cropped wedding planning business How to Start A Wedding Planning Business And Succeed In Nigeria

How to Start A Wedding Planning Business And Succeed In Nigeria


A wedding planning business in Nigeria is a very promising business. But because most people don’t pay attention to it, only a few who are into the business are quietly making their money from it.

So, if you’re looking for a small business you can do with your connections, skill and experience in hospitality industry, this is probably a good business for you.

And in this guide, you can find the details.

What you need to become a successful wedding planner in Nigeria includes working out your persona and having some technical know-how in home economics and business management.

Work out Your Persona

At each event, you’re prone to meet different kinds of people. In fact, you can’t always work with the same set of people. So, you can’t at all time predict what you will come across on the job.

All you have to do is to develop some personality traits which can help you resist aggression when you are offended or insulted, thereby exhibit good sense of professionalism in wedding planning business in Nigeria.

Working out your persona can make you easily adapt to every circumstance you find yourself and save your energy to improvise if things don’t go as planned.

So, some of the things you need to work out on yourself include having passion and creativity which can make your work very unique.


If you really want to be successful starting a wedding planning venture in Nigeria, you must have passion for wedding planning activities and have both your eyes and mind open to change.

Your passion could be triggered by your experience in the previous weddings you have attended. You probably saw something wrong in how an event was planned and produced and believe you could do better.

There is no cause for alarm, venturing into this business will bring you a milestone of success.


Creativity comes in because the industry is very dynamic.

As you will be dealing with different classes of prominent personalities in society – people with elegant tastes, you must be creative. This can help you define each occasion based on the tastes of your clients and their guests.

If there is anything trending in the industry, you must be eager to adopt it and be innovative. This will help you give your clients the best and a memorable ambiance to receive their guests.

The business can be highly competitive, but because people like to be thrilled, your level of creativity and competence displayed at every wedding you plan can promote your brand and bring more businesses for you.

Things You Need to Start a Wedding Planning Business In Nigeria

Starting a wedding planning business in Nigeria doesn’t require any special skill than your ability to communicate, organize or set things right and manage resources – people, materials, time and space.

Most successful event planners in Nigeria started with one or two aspects of the business such as catering, venue design and decoration, entertainment or master of ceremony services before they finally expanded their tentacles and became renowned.

With the following efforts, the sky isn’t your limit…

Little Capital

Without much capital to worry about, you can start a wedding planning business in Nigeria and start getting contracts every weekend.

According to WealthResult, you can start the business with as little as N20,000 and make a profit of N100,000 on an event.

There are people who rent out all the equipment you need to plan an event. That will give you the chance to rent the materials or equipment you need or outsource the aspects you can’t handle to others.

You don’t have to spend your money at all in getting any of the tools or materials. Your clients should pay in advance and balance you immediately after the event. So, you too can pay for the materials in advance and balance after the event.

You just have to make sure, you get the correct costs before submitting your quotations. And then bargain to gain but not to lose.


There might not be standards for wedding planning activities, but yet you can build a quality standard for your image by understanding your clients’ tastes and give them the best.

With your little understanding of home economics, health and hygiene can make your work a topnotch. As your neatness can reflect in the order the event is organized, guests will feel at home and have confidence to wine and dine with the hosts.

If everywhere is messed up, some guests won’t be comfortable staying and that can break your client’s heart.

Manage Resources

The resources required on the job include personnel, time, money, space and materials. Without knowing how to manage all these for specific purposes, to be successful in wedding planning business will be difficult.

At every point in time, you have to be flexible with your workers. Make sure each of them has his responsibility well spelled out for him. And at every unit, ensure there is a coordinator whose responsibility is to ensure materials given to the workers are utilized within specific space and time. Make sure your coordinators are people you can trust with the responsibility.

Communicate Effectively

Having a good communication skill is very important in doing this business. You might not need a university degree to start a wedding planning business in Nigeria, but knowing how to write and speak to express yourself in a way people will understand you is key to the success of this business.

You need good communication skills among your workers, partners, clients and even the guests to sell your image. Despite the fact that, everyone at the event is your guest, your attitude, actions and utterances should be able to attract another business while one is still ongoing.

Handle Pressure

Wedding planning venture is a business you can’t but do under a lot of pressure. And if you have bad time management, things can easily get out of hand. And while you’re rushing to meet up, you might step on someone’s toes.

Remember most brides are frazzled!

So, against this, make sure you work according to schedule – assign different time to every activity and make sure you respect time and the order of programme.


Networking can serve as a great tool for you to work with a chain of professionals and deliver a successful event for your clients. According to WealthResult, the business may not require any special qualification, but yet it’s necessary you have an experience and ability to network.

This is a business that involves using the service of photographers, decorators, cake bakers, musicians, masters of ceremony, receptionists, fashion designers, hairdressers, makeover artistes, graphic designers, hoteliers, bridal train, drivers, engineers and so on.

So, if you’re not a caterer or decorator, you must know how to achieve a great result through the expertise of a good caterer or decorator.

All you have to do is to move your own personal staff to the event and use the service of other professionals that are located within the area of the event. This will help you cut costs and boost your profit.

Customer Relationship

Customer relationship is another important aspect of wedding planning business in Nigeria which you have to take very serious. As a small business, your clients can be very sensitive to how you treat their guests or issues that matter to them.

To gain their loyalty, you must be able to attend to each of their complaints and appreciate each of their good gestures as well.

For this reason, be prepared for insults.

If you’re lucky to work for a very understanding client, don’t think it’s a bad luck if their guests call you names. Your calmness and manners are parts of the job. So, you must pay the price to succeed at the end.

Wedding Planning Business Plan

Any business one is doing, having a solid plan will create a path for the business to grow. To be a successful wedding planner in Nigeria, you must have a well designed wedding planning business plan in place.

Wedding planners are to be blamed if guests come to a wedding and find no place to sit… Some might even leave immediately with annoyance if the reception is terribly poor.

Celebrants don’t hire professional wedding planners to plan their events only because of their busy schedules but also because they want a great ambiance to host their family and friends and have a memorable ceremony.

So, if you want to start a wedding planning business in Nigeria, having a comprehensive business plan for each event will make the sky your starting point.


Whether you’re starting small or big, a wedding planning business in Nigeria can change your story after your first contract. Once you get your bearing first, to become successful in the business won’t be difficult.

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  1. I did find the article very interesting, captivating and insightful. Of course, every wedding planner wants to be successful. Nonetheless, starting this business without an experience might not be very easy even when you offer you service at a cheaper rate. How can I possibly earn the trust of my first client on starting the wedding planning business?

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