Reason to advertise on Facebook

21 Best Reasons To Advertise on Facebook

There are so many reasons to advertise on Facebook if you run a business – small or large scale.

Just like advertising on other social media platforms, Facebook ads can also help in many ways to achieve your business goals.

With Facebook advertising, a brand can acquire more customers and also get a lot of brand awareness.

Giving your business a boost with a budget-friendly Facebook ad campaign has a lot of benefits.

Why to advertise on Facebook

If you need the motivation to start advertising on Facebook, here are the 21 best reasons why to get started.

#1. Facebook is data-driven

The Facebook social media platform has a lot of data that is related to its users.

According to their privacy policy, they collect data on the browser behaviors, Instagram, Facebook, self-reported data, and Whatsapp usage data.

The data that is gotten from Facebook about its users can be used to tweak an advertisement campaign and make it more effective.

With sensitive demographic data available to advertisers, they can target the right audience that needs a particular product solution.

With Facebook audience data, you can know the audience that is likely going to convert due to a particular campaign.

Is knowledge not power after all?

#2. You can use Facebook to target a specific audience

Facebook holds a lot of information about users that use their platform.

As a digital marketer, you can grossly benefit from this.

Imagine targeting users that are most likely going to turn out to be your brand’s customers.

On the Facebook platform, you can specify the age, location, gender, job title, marital status, and interests of users to target your audience.

As a plus, advertisers can filter the demographics that they want to target by selecting certain behaviors, recent purchases, the important and necessary steps and browser history of the users.

Another option that is used for user targeting in Facebook advertising is the use of Lookalike audiences.

Lookalike audiences simply consist of an audience that is related to your current audience.

#3. Facebook supplies advertisers with resourceful analytics

When you advertise on Facebook, you can reach out to users that may not be interested in making a purchase.

This can turn out to be an opportunity for you rather than a limitation.

As the ad campaigns on Facebook just end up ineffective in landing a sale, it can be used to boost the awareness of your brand.

It can also be used to get leads that would be nurtured by your sales team in the future.

Well, it may seem difficult to measure the actual success of your Facebook advertisement campaign.

But the good news is Facebook offers important metrics through its graphic user interface to get insights into how your ad performs.

The insights that are given by Facebook include data about impressions, frequency, reach, likes, page likes, click-through rates, and comments.

The insights will reveal to you if you are meeting your goals. Otherwise, it will give you information on what to do.

The best part of this is that the data is shared in real-time by the Facebook advertising platform to measure your return on investment (ROI).

#4. You can add a custom button to your campaigns

Majority of the ads that turn out to be successful on Facebook always come with a call to action (CTA) button.

The job of the CTA button is to redirect leads to a landing page on your website.

One other reason why marketers should turn to Facebook advertising is that Facebook allows advertisement campaigns to run with CTAs.

One advantage of adding CTAs to your advertising campaign is that they allow users to access more information before they make a sales-related decision.

You can use CTAs like Contact Us, Apply Now, Download, Sign Up, etc to boost your advertisement campaign.

#5. Ads on Facebook support organic marketing strategies

When a marketer pays for a reach, it can be used to complement the organic strategy of the brand.

On Facebook, you too can be allowed to boost posts that are made on your Facebook pages.

This is a good way for your brand to target individuals that find a particular post on your page very relevant.

There is every high tendency that users would engage with the post by sharing or liking it, thus making it go viral.

Boosting a post is a sure-fire way to access leads who might be interested in visiting the page of your brand.

The best way to exploit this hack is to promote posts that are top-performing on your page.

You should bear in mind that getting more likes should not be the major objective of your page.

However, if your brand decides to target a demographic that is related to your industry, you would continue to get likes from users that engage with your posts.

Other than having a page that supplements your brand’s organic marketing strategy, it is also advisable to try out the events posting feature of Facebook.

You can use a Facebook ad to increase the visibility of your brand.

This would however display your campaign on the news feeds of the audience.

