won’t let anything stop you. Passion for writing is a personal strength which great bloggers use to keep writing despite all the odds.

That has been my way for more than 20 years now.

My computer and I are so close that one day my daughter wanted to know why I’m always at my computer desk while everybody is watching a movie at the sitting room.

In fact, I deny myself of sleep just to accomplish writing a great content. As a result of this, I would be on my system all the time.

My passion to write is the connection between my interest in what I write and what I aim to gain from what I write. If the connection doesn’t break, it would be very hard for me to stop writing.

So, if you want to boost your passion for writing and become a great blogger, you have to aim at your objectives and do whatever it takes to achieve those objectives.

To succeed as a blogger, you must be able to know how to write extensively and frequently because your blog must always be fresh to maintain a great visibility position on search engines.

So, passion helps to blog just like motivation helps to shape behaviour.

Know basic SEO

One of the qualities of a great blogger is knowing SEO. It’s a part what makes a good blog post. So, to become a good blogger, you must develop the habit of optimizing your blog posts for both humans and search engines.

This technique can help boost the user experience of your blog content and at the same time enhance its visibility on the entire world wide web.

If you have a beautiful theme and super-fast hosting plan and users can’t find your blog on search engines, there won’t be much success.

The point is if your blog is not well optimized, there are chances it won’t be indexed by search engines. And what that means is that, its visibility level on Google, Bing, Yahoo and the likes will be at zero level.

Be consistent

Your consistency shows your discipline level at your niche.

The moment you start blogging, your audience is aware of your blogging habits. And to be a great blogger, you have to impress your audience by sticking to whatever good standards you started with.

Be consistent with your niche and schedule of publishing your blog posts to make your audience follow up with you.

A great blogger should have a schedule for publishing his blog posts. You can decide to blog every day, weekly or monthly.

There is no law that goes against what you want to blog about, how and when to blog.

What matters is to ensure you’re consistent with your style.

If you decide to blog weekly, ensure you do what you have to do at the exact week-day and time to show you’re a serious blogger.

Be open minded

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Great bloggers need a lot of collaboration among themselves to compete with big guys in the community. That shows blogging goes beyond writing and having a great knowledge.

No matter how great your knowledge or skill is, you don’t help yourself if you can’t share it with others. If you have an idea or knowledge about something and you keep it to yourself, it means you are blocking yourself from learning more.

Meanwhile, it’s a maturity display to share valuable tips with others. Most successful bloggers are open to others and even invest in helping those who are coming behind them to grow.

Neil Patel makes his UberSuggest (a keyword research tool) completely free and that doesn’t make him close shop but more popular and successful! He is highly committed to offering everything he knows to help others.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to discover more, learn more and know more. So, what is in your brain won’t finish if you share your knowledge with your peers.

I’m on a blogging group on Facebook called, The Bloggers’ Team [Let’s Grow Together].

The group was created by Santanu Debnath to make bloggers grow their blogs.

how to become a successful blogger
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If you want to promote your blog, just share its link on the group and help others promote theirs. Others will reciprocate your good gesture. They will share, tweet, pin, like and even link to your blog post if the quality is good.

By so doing, I have personally benefited a lot from interacting with other great bloggers.

Blog what you know

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A great blogger must have real knowledge of what he is saying in order to engage his audience.

If after reading a book or a post you practically experience what you learn and offer a guide, you will make a good blog post. Your empirical understanding of the subject can make your blog content a bible.

Writing about something you haven’t experienced will limit your thought leadership. Without experiencing the issue in reality, your recommendations will be questionable. And such a blog can’t be successful.

As a great blogger, those who listen to you are aware of the fact that a red litmus paper would turn black if put in acid.

So, they don’t need you to tell them what happens to the litmus paper but “how acid turns the paper to black”. They’re interested in “how the reaction takes place or how to get the result they want”.

The audience wants to hear your own view, what you experienced during the experiment.

Network with industry big guys

In a situation where you want to write about something which you have not personally experienced or which you have no knowledge of, that doesn’t make the subject a no-go area.

If you think writing about that topic is very important to your growth and you can’t handle it, instead of misleading your audience, you can hire or interview other great bloggers who have the experience.

While that can help you build a very strong bond with other great bloggers, it will also make your audience trust you.

Be a good communicator

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Two kids trying to communicate

Blogging would be boring if bloggers use big grammars or technical jargon to intimidate their audience.

Blogs are built around search engine optimization (SEO) standards and that shows that bloggers who choose good communication skill over grammar do better.

That quality makes a blogger successful since it helps audience understand what your’re saying without the need to use a dictionary.

Mind you, using simple terms to capturing all levels of audience is part of your optimization efforts to create a user-friendly content. Otherwise, your post won’t attract good engagement rate as your audience will leave the page without completely reading the post.

