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Top 10 Mouth-Watering Wedding Cake Ideas For 2021

The similitude of a cake really matters when making a wedding cake. Most times, it does not really affect the method of preparation. Only a few things are altered.

Today, I’ll walk you through the trending wedding cake ideas for 2019 and which one would be perfect for your clients.

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But before that, permit me to first lecture you on a few things you will need to know.

Whether a cake is simple or elegant, the most important thing is that the taste must be unique and sweet. But it’s unfortunate that many wedding confectioners focus on the patterns of the cake and forget the main purpose of the cake.

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Features of a Wedding Cake

Here are a few features to distinguish a wedding cake from a regular cake.

Size of the Cake

Although some weddings could be simple and would desire simple-sized cakes, while many couples prefer their cakes to be extraordinarily big and ecstatic. Even though some people could have big cakes to celebrate their birthdays, but yet they can still be distinguished from a wedding cake. The size speaks volume, whether large or medium, there is this unique size of a wedding cake that makes it a wedding cake.

Shape of the Cake

There are different shapes a wedding cake can come in. As you continue reading, soon you will come across different shapes with which a wedding cake can be patterned.

Colour of the Cake

Aside that, most wedding cakes have a touch of white or cream. This is a plain background for the colour of the wedding. Even though the colours added might be more than two, the background colour has made it possible to fit in. Also, when a cake has the colours red and white, it is a symbol of the celebration of love. This means the colour of a cake depicts whether it is most likely a wedding cake or not.

Decoration on the Cake

The decor and stylishness such as the creation of architecture, a creation of the couple or any creation that depicts a wedding makes it obvious that it is a wedding cake.

Trending Wedding Cake Ideas For 2019

The following are the top wedding cake ideas that are currently trending. Anybody getting married this year can pick one as suited:

Simple Layer Cake

Simple Layer Cake

This design is very simple but beautiful. It can come in a few more layers and still look beautiful. The design is created like a button shape with the cake icy, and each layer ends with a special design of the icy that glues the upper cake to the lower cake and the lower cake to the board. Although it will still look good without any flower, you just have to make it look more beautiful since it is a simple cake. This cake suits an outdoor white wedding; it is the perfect cake for a simple wedding.

Bare Layer Cake

Bare Layer Cake

In this cake, the layers are bare. Although, as shown in the picture above, there are rough designs as a result of the cake formation, it still looks good. This kind of wedding cake looks best in only one colour, most especially white all through. You can make it look more beautiful by attaching a flower at any end and putting a wedding design at the top. This cake also suits an outdoor white wedding; it is the perfect cake for a simple wedding.

Separately-Decorated Layer Cake

Separately-Decorated Layer Cake

This cake has different designs for each layer. For it to come out great, it has to come in colours that rhyme. Combining white and cream is a great idea as it depicts a wedding cake. To add to it, you can wound a ribbon on each layer rather than using icy as most caterers do, and attach foam flowers at different ends, most especially the top. This type of cake suits all kinds of weddings.

Fruity and Flowery layer Cake

Fruity and Flowery Layer Cake

Normally, if a cake should have fruits and flowers which appear in different colours, the cake needs to have just one or two almost the same colours, and these colours must rhyme with all the colours of the fruits and flowers, for instance, baby pink, white or cream.

Attach juicy fruits like strawberries, blueberries and small grapes on each layer of the cake. Attach the flower in a transverse style to step up your game and you are good to go. This cake is best for an outdoor wedding.

Sophisticated single cake

Sophisticated Single Cake

This cake fits a parlour wedding or a very small indoor wedding, whichever way you put it. Looking at the design, it looks sophisticated, but that doesn’t make the cake appear in colours that will make it look unattractive. Despite adding candies, wafers and all sorts of designs, the wedding cake should appear in a few colours.

Food Cake

Food Cake

Of course, this wedding cake suits a small indoor wedding; most especially if the groom or/and the bride own a cafeteria. You can make it look like a real food and add a few designs to spice it up.

Architectural Cake

Architectural Cake

Here we go! When we talk about wedding cake, this is what comes to our minds first. Of course, it looks great and most confectioners build a house considering the fact that a wedding leads to a home. This is a very nice concept; but very costly. It is made in at least four layers and designed in any sort. This wedding cake is perfect for a big hall wedding, a rich wedding to be more precise.

Simple Decoration Cake

Simple Decoration Cake

This wedding cake usually comes with the same designs at alternating layers. Although it has more layers, it is very simple in style and also suits a big hall wedding or a big outdoor wedding. You could surround synthetic flowers or foam flowers with the colours of the cake.

Beautifully-Stoned Cake

Beautifully-Stoned Cake

The prominent design in this cake is the stoning. Note that aside the topmost layer, the stoning should only appear at the top of the layers so that the beauty of the can be seen. This cake is very perfect for a big hall wedding too.

Flowery Cube-Shaped Cake

Flowery Cube-Shaped Cake

Apart from the normal round cakes, there are also cube-sized cakes that suit all types of weddings. This type of cake is perfect for an outdoor wedding. The design of flower, as shown above, must have a pattern so that it doesn’t spoil the look.


The choice usually lies in the hands of the confectioners, because many couples would be overwhelmed by the wedding planning.

Nonetheless, I hope with these wedding cake ideas for 2019, you can find an idea of what can suit your clients. Collaborate with the wedding planner to get enough details about the wedding so as to know what features to add to the cake before it is baked and designed.

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