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11 Web Design Ideas For Beginners to Get More Loyal Audience

As a beginner, you need to be aware of website design ideas that can guide you in designing your business website.

In this guide, you can find inspiring ideas and tips on how to optimize your website and have an engaging design to improve user experience.

A website represents your company in front of the overall world.

It highlights the products and services produced by your company. Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) which is the ranking factor of a website highly depends upon its unique design.

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For this reason, visitors prefer visiting well-designed websites for seeking any kind of information.

Web Design Ideas to Get Inspired

We have picked up the most appealing web design ideas to develop your website.


Typography refers to visually displayed texts that can enhance the overall appearance of your site.

Many companies have found success simply by adopting big and bold typography for their website. It is essential to leave the rest of the page while using the typography.

This visual art makes written words more legible and appealing to the visitors. Hence, it is important to maintain a balance between art and function in order to optimize the utilization of typography.

Typography emphasizes the proper selection of fonts, sizes of typefaces, and other elements. Additionally, it can enhance the effect of typography by increasing the vertical space between two lines.

Cinemagraphs and Animation


Cinemagraphs are videos or GIFs to boost the visual interest of your site visitors. Modern companies are turning to high-quality cinemagraphs to design their homepages.

They are effective means to convert still images into video clips.

People visualize cinemagraphs as animated videos and like to go for thorough navigation through your website.

Moreover, cinemagraphs are illusions that you are viewing the living photographs on a website.

You can also extend these micro-videos up to eight seconds at most. Otherwise, they would take more time to load on your site and dissatisfy the visitors. They can have powerful effects for an extended period of time without visible breaks.

Cinemagraphs are better than conventional photography in building an emotional attachment with your visitors.


Brutalism is an architectural style that has emerged in the mid 20th century. It has again become popular in 2019 and gained the attention of web designers. It uses a simple and concrete construction of a website. 

According to the theory of brutalism, your content shall be readable on all browsers and devices. Brutalism web design lays more emphasis on the quality of your content instead of decorating it.

It includes HTML sites that contain blue links and monochromatic monospace text. You can also use brutalism to break the artificiality and lightness of your prevailing site.

Three Dimensional Illustrations

Three-dimensional illustrations can create something new for your website and enhance the personality. It adds realism to graphics and sharpens the contrast between digital products.

As a result, you can manipulate digital elements the way you want.

Overlapping Text and Images

These days’ blogs and portfolios are using more and more overlapping texts and images. These are attractive since they carry enough information with them.

Overlapping texts and images can build a quick emotional response. Though you are using overlapping texts, it ensures sufficient contrast between them. Otherwise, visitors will fail to encounter large pictures in conjunction with minimalism.

So, overlapping texts and images have a lot to contribute to contemporary web design.

Hand Drawn Fonts

Custom hand-drawn fonts have diversified in recent months. These are unique typefaces to add charm and a distinct look to your website.

As the name suggests, you can put out hand-drawn fonts to pen and paper. It is more convenient than sketching out the ideas digitally. It improves your creativity and brings ideas to formulate new fonts.

As a result, it supports web publishing and creates a long-lasting impression for your visitors. 

A web developer requires more time and dedication in making hand-drawn fonts. Hence, you can ask the designer to make fonts as per your preferences.

Hand-drawn fonts increase the readability of a site and obtain higher ranking for your site. Thus, you can easily meet your business objective with hand-drawn fonts.

Mobile-First Animation

The end of 2018 has observed an array of time and scroll-based animations.

Designers and developers are finding ways to transform desktop web designs into mobile web designs. Thus, they are combining horizontal and vertical texts and adding geometrical shapes to create mobile-first animation.

Mobile-First animation is more than a trend and hence you must consider in designing your website.

CSS Grid

CSS grid helps you to place an item both vertically and horizontally on your website. Hence, you get complete control over the placement of elements on your website.

This underlying framework breaks the grid and old-school layouts for websites. JavaScript or Flash scripting are essential to design your website with CSS Grid. Last but not the least, you can choose an automatic placement of elements across rows and columns on your site.

Responsive Design

A responsive web design states that your website is accessible on all devices and fits on any screen sizes. You have to note that your website won’t rank without a responsive design. Since mobiles are portable, maximum traffic comes from mobiles only. You can lose customers if your site gives a disappointing mobile experience.


Chatbots are automated programs to serve as an information acquisition interface for websites. It’s better to install chatbots on your website since visitors find it convenient to solve their product related queries.

The chatbot should align with your brand and work on all devices.

It will be meaningless if the chatbot is full of bugs and fail to serve its purpose. Moreover, it doesn’t replace the human element but intended to reduce their workload.

It thereby helps the visitors in making their purchase decision.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is synonymous to automation and opens up new opportunities for every business. Artificial intelligence aims at reducing the cost of doing business and facilitating revenue generation. It also analyses data collected from visitors to answer their queries instantly.

There is no requirement of human intervention in the world of artificial intelligence. As a result, you can avoid the effort of composing emails, online chat, social media conversation, and telecommunication.

You can obtain real-time assistance to estimate the demand for your products and services. You can thereby produce your products and plan your future goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What website design ideas can be used this year?

There are numerous website design ideas for beginners and we have chosen the best 11 for you.

These ideas include typography, chatbots, animation, brutalism, artificial intelligence, CSS grid, mobile-first animation, three-dimensional illustrations, hand-drawn fonts, and overlapping texts and images. 

2. How can I personalize customer interaction?

It is easy to personalize your interaction with the visitors of your site.

You should keep in mind the customer viewpoints while developing your website. Therefore, your ultimate aim is to reach your prospects and thus, your website should be able to meet their preferences.

It won’t be fruitful if your website fails to find solutions to the problems of customers. However, the chatbot is a powerful medium to build an effective user interface with your customers. You can move towards your business objective by personalizing your customer interaction.


The web design ideas for beginners mentioned above are powerful enough to break the restrictive rules of traditional websites. Therefore, incorporate these rules to build a unique website for your company. 

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  1. Hey starroyalcity,

    Great post with amazing web designing ideas. I really like the tips that you have made, whereas your all the suggested tips are effective. Typography is an amazing platform that helps to enhance the overall look of a site. Three dimensional illustrations also works well and bring uniqueness to the site. Overlapping text and images brings new look to the website, and makes the site look more appealing. Brutalism is an amazing architectural style that uses a simple & concrete construction of a website. Using Hand-drawn fonts also add charm and beautiful looks to the website. CSS grid will helps a lot and allow the users to place an items both horizontally as well as vertically. A responsive web design is really an excellent idea, as responsive web design makes the website accessible for all devices and fits to any screen sizes. Installing Chatbots will helps a lot. Artificial intelligence has gained much popularity, as it require no human intervention, hence by using an Artificial Intelligence the effort of composing emails, social media conversation and online chats can be avoided. Your all the web design tips are helpful but i truly like an idea of AI, Responsive web design, 3D illustrations and overlapping images & text. Adopting these ideas will helps a lot and provide good benefits.

    Really helpful post for beginners and thanks for sharing.

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