You should understand clearly what makes a blog different from an article.

In style and tone, both are different. To be grammatically sound can make you write a great article, but won’t make you write a great blog.

Be creative

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Creativity is an integral part of the qualities of a great blogger. So, if you want to be successful in blogging, this has to be adopted.

You need to be creative as much as a great blog needs to be frequently optimized. That will give you the chance to always make your blog better in term of design, configuration, performance and content.

As a great blogger, your blog must be uniquely different.

Whenever there is need to make a change, don’t find it difficult to make the difference. Because having different blogs is what makes blogging exciting.

Take for instance, if you find a theme or plugin that can improve the look, speed and performance of your blog, don’t consider the cost or the stress of making the change. Consider the great impact the change will make on your blog at the long run.

The more creative you are, the more user-friendly your blog will be.

Be an entrepreneur

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After investing so much in your blog, it will get to a stage where you need to monetize your blog and brand your image.

In that case, you need to make things happen by abiding by every business rule associated with your niche to succeed.

This includes having strong business ethics as discussed below:

Be objective

As a great blogger, you must be able to stick to your business objectives. Stay focus and don’t mix business with pleasure. Ensure you go extra miles to realize your business goals in order to make a big difference and stand out in the crowd.

Be self-motivated

Most of us own our blogs and get no pay for it. Yet while looking for quality backlinks, we beg others to publish our posts on their websites and some would ask for money.

We also need to renew or upgrade our hosting plans, buy premium themes and plugins, pay for ads, and consult SEO agencies just because we want a good ranking position. All these are necessary to become a great blogger.

So, you have no choice than to pay from your personal funds until your blog begins to pay. You won’t do this if you’re not self-motivated.

Be yourself

Don’t pursue a business or niche because you read it from somewhere that the business is profitable. In fact, it will be a loss if the business is really profitable and you don’t have the capacity to run it successfully.

For you to be a good blogger, you have to be yourself. Conduct your research before believing in things you read. It’s when you have good knowledge of your circumstance that you can make a good business decision.

It would be a great mistake if you don’t experiment what you read on other blogs before banking on it. As a great blogger, you need to be curious in finding the truth.

This will give you the confidence to approach your audience and make a recommendation.

Have what it takes to do a business

Starting a business is not an issue as anybody can but not having what it takes to profit in the business. Hence not everybody that starts a business succeeds.

 It takes a serious investment, finance, technical know-how, experience, human and material resources to run a business successfully. So, ensure you have everything ready before you can start a business on your blog and make profit. 

Face the reality

No matter how zealous you are to develop a business idea, don’t ignore the reality.

If during your feasibility study you realize that the business is not viable, the rule is to go for something else.


Choosing a profitable blog idea is not what makes a good blog, but having the qualities of a great blogger.

If you choose a niche because it is a hot cake, your situation might be like that of a chicken that wants to pick a corn from a bottle.

The corn is there, but the chicken can never reach it.

Any blogger in that state can easily identify an opportunity. But because of the surrounding barriers, he can’t reach the opportunity.

So, it would be a waste of time chasing a blogging fantasy. You should face the reality and create an opportunity for yourself.

If you want to know how to become a successful blogger and make money, all you have to do is to invest in your blog and demonstrate all the features of a great blogger discussed above.

Finally, as blogging paves the way for you to move your small businesses online, this post will help you form the habits to become a successful blogger.

qualities of a great blogger
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  1. Hey, indeed nice and awesome post. You covered a lot of many quality dimensions one must improve or develop to become a successful blogger. I really enjoyed reading the post. Also all these qualities can not be developed in any one instantly, at first place he/she needs to find and work on that quality if lacking. What is your opinion on this?

    • Hi Praf,

      Thanks for your comment.
      Then concerning the question you asked, you’re right these qualities are not developed in a day but things you develop over the history.
      My opinion is that once every blogger is aware of these qualities right from the beginning, it will be easy to work towards achieving each of them as time goes on.
      And somewhere in the post, I mentioned that bloggers should use these qualities to evaluate themselves. This will help every blogger to know if he is a crook blogger or a great blogger. In case there is a problem, then he can strive for improvement.
      Thank you.

    • Yes, that’s very important.

      As you have shown interest in affiliate marketing, blogging is the best tool to succeed.

      And that might not be easy if you don’t adopt these qualities of a great blogger.

      The result is good business returns.

      Thank you for reading this post and dropping your comment.

    • Hey Rana,
      Thank you for reading and appreciating my work. It was a great pleasure getting your feedback on this post.

    • Yeah, I just think if we bloggers are blogging for profit, it means we are businessmen. So we have to act like real businessmen. Lol. Thanks for your read. Hope to see you next time. Cheers


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