How To Send Money Abroad From Nigeria – Which Bank Does it Better?


Most Nigerians often receive than sending money from abroad… As a result of this, they don’t pay attention to learning how to send money abroad from Nigeria until the need arises and they will be running helter-skelter.

If you have friends, relatives or a business you’re doing with someone outside the country, it’s not safe to think they won’t need you one day. The need to send money to people abroad can arise at anytime.

And if you don’t know how to do it, how could you help your people?

If they’re in an emergency situation, you might not have the time to start learning the process and arrest the situation. For this reason, it’s very important to know what is the best way to send money abroad?

Sending money abroad could seem impossible if you haven’t done it before. This is not because you don’t know how to do it, but because the role banks play can make the process very complex.

You can’t just walk into any bank and say you want to send money abroad. It involves some processes and different ways which you need to know beforehand.

You also need to know which allowable limit, platform or service is applicable to you – is it
“person-to-person”, “person-to-corporate” or “corporate-to-corporate”? There’re guidelines for the operation of International Money Transfer Services (IMTS), which says the amount allowable for each transfer in Nigeria.

So, in this guide, I will share my experience sending money through Western Union from Nigeria to Ghana sometimes ago.

And if you’re looking forward to send money to someone abroad, this guide will walk you through the process. Not only that. It would also direct you to the best bank where you can send money to any country in the world at peace.

My story

My brother needed some money to settle some unplanned immigration responsibilities. But unfortunately, he was almost deported because of the challenges I faced in the process. Due to poor banking system in Nigeria, the process was very slow and at the same time difficult.

Towards the end of work on a Friday afternoon, with desperation, I approached the GT Bank, Ijebu-Ode branch, to transfer the money to my brother.

I didn’t believe my ears when the teller who attended to me said the bank didn’t offer the service again.

So, I quickly went outside the bank to confirm.

I was surprised seeing a Western Union Money Transfer signboard in front of the bank, which indicated the availability of the service.

Union Bank
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Western union Signboard in front of GT Bank, Ijebu Ode

And I asked myself,

If the bank doesn’t offer the service, what is the signboard doing there?

I could’ve gone to other banks, but was deceived by the signboard.

Since I didn’t have the luxury of time, I visited the Wema Bank branch next to that GT Bank, they’re both on the same axis. Wema Bank had the facility but because I needed to fund my Wema Bank account before I could process the transfer, I had to return to GT Bank to withdraw the money in cash.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible because I was on a queue till work ended that day.

That was GTB as usual!

Coincidentally, GT BANK’s *737# wasn’t available and even most buttons on the ATM Machines were not functioning. Possibly, they were disabled to make transfer not possible or they were condemned and the bank failed to fix them.

From the picture below you’ll find out that customers had been having bad experience with the button with all the marks on them.

So, I couldn’t withdraw the money from my GT Bank account that day and that also made it impossible to use the Western Union Money Transfer.

If I was certain Wema Bank would have the facility, I would have withdrawn the money before going there initially. I didn’t do that because I didn’t want to take the risk of carrying such a huge amount of money with me.

My brother was held to ransom.

I felt bad and at the same time was eager to see the next Monday. I never enjoyed my weekend. I didn’t want to experience the worse in the coming Monday.

Because of that, I ensured I used the GT Bank *737# to transfer the money onto my Wema Bank account over the weekend.

Banking Systems in Sagamu

I work in Sagamu so I decided to make the transaction in Sagamu this time. I visited the following banks:

Wema Bank, Sagamu

I got to the branch as early as possible on that Monday morning and met the officer in charge of Western Union Money Transfer who lied to me that the bank didn’t offer the service.

I told him I nearly made the transaction in Ijebu-Ode branch.

A customer care representative of the bank who attended me subsequently denied the false claim made by his colleague. He then persuaded him to offer me the service and the guy agreed but yet the transaction wasn’t processed.

The final claim was that there was no internet service.

So, I withdrew my money from the bank and went to Eco Bank.

Eco Bank, Sagamu

I’ve an active account with the Bank.

So, I could freely opt for their services.

The bank offered Western Union Money Transfer, but was also suffering from a poor internet service on that early Monday’s morning.

Though with good sense of customer relations, the personnel who attended to me was concerned about the urgency of the transaction and referred me to either First Bank or Union Bank.

First Bank, Sagamu

First Bank offered the service, but didn’t attend to me because both the savings and current accounts I opened at the bank were dormant.

I was told to reactivate either or both of the accounts before I could use the service.

But since I didn’t have the time, reactivating those accounts wasn’t a suitable solution.

So, I left for Union Bank.

Union Bank, Sagamu

I was reluctant to be here because I didn’t have an account with the bank.

As I was entering, my brother’s call came in and I was shocked and tired of the whole system. Telling him the situation and all the challenges got him furious. He finally lost hope and trust in my reliability.

I was still on the phone when I approached the Union Bank personnel in charge of Western Union Money Transfer.

Luckily, something in his face told me:

This is the right bank to be!

And I made my brother to know the good feeling. I assured him it would be a success for this last time.

I was approached with a beautiful smile…

Without having an account with the bank, a form was given to me. I filled the form and presented the teller and the cash.

So, that was how the transaction was processed.

Before I left the bank, my brother called me.

But because it was too fast to believe he had received the money, I was shocked, thought he wanted to tell me to prepare for his deportation that afternoon.

So, I was surprised when he told me, he had received the money.

I said WOW!

Union Bank and its staff was a big relief.

By now my brother is doing fine with his career and family.

The whole story shows that most of those banks are not reliable. Their unreliability could’ve led to my brother’s deportation if Union Bank was also like the them.

I didn’t approach them for a loan, I approached them with my money to make a transaction on which they would have their commission but yet they failed me.

What is your own view about your bank?

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