#6. You can set friendly advertising budgets on Facebook

Another good reason why you should advertise on Facebook is that Facebook offers the cheapest advertising services to promote a brand online.

On the Facebook ad platform, you can set the amount of money that you wish to spend from as low as $1.

Facebook has algorithms in place that stop showing your adverts once you have reached your maximum ad budget.

There are two main ways that Facebook defines its ad cost:

  1. The cost of the result gotten, and
  2. The overall amount spent.

Also, there are two ad limit methods that are available to Facebook advertisers.

One involves setting a maximum ad amount that you are willing to spend, and the other involves setting a maximum ad amount that you intend to spend across Facebook ad campaigns.

#7. Facebook offers the option to retarget your audience

Retargeting is one of the cores of modern online campaigns.

Big advertising platforms, like Google and Facebook, offer the option for marketers to retarget their users.

With Facebook advertising, you can retarget users that visited your website or may be used your mobile app, or even gave their email addresses through your CTAs.

Retargeting is very profitable because it means advertising to customers that are already familiar with your business.

#8. Facebook can be used to increase brand awareness

Of the best reasons to advertise your business on Facebook is using the social media platform to increase your brand awareness.

As technology advances are on the rise, so is Facebook with its advertising features.

With the paid options of Facebook advertising, both individuals and businesses can run very profit-oriented digital marketing campaigns.

Though the results got from traditional social media marketing and those from paid Facebook are not the same.

Paid ads on Facebook can be used to get members of a particular group or niche with ease.

With paid ads on Facebook, your brand can engage directly with your audience and improve online awareness.

It can also be used to funnel users to go down your sales funnel after visiting your landing page.

#9. Facebook lets you advertise in video format

Facebook does not only offer ads in text and graphic formats, but also in videos.

So rather than hopping on a blurb of text to do the job of driving conversions, you can use video marketing to take your campaigns to the next level.

With videos, you can engage with leads in your brand’s industry, and convert them to visitors.

One of the best ways to plant imagery of your brand to potential customers is to use rich media like Facebook video advertisement.

You can customize the description, set the thumbnail, intended audience, and budget of your Facebook video ads.

That is a great benefit to get started with Facebook advertising.

#10. You can use Facebook advertising to drive traffic to your website

There are various types of Facebook ads that you can choose.

Here are some of the ad formats for running social media marketing on Facebook:

  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Stories
  • Messenger ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Playables

Every single one of these ad types has different advantages that you can accrued from Facebook.

But in all, if your ultimate goal is to drive traffic back to your site, then you need to perform A/B tests to be sure that the formats you chose are the best for your Facebook ad campaigns.

The best way for your brand to optimize your Facebook ads is to try out a combo of different ad formats.

For instance, you might want to use image ads to promote a product, then, turn to video ads later to retarget the audience to lead them further down your sales funnel.

#11. It can be used to increase customer attribution

Did you know that your brand could turn to Facebook ads as a tool for increasing its customer attribution?

The more the audiences interact with your product solution, the more likely they are to convert into customers.

For the digital marketing nerds, attribution can be defined as the number of times that a particular audience sees your brand, whether on the same or cross-platform.

With Facebook ads, your brand can increase its leads by having more touch points on Facebook.

#12. Facebook can be used to get offline conversions

Did you know that over 81% of shoppers performs research before taking a practical step to make a purchase?

Also, did you know that a whopping 90% of retail purchases in the United States happen offline?

However, only 10% of shoppers end up making a purchase online; that must be after they have performed research on the product.

This simply implies that your brand should be able to match its offline conversions with its digital marketing effort.

Facebook is one of the platforms that have been helping brands and marketers in this regard.

Take for instance; Facebook has rolled out a new tool called the “Facebook offline conversions tool.”

This is a tool that allows Facebook advertisers to track their offline conversions that have been influenced by marketers that are viewing their Facebook ads.

The offline Facebook conversions tool allows marketers to be able to upload marketing data to Facebook and match the transactions that occur after people have clicked on ads.

