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5 All-Time SEO Ranking Factors To Dominate Google In 2022

The more many businesses are realizing the benefits of digital marketing, the tougher it becomes to be visible on Google.

The problem is not competition per se but not knowing what SEO ranking factors to dominate Google in 2020.

In fact, there’re many website owners who don’t know what SEO is.

Whenever Google updates its algorithm and a website is badly hit, the rankings of that website decreases immediately.

This could be a terrible experience if your website is not optimized to meet the latest standards the industry requires.

Google can be funny, though!

Sometimes when I read Google updates and find out the updates have no ranking benefits, then I ask myself…

“Could most of the algorithm updates be some kind of pranks to create traffic around Google?”


Since Google is the custodian of all web traffic, who cares if the whole world is talking about it?

But what I don’t doubt is,

Google could make a lot of money from causing tension in the industry for websites that want to increase their Google ranking through the SEO strategies.

That’s why you would see experts like Neil Patel writing a bible about algorithm updates that make no ranking impact.

Be that as it may, marketers wander about irrelevant updates and slightly lose focus on important SEO ranking factors.

The point is there are some SEO ranking factors that can never be outdated, but which gain less attention as Google won’t let the industry rest for a moment.

SEO ranking factors to dominate Google rankings?

Keyword Research

No matter how much the world changes around SEO, ranking for the right keywords is forever the best way to remain relevant and visible on Google.

Keywords are search queries people use when they come to Google and search for something. Doing a proper keyword research can make your content rank well for search terms readers use on Google.

Keyword Placement

After finding out the best keywords to rank for, the next is to know the important places to place the keywords in your content. This will determine when, where and how to use your keywords on your content.

It’s important to place your keyword at the beginning of your title tag, meta description, image alt, image name, and also at the beginning, middle and end of your content.

Responsive Themes

Because the largest percentage of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices, it takes a mobile-friendly website to rank high on search engines.

This is where the responsiveness of your website comes to play.

Using a responsive WordPress theme can make your website adapt different screen sizes ranging from desktop, tablet, and mobile devices without the visitors having bad user experience.

No search engines will display a website that is not mobile friendly. However, the better your website themes, the higher your SEO ranking position.

In line with this, ensure your theme is compatible with AMP.

The use of an AMP theme is a step further to make your website display perfectly on mobile devices.

Appropriate Use of Categories and Tags

New websites might not be able to use this SEO ranking factor at the beginning when they are still looking for content to publish.

But as time goes on, it’s very important to give your content a good structure. WordPress websites can leverage the the Categories and Tags to organize their content.

Before publishing a post, just ensure you assign it to the right category and make sure you give it some relevant tags.

The practice provides an easy path for humans and search bots to navigate through your website without passing through irrelevant links which can affect your ranking and result to a high bounce rate.


Content remains one of the key SEO ranking factors of all times to dominate Google. After the September 2019 Core Updates, Google reiterates:

“We suggest focusing on ensuring you’re offering the best content you can. That’s what our algorithms seek to reward.”

What features make content king?

According to Google, a good content must be

  • Original
  • Substantial
  • Insightful
  • Descriptive
  • Authoritative
  • Shareable
  • Constructive

In the past, Google would say there was nothing to fix with the updates. But this time, it offered a recommendation, which asserted that content is always king. This was the same emphasis it made in 2011 when it released Panda algorithm.

Readers that visit Google already have the idea of what they’re looking for, they know if your content solves their problems or not. To write content that the readers will fall in love with, you have to ensure you always focus on your keywords and make your content highly informative.

If your keyword is “18th century philosophy”, when someone visits your website, his expectation is to learn about “philosophy of the medieval period”. But if what he finds is “modern philosophy”, then something is wrong somewhere.

Such content can’t find its way to the top of Google.

You have to ensure, your content is rich and relevant enough to make your audience engage with it.

Good content attracts readers, likes, comments and shares on social media. And when that happens, a signal is sent to Google and your ranking increases.

Conclusion on SEO ranking factors to dominate Google

Digital marketing is a dynamic environment for business.

Each time Google makes changes in its algorithm, it takes some measures to maintain your position and remain visible on the internet. Hence, you can dominate google ranking by implementing the above SEO ranking strategies.

Upon many times that the industry is hit, these are all-times Google ranking factors to stay ahead of competition.

If only these are all you could do to optimize your website, you can always dominate Google.

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