Traditional router vs mesh Wi-Fi

Traditional Router vs Mesh Wi-Fi: Which Is Best?

Looking at traditional router vs mesh Wi-Fi router, there are a lot of differences as per which of them is good for your home. This guide will help you in making the wise choice as per your need and budget.

Beside, you can learn more on mesh Wi-Fi router in the video below.

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Traditional Router vs Mesh Wi-Fi Router

Mesh Wi-Fi router is new and looks more interesting than the traditional router. It is straightforward to set up. You can spread the Wi-Fi signal to every corner of your home without any complications.

Whether you have a home with multiple stories, a basement or a dead corner, it will fill it with seamless connectivity.

Look at the other side of the picture, traditional router are getting better too, talking about the latest Wi-Fi routers. They have longer range and more stable signals. Also, they come with advanced tools which a simple mesh Wi-Fi router can’t offer.

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Traditional Router vs Mesh Wi-Fi: What to Consider?

Before dusting your credit card, you need to consider what you need, your budget and which of the traditional Router vs Mesh Wi-Fi router would give you the best user-experience.

So, with the following tips, to choose the right one won’t be difficult.

Ask yourself:

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Network?

This is the most important question to ask yourself before buying a new Wi-Fi network.

Often, we buy a Wi-Fi router and use it for years unattended. A single router bought can be used for a long time until there is a need to replace it for speed or increased bandwidth.

If you have a Wi-Fi network that is strong enough and give you seamless connectivity. You shouldn’t go for a new Wi-Fi network until 802.11 Wi-Fi technology becomes mainstream.

But if your Wi-Fi network is frustrating and need to fix all the time, then you shouldn’t wait for it, just buy it. Don’t fix what’s already broken.

Are You Just Trying to Fix a Dead Spot?

Actually this is a common issue with every Wi-Fi user.

For example, you have a Wi-Fi network in your living room and you face problems in the basement, other rooms or bathroom. This problem can be fixed with a simple Wi-Fi repeater also called extender. You don’t need to replace the whole Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi Extender has the same concept as their name implies. They get signals from your main router and repeat them to extend the Wi-Fi signals. It’s usually very easy to set up.

One issue is one extender doesn’t connect to extender, so you be able to chain them to your garage or neighbor.

Another thing you need to know is that the Wi-Fi extender uses a completely new network name and password which can be a pain for some people.

Also Wi-Fi extender cuts the speed in half. It means you will get only 50 percent speed when you are connected to a Wi-Fi extender instead of a router. It can be a problem if you are watching a HD movie or sending a large file.

When to Choose a Mesh Network

If you have finally decided to go for a new network or you have changed to a new place and need one, it all comes to one thing at this point, which is money.

A normal traditional router with an extender can be bought around 100$. That will be able to fill you home with signals.

Also companies offer them at leases and they have customer care to solve your problems.

On the other hand, the Mesh Wi-Fi network is expensive but better. They will cost you at least 300$, if you buy a router with 3 satellites.

It may be expensive but you won’t need to worry about the signals in the basement or over the thick walls.

Well, it totally depends on your preference, need and budget.

If you have no problem with the budget then you must go for a mesh network which is more powerful and reliable.

Same, if you are low on a budget and a simple router can do the thing then there is no shame in having one.

For the rest of us looking for mesh Wi-Fi, get this bonus facts:

A mesh network is specially designed to tackle high amount of traffic, whether it be an airport, railway station or a crowded office. They can handle high traffic with zero downtime.

You can easily find the right product around 300$.

Most of the mesh network producers use Android and IOS application which makes it quite easy to setup. Adding nodes to the network is quite easy.

If a time comes that you need to upgrade your network, just get a new node and add it to the network.

Bottom Line

If doesn’t matter which of these two is the best, the only thing that matters is which one of these suits you the best.

If you are someone for whom a traditional router could do the magic, why would you buy a mesh Wi-Fi, spending a lot of money?

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