Thereafter, if a purchase is made, Facebook would attribute that purchase to the Facebook ad.

#13. Facebook ads are very easy to set up

This is the most exciting reason for advertising on Facebook. Facebook ads are very easy to set up.

Facebook has a guide that takes users through the important steps that are necessary, starting from selecting the ad type to defining the audience, setting the time frame and budget, etc.

Apart from the fact that Facebook ads are super customizable, they are relatively easy to customize.

You can choose different ad formats that your ads would be served in to meet your needs.

You can also set the bidding options and the delivery options too.

For instance, an advertiser can choose to measure the ads from pay per impression, pay per action or pay per like.

#14. Facebook ads can make you have an edge over competitors

Most brand owners still see social media advertising as a new concept.

They rather deal with the good old media such as TV, newspaper, and radio for advertising than newer ones.

I’m not trying to assert that traditional advertising is obsolete in modern-day business.

I just believe that every advertising approach has its place.

Truth is, if your brand indulges in Facebook advertising, it would have an edge over its competitors.

It is important to note that a sales team that doesn’t know what they are doing might wind up losing a lot of money.

That is why it is best to work with our experts on launching your Facebook advertising campaigns.

#16. Facebook advertising can help your brand build your email list

Your brand can rely on Facebook advertising to boost your email marketing efforts.

On the Facebook ads platform, one can use the “lead ad form” to get email contacts through Facebook ads.

Traffic can also be redirected to an external form on your brand’s website for building an email list.

#16. Facebook advertising can be used to increase word-of-mouth and referrals

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms around, and this makes it a better option for advertising than other platforms.

Did you know that an ad on Facebook could go viral if it reached the right people?

Not just reaching the right people, reaching individuals that would likely share it with a friend.

One of the benefits that brands can accrue from Facebook advertising is that a lot of businesses can take advantage of its ability to spread word-of-mouth referrals.

#17 Facebook ads can be used to increase the SEO rankings of your site

Did you know that search engines sometimes rely on social media signals to rank websites?

For the nerds, social media signals are comprised of activities around a blog post, such as comments, likes, shares, etc.

When people engage with your content on social media, Google would see it as being valuable on other platforms, then consider it as rank worthy.

#18. Your competitors are using Facebook for advertising

Your competitors in your industry are using Facebook to grow their business, and that is why you should advertise on Facebook also.

You are making it easy for your competitors to overtake your business if you don’t use Facebook advertising to boost your business.

If you are not indulging in any form of online advertising, even if you prefer other advertising platforms to Facebook, your business might not grow.

Imagine having a business niche where your customers are mostly found on social media, then, deciding not to promote your content there is a big loss.

#19. Facebook advertising is budget-friendly

Did you know that the Facebook advertising platform allows users to set their own budget?

They allow you to tweak the settings to choose either a lifetime or a daily budget to suit your needs.

This budget can be preferentially increased or decreased before and after setting the ads.

In Facebook advertising, it is normal to not get enough exposure due to under-spending.

Also, you won’t get good coverage by spending money on the wrong ad campaign.

So, you have to be decisive to get the best results and avoid wasting your money.

#20.  Facebook advertising can be used to lower your cost per acquisition

If you can implement Facebook advertising to work well for your business, it would reduce the acquisition costs.

Since advertising on Facebook is budget-friendly, you can cut out some of the other expensive ad campaigns that your brand has invested in.

#21. Facebook is the cheapest form of advertising out there

If you compare social media advertising to traditional advertising, you will find out that it is easier and cheaper to pull through ad campaigns in the latter than in the former.

Imagine spending $5 on Facebook and reaching out to 1000 people.

This relegates spending more on traditional media like radio or TV.


Here, we have elucidated on 21 reasons why every marketer out there should try out Facebook Advertising.

Truth is, Facebook advertising is a sure-fire way to expand your brand’s reach online.

Plus, it helps in getting more leads and converts your prospects into customers.

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